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Fulton Chain Craft Brewery
Tapping a Nation Full of Artists (Design a Beer Tap!)




Exhibition Details
In the spring of 2014, two friends, on a trip to celebrate a graduation, took a hike in the southern central Adirondack mountains.  While hiking they came upon a small, secluded lake.  Next to this lake they discovered a small canoe, upside-down, and sticking out of the woods.  They decided to flip it over, and as if by fate, the canoe had life jackets and paddles.  The pair jumped in the canoe and paddled out to the middle and had a discussion that would forever change their lives.   “We need to open that brewery we always talked about,” proclaimed one.  That simple statement started a journey into a business and lifestyle change for the two friends. Lifelong visitors to the area, and crafters of fine beers, they settled on a small side street located in the town of Old Forge, NY and opened their craft brewery to the word in June of 2015.  They are growing at such a rate they decided it was time to have a tap handle that truly represented them and this picturesque town.

This show is an exciting and unique opportunity to have your art exhibited in front of an entirely different type of art audience.  Tap handles are the newest trend in "consumer art."  Tap handles with their unique style and look attract a consumer to a particular brand and will be seen by people who might not normally find themselves in an art gallery.  These handles will be on display in restaurants, bars, beer stores, and brew pubs all over New York State.

This competition will be divided into six different categories:

Category #1: A general tap handle to be used for several styles of beer.  Design elements should mirror some or all of our logo which include an upside-down canoe, the silhouette of the Fulton Chain of Lakes, and a topographic map depicting the area around the town of Old Forge.

Category #2: A tap handle for our Lake Hopper beer.  Lake Hopper is an Imperial IPA.  It utilizes 8 different hops to represent each lake in the Fulton Chain.  It is more of a citrusy, well balanced, east coast ipa.

Category #3:  A tap handle for our Adventure Canoe beer.  Adventure Canoe is our session IPA.  This lower alcohol beer (4.7%) is meant to be an all-day drinking beer while sitting on the dock.  The beer is named for the upside-down canoe the two friends discovered on their hiking trip back in May of 2014.

Category #4: A tap handle for our Eskimo Strong beer.  Eskimo Strong is an imperial amber ale. Eskimo strong is named for not only the local high school mascot, but the foundation the beer supports as well.  Part of each sale of Eskimo Strong goes to a fund that helps raise awareness for teenage depression and suicide which has taken several former alumni of the Town of Webb school district.

Category #5: A tap handle for our Bear Road Blueberry Coffee Stout.  This beer uses coffee from our local coffee shop and is named for a road in the campground of Golden Beach on Raquette Lake, where the two friends first met in 1998.  This beer has strong coffee flavors with a hint of blueberry in the very finish of this smooth, yet dark beer.

Category #6: A tap handle for our Go Fluff Yourself beer.  This beer started as a joke but became our hottest seller! This beer was designed to taste like a peanut butter and fluff (marshmallow) sandwich.  After noticing most peanut butter beers were paired with dark styles, the brewery decided that they wanted a lighter alternative that brought all the sweet flavors, without overpowering the beer itself.  With a name that draws you in and a flavor that keeps you coming back for more, the brewers cannot make this beer fast enough!

Open to all artists, 18 and older.  Artists must submit original artwork.  Artists can submit an unlimited amount of work for a single entry fee of $35.

Unlimited entries for $35

Entering Your Images:
Tap handles must be not larger than 15"H X 2.5"W X 2.5"L.  Winning designs will be submitted to a manufacture to construct the tap handle.  Artists understand that some elements are subject to design changes only if needed to better suit the manufacturing process.

Entry form must be filled out in its entirety.  List sizes up to the nearest inch.  Submitted images must not include matting or frame.  Crop the photos to include only the artwork.  Be sure your images are right-side-up.

Before uploading your images, make sure they are smaller than 4MB, but at least 1920 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi.  Images should be in JPEG format, sRGB color space.  Help in photographing your work and properly sizing your images can be found at:  If you need help entering your images or are unable to, please write to us here:

Please add and to your safe senders list to ensure notifications are received.

Jurors are the brewery owners and their employees.  Tap handles will be judged on how well they represent the Adirondack wilderness, our brewery logo, and flexibility to alter and be used for multiple styles of beers.

Flat fee for winner to use the tap at bars and restaurants.

First place will win a Cash prize (based on entry) and become the official tap handle of our brewery).

Timeline of events including
1.    Open date: Monday, January 23rd, 2017
2.    Closing date: Sunday, April 30th, 2017, 11:59 p.m. PST.
3.    Notification of Winner - on or before May 10, 2017

All tap handle designs will be considered for use as a mass marketed tap handle for use in bars and restaurants by Fulton Chain Craft Brewery.