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Be sure to read the prospectus in its entirety before continuing.

International Society of Scratchboard Artists
12th Annual International Society of Scratchboard Artists Annual Exhibition


12th Annual International Exhibition

of Scratchboard Art - 2023


Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Ironwood Gallery

2021 N Kinney Rd

Tucson, AZ 85743


·      Full Exhibition Dates: October 14 – December 10, 2023

·      ISSA Show Reception/Awards: Fri. October 27, 2 – 4 PM

·      Seminars/Presentations: Sat. and Sun. October 28-29

·      Supplemental “Learn from a Master” workshops on Oct 26 and 30 (See very end of prospectus for more details)


Submit Exhibition Entries Online at: 



Exhibition Directors Contact Information: 
Cathy Sheeter – or

Lori Sindell-Horton – 


The 12th annual International Society of Scratchboard Artists (ISSA) exhibition is an international art competition dedicated to presenting scratchboard as a fine art medium.  This competition allows Active, Signature and Master members of ISSA the opportunity to exhibit their work and compete with other artists working in the same medium, as well as having their work seen by the public in a high-quality venue.  At least $7500 in cash prizes will be awarded! 



Persons not following the rules laid out in this prospectus will have their work excluded without further consideration. Please read it over carefully!




Definition of Scratchboard Art: 


The Scratchboard technique is a two-dimensional, subtractive process. It involves the use of abrasive tools to directly remove a surface layer of one value (typically dark) to expose a second layer of a contrasting value (typically white). The values within the artwork are predominantly achieved by varying the amount of surface layer that has been scratched away or left. The texture and form of all key compositional elements within the artwork must be created by subtractive removal, not exclusively by the addition of paint or ink. Reapplying transparent mediums over the scratching is permissible, but the underlying scratches must remain visible. Works may be color or black and white.


NOTE: If you are unsure if your work will qualify by this definition please email an image to (must be submitted a minimum of 10 days before the show entry deadline) before submitting your entry. The ISSA Board of Directors shall make a ruling on its eligibility (this ruling will not guarantee inclusion in the show, only whether the Board feels it meets, or does not meet the definition of Scratchboard, as defined above.).



Eligibility:  This contest is open to scratchboard artwork only but may include any subject matter or style. The exhibition is only open to Active, Signature, and Master Members of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists in good standing. All artworks must be original work executed by the submitting artist and any works based on outside photographs MUST have the photographer’s written permission before entering that work. Submitted works must have been completed in the past five years. Works submitted and accepted to prior ISSA shows, or submitted to any ISSA past Online Show are not eligible to be submitted again.  Works completed in workshops, from a kit, or where a pattern was used are not eligible. Works not accepted into previous annual shows may be resubmitted if all other criteria are met.


All selected works are expected to be framed in a professional, gallery-quality manner. No metal frames. Works that have matboard used as either matting or as a backing for a float frame must be behind glass or plexiglass. Artwork must not extend beyond the depth of a float frame. Take pride in your work and set it off with high quality framing! Poor quality framing may result in your work being excluded from the show.


Works must be equipped with D-rings and hanging wire, no saw tooth hangers. Works may be behind plexiglass, glass, or framed without cover. Works not covered must have adequate layers of a protective varnish to avoid risk of incidental scratches in regular handling of your work. Works shipped with glass should have the glass taped for shipping.


Sales:  Works that are for sale and are sold while at the exhibition will have a 30% commission taken by the event host, ASDM.  Works will be sold in US dollars so please price accordingly taking commission and exchange rates (if needed) into consideration. Works may not be removed before the conclusion of the exhibition.  Not-for-sale works are permitted this year, but we strongly encourage all members to offer their work for sale. 

Minimum Pricing: New this year - All artwork that is available for sale must be priced at minimum price of $350 to be considered for inclusion.  If your work is worthy of being in a professional art show, it should be worthy of a professional price.  





Open – This category is open to all Active and Signature members of ISSA. Members must be current on 2023 dues by July 5, 2023. Artists not current on membership by that date are not eligible to enter.   Artists may submit up to three entries, but unless there are insufficient number of works submitted, no more than two will be accepted.


Master – A category for existing ISSA Master Members in good standing. ISSA Master Members may submit up to two works to the exhibition without being juried or paying a jury fee. MSA must still submit the entry form with the information and image of the completed artwork(s) that they intend to send to the exhibition by the entry deadline. No Work-In-Progress images are permitted - please only submit completed works. 


Approximately 60 - 65 total works shall be selected for the exhibition, depending on size of work submitted, including both Open and Master divisions.  


Entry Fees for Open Division:  There is a $35 entry fee which allows exhibitors to submit up to three works, but no person shall have more than two works accepted for the exhibition.  Entry fees are non-refundable and must be paid by the entry deadline.

A minimum of $7500 in prizes will be awarded between both Master and Open Divisions.  Each division is judged separately.  


Entry Submission Process: Jurying will be completed from digital images only.  Submit only one photograph of each image being entered. Good image quality of your work is very important to the jury. Images should be in focus and adjusted to show proper contrast, minimal glare, and accurate colors.  Images must be cropped to show only the artwork; all framing and background should be excluded.  For best results, make sure your image is 1920 pixels at 72 dpi on the longest side (no more than 4MB).  Images should be in JPG format and sRGB color space.  There is no specific file naming protocol, but do not use special characters.  Help in photographing your work and properly sizing your images can be found at:  If you need help entering your images or are unable to, please email or call 888-666-1351. All entries are to be submitted online at  All entry fees must be paid by the entry deadline. 


Jurors:  Three ISSA Master Scratchboard Artists (MSA) will be assigned by the ISSA Board of Directors to jury the exhibition and assign awards to the open division.  Up to three outside jurors will judge the Master division.

Jury Notification: Results from the jury shall be available by logging into your www.OnlineJuriedShows.comaccount by August 15, 2023.  Results are no longer sent by email, but you will receive an email once the results are available in your artist profile.


Shipping Selected works will be due between September 15- September 25th, 2023.  Additional shipping details will be on the acceptance letter which can be downloaded on your account with your jury results. 


Shipping cost to the show is the responsibility of the artist, including all insurance, international fees, and shipping costs. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum will pay the return shipping of any unsold artworks. International shipping can be very expensive, so we recommend you check with your preferred shipping carrier to get a price estimate if you are planning to submit and ship large artworks from outside the United States before you submit the work for jury.  Works will be returned/shipped from the Desert Museum the week of December 20, 2023.



Opening Reception Event: There will be an opening reception at the Ironwood Gallery at the ASDM on Friday, October 27th from 2 - 4 PM; at this time awards will be presented.  All ISSA members and their guests are encouraged to attend. The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is located at 2021 N Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743.  We will also have two days of seminars on October 28-29th. 


Additional Information: All accepted works MUST be sent to the show.  If your work is juried in, and not sent, it will result in the artists’ exclusion from all exhibitions the following two years.  All accepted work must match the submitted images.  Submitted images may be used for exhibition publicity purposes, including but not limited to, postcards, posters, and promotional images on the ISSA or ASDM web site or social media.  The artist will be credited for images used whenever possible.


ISSA reserves the right to exclude work that does not match the submitted digital image, arrives damaged or poorly framed.  Works that when viewed in person do not meet ISSA’s definition of scratchboard will also be excluded from the show.


Reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of artwork while in our possession. However, ISSA nor the ASDM will be held liable for any damage or loss during the delivery, exhibition, removal or return shipping of artwork.  Works need to be insured by the artist for shipping and the duration of the show.  ISSA and ASCM will not accept nor be held liable for any work damaged in shipment.



Come work with, and learn from, one of our Master Scratchboard Artists in a classroom setting.  These workshops are limited to 12 students per class.


Oct 26 – Linda Heath-Clark, MSA (USA)

Oct 26 – Ann Ranlett, MSA (USA)


Oct 30 - Lori Dunn, MSA (Canada)

Oct 30 – Patrick Hedges, MSA (Australia)


Sign up for these classes will be through the ASDM starting in July (each class is independent and in its own classroom).   Cost will be $95/class.


Good Luck to all!

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