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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Luminescence Dancing
25x15x10, Found metal, fused glass $416
Peggy Ames Nerud

Geared Down
17x18x5, Found metal, fused glass,rock $364
Peggy Ames Nerud

Twisted Cedar Root
29x15x5, Found metal, found Cedar root $338
Peggy Ames Nerud

At The Confluence Of Two Great Rivers
14x18, Acrylic And Gold Enamel On Canvas $2200
Jos Biviano

Cosmic Vortex
8x10, Digital $125
Joel Bowers

The Woody Creek
5x12, Soft Pastel $200
Del Coldwell

30x30, Acrylic $490
Lorri Coulter

Hang it up...
12x12, Acrylic $290
Lorri Coulter

Yvette's Sage
18x18, Acrylic $310
Lorri Coulter

distance and desire 1
11x17, cyanotype $135
Melissa Dawn

distance and desire 2
11x17, cyanotype $135
Melissa Dawn

distance and desire 3
11x17, cyanotype $135
Melissa Dawn

Firmamental Tributary
10x20, Oil $975
Jan Marie DeLipsey

21x16, Acrylic $900
Toni Elkins

Where Limestone Meets Pines: Bull Mountains
8x10, Soft Pastel $295
Barbara Garrett

Where Valley Meets Rims: Yellowstone Valley
11x14, Soft Pastel $400
Barbara Garrett

30x48, Oil $2100
Antoaneta Georgieva

Converging tracks at sunset
16x17, Photography $NFS
Marshall Haferkamp

Coming together
7x5, Photography $NFS
Marshall Haferkamp

Merging toward complexity
10x10, Photography $NFS
Marshall Haferkamp

13x9, Watercolor $600
Shayla Hagen

Escaping Marbles
8x6, Oil $200
Leslie Ann Hauer

Meadow Edge, with Parsnip and Yarrow
8x8, Oil $300
Leslie Ann Hauer

Joyful Reunion
24x30, Fluid acrylic $2150
Stephanie Holznecht

Erupting Out of the World
16x20, Oil $1200
Karen Jacobsen

A Shift in the Light
28 x 38, Oil $2400
Karen Jacobsen

Light No Longer Scattered
6 x 12, Oil $550
Karen Jacobsen

Early Morning
9x12, Oil $525
Carol Johansen

Colorado River
9x12, Oil $525
Carol Johansen

Waiting for the Rain
9x12, Oil $525
Carol Johansen

Brook Trout
10x16, Watercolor $650
Stan Johnson

Sandhill Cranes
16x14, Watercolor $800
Stan Johnson

Fractured Gello #2
55x53, Hand stitched thread on textile $18300
Jean Judd

Off the Grid
20x24, Alcohol Ink on Metal $721
Mary Knapp

A Storm is Brewing
15x19, Fused glass on Metal $610
Mary Knapp

web of waters
54x19, Acrylic $539
Vida Landa

Pronghorn Promenade
12x18, Digital $325
Pam Little

Lena Peak Stream
12x9, Digital $300
Pam Little

The Dames
18x24, Oil $600
Carol Lucas

Goose Bay Sunset
18x24, Acrylic $650
Brian Maly

Snowfall on Lilacs
16x20, Acrylic $640
Brian Maly

Birch Trees
9x12, Glass Beads $1700
Corinne McAuley

Fall Fire
12x12, Glass Beads $1800
Corinne McAuley

18x24, Acrylic and sand from the River Jordan on floating $1500
Linda McCray

The Calm
24x18, Oil $1500
David Mensing

This Very Breath
40x30, Oil $3500
David Mensing

Red-legged Frog
8x13x6, Bronze $3000
Pokey Park

11x24x14, The wings are laser cut stainless steel $7500
Pokey Park

22x19x12, Bronze $9000
Pokey Park

12x16, Encaustic and Oil $400
Jordan Pehler

Mallard's Landing
24x18, Encaustic, Oil and Plexiglas $1050
Jordan Pehler

16x16, Encaustic, Oil and Paper $650
Jordan Pehler

10x8, Photography $115
Katherine Ruland

big hole livelihood
18x24, leatherwork $2000
nolan salix

Joyful Series #1
6x5, Acrylic $1000
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

Coming in for a Landing
13x18, Watercolor $425
Maja Shaw

21x7x6, Mixed Media $400
Debbie Smith

12x16, Oil $750
Robert Spannring

10x12, Oil $550
Robert Spannring

12x16, Oil $750
Robert Spannring

Beneath Yellowstone
12x16, Acrylic $850
Janet Sullivan

11x14, mixed media $200
lew vadheim

5x7x14, Antler, found stick with lock, contorted filbert ( $NFS
Amy Wendland

Stonecrop, a Crested Chicken Interfering
17x12x1, watercolor, colored pencil, Sedum rhodanthum (Ston $NFS
Amy Wendland


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