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P.O.P. PlentyOPockets
36x148x180, Cotton Broadcloth, Clear Plastic Sheeting, Buttons $10000
elizabeth abaravich

just sayin
24x24, plaster, enamel, spray paint $1500

hey nietzsche
60x72, Oil $4000

70x18x18, Ceramic, Wood, Acrylic, Marble $8000
Alex Anderson

70x11x11, Ceramic, Wood, Acrylic $5000
Alex Anderson

9x18x7, Glass $NFS
Mariah Armstrong Conner

Artifacts of the Anthropocene
3x36x9, Marine Debris and Sodium tetroborate $NFS
Mariah Armstrong Conner

That's So Hard To Name
15x40x40, Mixed Media $500
Dixie Lyn Boswell

Thats the way it goes
60x50x56, Acrylic, latex, glitter, fabric on canvas $NFS
Chelsea Boxwell

192x84x36, Acrylic, latex, glitter on unstretched canvas $NFS
Chelsea Boxwell

60x40, Acrylic paint, MDF board $1500
Mitsuko Brooks

Stationary [Detail]
10x8, Acrylic $500
Mitsuko Brooks

Missiles (Truth or Consequences)
24x16, 35mm photograph $500
Jessica Buie

Bruise (Truth or Consequences)
22x16, Disposable camera photograph $500
Jessica Buie

Untitled (Truth or Consequences)
30x20, 35mm photograph $800
Jessica Buie

Semantics of Willful Ignorance
12x9x6, Texas Criminal Law Book, 1000 Polaroid printed pho $6000
Tommy Burns

Not Enuf Salsa
72x72x3, Concrete from Train Station $5000
Tommy Burns

30x108x3, Clay $1500
Diana Campuzano

84x96, Oil $NFS

Composition Blue and Yellow
36x97x16, Foam, wood, acrylic $NFS
Adrienne Cole

hard to digest
65x9x11, resin, wood $1700
Shana Demassi

to move and stand in one place at the same time
84x42x60, cast dirt, glass, snails, nail polish $3200
Shana Demassi

I Never Felt So Apathetic
x, Video $
Shasha Dothan

60x42, Oil $NFS
Manyu Gao

Pain of Trust
36x36x20, Fan, hat, video, extension cords, and rocks. $NFS
Kim Garcia

Things I Leave Behind
10x48x17, Painted clothes $NFS
Kim Garcia

96x96x1, T-Shirt Yarn, Thread $3000.00
mimi haddon

Whoever starts speaking, turns into a donkey
60x48, Ink on Wood Panel $3000
Nasim Hantehzadeh

Stolen Voice: Syncopation
xx, Performance art, audience, musical instruments, ce $NFS
Wesley Hicks

Scent Bell: Field
25x25x8, wood, ceramics, glaze, acrylic paint, kewra essent $1000
Wesley Hicks

Hot Dog 1, Hot Dog 2
3x4x8, Ceramic and wax $700
Merideth Hillbrand

Jab Joint
15x15x13, Plywood, galvanized steel, shredded tire rubber, a $300
Merideth Hillbrand

Untitled(Scan no. 8)
55x40", acrylic and laser jet on canvas $1800
joshua hurwitz

Untitled Installation
90x125", Oil on canvas, wall decal $NFS
joshua hurwitz

a portrait of me by alexander
46x19x12, Clay $3000
Anabel Juarez

39x59x9, Clay $3000
Anabel Juarez

Yellow Painting
72x72, Oil $6000
Jennifer King

Pretty Purples, Are not Aggressive
20x20, Acrylic $600
Megan Kinney

Untitled (Landscape), 2016
16x20, Archival Pigment Print $
Joe Leavenworth

Untitled (for John), 2016
24x20, Archival Pigment Print $
Joe Leavenworth

Untitled (Paper Towel), 2014
24x20, Archival Pigment Print $
Joe Leavenworth

144x48x48, wood, rope, fiber/resin, collected ceramics $NFS
Megan Macuen

crumbling earth 3
9x10x5, Clay $750
emily marchand

crumbling earth 2
6x4x15, Clay $7750
emily marchand

crumbling earth 6
6x14x15, Clay $750
emily marchand

Installation view
60x40x40ft, Sound/contact mics, plastic filament, pine, concre $
Chris Michael

After School
38x48, Photography $2500
Sydney Mills

36x21, Photography $NFS
Sydney Mills

135x96x10, Airborne dust and ash sediment collected during Ju $7500

1652, 1653, 1667, 1668 (Outside)
96x200x140, Airborne acrylic pigment, airborne dust and ash se $21000

1652, 1653, 1667, 1668 (Inside)
96x200x140, White birch plywood, milled poplar, 16 gauge pneum $21000

Lucidity Casting Its Own Shadows
60x48, Oil $7800
Khang Nguyen

Emergent Homology of Identity and Otherness
60x48, Oil $7800
Khang Nguyen

My Failure as a Horse
72x60, Acrylic $1250
Dakota Noot

Farm Fresh
60x60, Acrylic $1000
Dakota Noot

Self Portrait
8x8x4, Mixed Media $NFS
Michelle Nunse

Self Portrait 2
84x30x2, Mixed Media $NFS
Michelle Nunse

I Shaved Today
24x40, ink on paper $1200
Kelsey Overstreet

24x40, ink on paper $1200
Kelsey Overstreet

Untitled 2
51x35, Matte Ink Jet Print,Graphite, and Color Pencil $NFS
Joshua Ross

60"x50", Acrylic $
sunny samuel

New Chart
36"x24", Acrylic $
sunny samuel

Visual Pleasure
11x14x1, lipstick on fabric $350
Marina Santana

Bridal Battleship
x, Sculpture $675
Kelly Shehan Hazime

Still Life
15x23, Photography $200
Kelly Shehan Hazime

The Water Keeps Running After the Video Ends
Variable (Video), 20 second video loop. $250
Maccabee Shelley

L.A. County
24x30, acrylic paint, metal studs and spikes on denim ves $2250
Karim Shuquem

66x44, ink $4250
Karim Shuquem

Adams County
24x30, leather paint, metal studs and spikes on leather j $2250
Karim Shuquem

Boyle Heights
144x192x24, sculpture $5000
chad sines

In the Moment, She Felt Helpless
60x14x14, Wood, cast glass, cast aluminum, steel, transparen $5000
Nicole Stahl

I'm Gonna Make It Work
48x96, Mixed Media $NFS
Curtis Taylor

Her Yellow Window
48x48, Ink, oil, and acrylic on canvas $3000
Andrea Welton

Untitled 2
52x36x20, Ceramic, Fabric $650
Amy Williams

Fireworks Show
28x36x18, Ceramics $5500
lena wolek

8x20x2, Arduino programmed 4:3 LED matrix, PIR sensor, ple $NFS
Jessie Wright

Channel Switchers (
14x98x48, 4-channel tv installation $NFS
Jessie Wright

Touching my hair helps me think about what to paint
59x61, Oil on canvas $NFS
Hiejin Yoo

Love bracelet
63x59, Flash and oil on canvas $6000
Hiejin Yoo

Chinese Landscape
21x28, oil on paper $500
Benjamin Zhao

45x42, oil on paper $1000
Benjamin Zhao

That empty place makes me so happy
16x20, Photography $1800
Zhaoyang Zheng


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