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Be sure to read the prospectus in its entirety before continuing.

Colored Pencil Society of America
ArtSpectations 2017-18

ArtSpectations 2017–18
Please read this prospectus carefully.

What is ArtSpectations?

ArtSpectations is an annual online fine art colored pencil competition hosted by the Colored Pencil Society of America (

ArtSpectations has one big difference from other exhibitions hosted by CPSA—there is no “jurying-in” process. Every entry that meets artist eligibility and artwork criteria will appear in the competition.

The entry period is May 1 to August 15. Once the entry period ends, our judge reviews all the entries and selects award winners in both a Signature category and a Non-signature category. This provides an opportunity for all artists to compete against their peers.

Entries will be visible at the Online Juried Shows website on September 15, 2017, when the show debuts. It remains online until April 30, 2018.

Award winners will be announced and featured September 15 at the CPSA website at

Awards in Two Categories
•    ArtSpectations is divided into two categories: Signature and Non-Signature. When you enter, your work will be judged only against others in your category. See below for details about “CPSA” and “CPX” signature statuses.
•    One judge is selected for each ArtSpectations competition. The judge’s decisions are final.
•    The judge will select two Best of Show awards, one in each category. In addition, five Honorable Mention awards will be selected in each category.
•    The Best of Show award amount is $500 for each of the two categories. There are no cash awards for Honorable Mention level awards. All winning images may be featured on the CPSA website, in the CPSA news magazine To The Point, and in social media.
•    An artist may win only one award (Best of Show or Honorable Mention) per ArtSpectations competition.
•    Frameable certificates and Best of Show cash awards will be mailed to winners within 30 days following award announcements.

Important Dates
2017–18 Entry Period:  May 1–Aug. 15, 2017
Awards Judging:  Aug. 15–Sept. 15, 2017
Awards Announced and Show Published Online:  September 15, 2017
2017–18 Viewing Ends:  April 30, 2018
2018–19 Entry Period:   May 1–Aug. 15, 2018

Artist Eligibility
•    Open to living artists 18 years of age or older in any location inside or outside the U.S.
•    CPSA members and non-members may enter. No preferential treatment is given to CPSA members.

Artwork Criteria
•    All artwork must be either 100% colored pencil or predominantly colored pencil plus other media.
•    Artists may submit a maximum of five (5) digital entries to each annual ArtSpectations competition.
•    Concept, design, and execution of the artwork shall be SOLELY that of the artist. No work copied from copyrighted or published materials. No work copied from someone else’s photograph, even with permission. Any artwork infringing upon another’s copyright will be disqualified. CPSA reserves the right to ask for further proof if there is a question about the originality of the artwork.
•    No collaborations (works executed by more than one artist).
•    All artwork must have been completed after May 1, 2012.
•    There are no size limits for the original artwork.
•    Artists may enter artwork that has been sold. Art may be for sale or not for sale.

No commission taken on sales. Buyers will make contact with artists through CPSA and buyer and artist will negotiate any sales directly.

Entry Rules
•    By submitting an entry, the artist acknowledges that he or she has read and agrees to abide by all rules, criteria, and the permission and copyright information as detailed in this prospectus.
•    Artwork may be uploaded until 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on the closing date for submissions. No entries will be accepted after that deadline.
•    If you have earned a signature status from CPSA, you must identify yourself as a signature member, whether your entries were completed before or after earning signature status. Add your earned status (“CPSA,” “CPX,” or both) after your last name on your profile at
•    All submissions must be made through the Online Juried Shows website. No submissions by email or postal service will be accepted, acknowledged, or returned.
•    Artwork that has previously appeared in any CPSA International or Explore This! (ET!) exhibition or won an award in a previous ArtSpectations competition is NOT eligible for entry.
•    Artwork entered in a previous ArtSpectations show that did not receive an award MAY be entered again in subsequent ArtSpectations competitions.

What is Signature Status?
Signature status is awarded by CPSA to its active members whose work appears three times within ten years in one of the two annual CPSA juried exhibitions. This entitles the member to use the initials “CPSA” (International Exhibition) or “CPX” (Explore This! Exhibition) after their name.

No signature status is awarded for ArtSpectations competitions.

New “CPSA” status takes effect following the awards banquet at the summer convention, usually the last Friday in July. New “CPX” status takes effect on February 1, the date the Explore This! online exhibition goes live on the CPSA website.

Entry Period: May 1–Aug. 15, 2017
View all ArtSpectation entries from September 15, 2017, to April 30, 2018, in the Published Shows section at the Online Juried Shows website. Award winners will be announced and featured at

Entry Fees and Payment
•    $10 fee per entry; maximum of 5 entries total. Entry fees are non-refundable and must be made by the entry deadline.
•    Payment is made on the Online Juried Shows website through PayPal or by credit card. No exceptions.
•    You may return multiple times during the entry period to submit up to the total of 5 images allowed for ArtSpectations 2017–18. Make one payment at the end of each session for all the entries you submitted during that session.
•    If artwork is disqualified for any reason, the fee for that entry will not be refunded.

Permission and Copyright
By submitting an entry, the Artist grants permission for CPSA to reproduce images of their artwork for CPSA marketing and promotional purposes. Every effort will be made to maintain quality true to the submitted image, recognizing that the print or electronic medium may affect how the viewer receives the image.
By entering the competition, the Artist agrees to the criteria and rules outlined in this prospectus, and hereby certifies that he or she holds the copyright for their artwork, and the copyright remains with said Artist. CPSA will include a notice with electronic displays that material must not be “downloaded” or copied, but CPSA will not be held responsible if artwork is copied. The Artist also certifies that the work submitted is original and does not infringe on any existing copyright. If artwork includes an image of a person, the Artist certifies that a model release has been obtained.

Where to Find Help
•    CPSA-related questions: Email CPSA exhibitions director Arlene Weinstock at:
•    Image preparation questions: and
•    Entry questions:

Creating Your Digital Images
•    Digital images must be cropped to edges of your actual artwork. Do NOT include frames or matting unless artwork extends onto that surface.
•    Image file type should be JPEG (JPG) and no larger than 4MB in size.
•    The Online Juried Shows system automatically renames JPG files during the submission process, so there are no up-front file naming requirements.
•    The longest side of your image should be 1920 pixels at 72dpi to enable viewers (and the judge) to see enough detail onscreen.
•    You can check your image size for correct formatting and automatically resize your image on the Online Juried Shows website. Just click on the “Image Help” tab. There is also a video under the “Tutorial Videos” tab called “How to Edit an Image.”
•    You may unobtrusively watermark your image if you are concerned about Facebook/Internet exposure. Keep in mind that if the watermark is too prominent, viewers and the judge may not be able to fully view or appreciate your artwork.
•    Please add and to your safe senders list to ensure notifications are received.

Do you have questions about photographing your own work or creating images?
Go to the “Image Help” tab on the Online Juried Shows website. Below the “Utilities” items you’ll see general information, Frequently Asked Questions, a section on “Tips for photographing your own work” and “Preparing your image for uploading using software.”

How to Enter ArtSpectations
1. Create an Online Juried Shows Account
    •    If this is your first time using you must create an account. (If you already have an account, skip to the next section.)
    •    On the right side of the site is a gray “Log In” box. Click the link “Create a New Artist Account.”
    •    Enter all the required information. IMPORTANT: If you have earned signature status(es) with CPSA, add your earned status(es) to your last name. Click the “Create New Account” button.

2. Locate the ArtSpectations Show
    Go to the Current Shows tab at the top left of the website. All available shows are listed in the left-hand column in order by their entry deadline. To find ArtSpectations, scroll down until you reach August 15 deadlines and the ArtSpectations show. Or do a search (Mac is Option F; PC is Control F) and enter “Colored Pencil” to find the ArtSpectations exhibition. Then click:

3. Enter ArtSpectations
    •    Once you’ve reached the ArtSpectations prospectus page, check the gray “Log in” box. If you aren’t logged in, enter your email address and password and click on “log in as an artist.”
    •    Then click the green box:

    •    You’ll notice that the maximum number of entries allowed is shown (5 for ArtSpectations) and below that is the number left that you can still enter.
    •    To enter an image click:

    •    Select the applicable category for your work (Signature or Non-signature). If you have earned signature status and the work being entered was completed prior to that, you must still enter the Signature category.
    •    If your entry is not for sale, you will be able to indicate NFS instead of a price.
    •    Make your payment. If you have questions, watch the video “How to Enter A Show” on the Online Juried Shows website under “Tutorial Videos.”

Judge: Bernard A. Poulin
Bernard Poulin is an international painter of official, corporate and private portraits. His subjects range from prominent members of the world’s political, royal, corporate, artistic, sport, and religious elite to private family and child portraits. His clients have included the governments of Canada, Bermuda, and Ontario as well as corporations, institutions, and associations such as the Canadian Pacific Railway, the National Research Council of Canada, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the Royal Collections of both Windsor Castle and St-James Palace in London England.

A noted lecturer and writer, Bernard Poulin has authored 11 books, including The Complete Colored Pencil Book, Beyond Discouragement—Creativity, Please Daddy, Hold My Hand (reformatted and published as a children’s book entitled Hold My Hand), and On Life, Death And Nude Painting, and he has contributed to a dozen others.

Poulin is a native of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. His biography appears in the Canadian Who’s Who and A Dictionary of Canadian Artists. Bernard Poulin is represented by agents in Paris, Bermuda, Kelowna, Ottawa, and Sudbury. For more information please visit

Bernard Poulin is also a charter member and the vice president emeritus of the Colored Pencil Society of America.