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P.O.P. PlentyOPockets
36x148x180, Cotton Broadcloth, Clear Plastic Sheeting, Buttons $10000
elizabeth abaravich

hey nietzsche
60x72, Oil $4000

just sayin
24x24, plaster, enamel, spray paint $1500

70x18x18, Ceramic, Wood, Acrylic, Marble $8000
Alex Anderson

70x11x11, Ceramic, Wood, Acrylic $5000
Alex Anderson

9x18x7, Glass $NFS
Mariah Armstrong Conner

Artifacts of the Anthropocene
3x36x9, Marine Debris and Sodium tetroborate $NFS
Mariah Armstrong Conner

That's So Hard To Name
15x40x40, Mixed Media $500
Dixie Lyn Boswell

192x84x36, Acrylic, latex, glitter on unstretched canvas $NFS
Chelsea Boxwell

Thats the way it goes
60x50x56, Acrylic, latex, glitter, fabric on canvas $NFS
Chelsea Boxwell

60x40, Acrylic paint, MDF board $1500
Mitsuko Brooks

Stationary [Detail]
10x8, Acrylic $500
Mitsuko Brooks

Missiles (Truth or Consequences)
24x16, 35mm photograph $500
Jessica Buie

Untitled (Truth or Consequences)
30x20, 35mm photograph $800
Jessica Buie

Bruise (Truth or Consequences)
22x16, Disposable camera photograph $500
Jessica Buie

Not Enuf Salsa
72x72x3, Concrete from Train Station $5000
Tommy Burns

Semantics of Willful Ignorance
12x9x6, Texas Criminal Law Book, 1000 Polaroid printed pho $6000
Tommy Burns

30x108x3, Clay $1500
Diana Campuzano

84x96, Oil $NFS

Composition Blue and Yellow
36x97x16, Foam, wood, acrylic $NFS
Adrienne Cole

to move and stand in one place at the same time
84x42x60, cast dirt, glass, snails, nail polish $3200
Shana Demassi

hard to digest
65x9x11, resin, wood $1700
Shana Demassi

I Never Felt So Apathetic
x, Video
Shasha Dothan

60x42, Oil $NFS
Manyu Gao

Pain of Trust
36x36x20, Fan, hat, video, extension cords, and rocks. $NFS
Kim Garcia

Things I Leave Behind
10x48x17, Painted clothes $NFS
Kim Garcia

96x96x1, T-Shirt Yarn, Thread $3000.00
mimi haddon

Whoever starts speaking, turns into a donkey
60x48, Ink on Wood Panel $3000
Nasim Hantehzadeh

Scent Bell: Field
25x25x8, wood, ceramics, glaze, acrylic paint, kewra essent $1000
Wesley Hicks

Stolen Voice: Syncopation
xx, Performance art, audience, musical instruments, ce $NFS
Wesley Hicks

Hot Dog 1, Hot Dog 2
3x4x8, Ceramic and wax $700
Merideth Hillbrand

Jab Joint
15x15x13, Plywood, galvanized steel, shredded tire rubber, a $300
Merideth Hillbrand

Untitled Installation
90x125", Oil on canvas, wall decal $NFS
joshua hurwitz

Untitled(Scan no. 8)
55x40", acrylic and laser jet on canvas $1800
joshua hurwitz

a portrait of me by alexander
46x19x12, Clay $3000
Anabel Juarez

39x59x9, Clay $3000
Anabel Juarez

Yellow Painting
72x72, Oil $6000
Jennifer King

Pretty Purples, Are not Aggressive
20x20, Acrylic $600
Megan Kinney

Untitled (Paper Towel), 2014
24x20, Archival Pigment Print
Joe Leavenworth

Untitled (for John), 2016
24x20, Archival Pigment Print
Joe Leavenworth

Untitled (Landscape), 2016
16x20, Archival Pigment Print
Joe Leavenworth

144x48x48, wood, rope, fiber/resin, collected ceramics $NFS
Megan Macuen

crumbling earth 2
6x4x15, Clay $7750
emily marchand

crumbling earth 3
9x10x5, Clay $750
emily marchand

crumbling earth 6
6x14x15, Clay $750
emily marchand

Installation view
60x40x40ft, Sound/contact mics, plastic filament, pine, concre
Chris Michael

36x21, Photography $NFS
Sydney Mills

After School
38x48, Photography $2500
Sydney Mills

1652, 1653, 1667, 1668 (Outside)
96x200x140, Airborne acrylic pigment, airborne dust and ash se $21000

1652, 1653, 1667, 1668 (Inside)
96x200x140, White birch plywood, milled poplar, 16 gauge pneum $21000

135x96x10, Airborne dust and ash sediment collected during Ju $7500

Lucidity Casting Its Own Shadows
60x48, Oil $7800
Khang Nguyen

Emergent Homology of Identity and Otherness
60x48, Oil $7800
Khang Nguyen

Farm Fresh
60x60, Acrylic $1000
Dakota Noot

My Failure as a Horse
72x60, Acrylic $1250
Dakota Noot

Self Portrait
8x8x4, Mixed Media $NFS
Michelle Nunse

Self Portrait 2
84x30x2, Mixed Media $NFS
Michelle Nunse

24x40, ink on paper $1200
Kelsey Overstreet

I Shaved Today
24x40, ink on paper $1200
Kelsey Overstreet

Untitled 2
51x35, Matte Ink Jet Print,Graphite, and Color Pencil $NFS
Joshua Ross

60"x50", Acrylic
sunny samuel

New Chart
36"x24", Acrylic
sunny samuel

Visual Pleasure
11x14x1, lipstick on fabric $350
Marina Santana

Bridal Battleship
x, Sculpture $675
Kelly Shehan Hazime

Still Life
15x23, Photography $200
Kelly Shehan Hazime

The Water Keeps Running After the Video Ends
Variable (Video), 20 second video loop. $250
Maccabee Shelley

66x44, ink $4250
Karim Shuquem

Adams County
24x30, leather paint, metal studs and spikes on leather j $2250
Karim Shuquem

L.A. County
24x30, acrylic paint, metal studs and spikes on denim ves $2250
Karim Shuquem

Boyle Heights
144x192x24, sculpture $5000
chad sines

In the Moment, She Felt Helpless
60x14x14, Wood, cast glass, cast aluminum, steel, transparen $5000
Nicole Stahl

I'm Gonna Make It Work
48x96, Mixed Media $NFS
Curtis Taylor

Her Yellow Window
48x48, Ink, oil, and acrylic on canvas $3000
Andrea Welton

Untitled 2
52x36x20, Ceramic, Fabric $650
Amy Williams

Fireworks Show
28x36x18, Ceramics $5500
lena wolek

8x20x2, Arduino programmed 4:3 LED matrix, PIR sensor, ple $NFS
Jessie Wright

Channel Switchers (
14x98x48, 4-channel tv installation $NFS
Jessie Wright

Touching my hair helps me think about what to paint
59x61, Oil on canvas $NFS
Hiejin Yoo

Love bracelet
63x59, Flash and oil on canvas $6000
Hiejin Yoo

45x42, oil on paper $1000
Benjamin Zhao

Chinese Landscape
21x28, oil on paper $500
Benjamin Zhao

That empty place makes me so happy
16x20, Photography $1800
Zhaoyang Zheng