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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

10x10, Acrylic $500
Dan Adams

Diego Trails
18x36, Oil $1600
Alexsandra Babic

Winter's Grace - Caldera
8x12, Fine art giclee print $80
Hannibal Bauliah

Above Del Mar
58x67, Oil $1300
Neil Brooks

52x82, Oil $2400
Neil Brooks

Oceanside Pier
28x36, Oil $500
Neil Brooks

Twilight Woo Ritual
30x22, monotype w/ Chine colle' $420
Gregory Brown

Thicket Three
30x22, monotype $480
Gregory Brown

Redbud Trees
48x60, thrown and splattered acrylic paint on canvas $8400
Diana Carey

Blonde off Broadway
20x16, Oil $1800
Val Carson

Range & Basin #12
16x20, Photography $250
Alex Cave

Range & Basin #19
16x20, Photography $250
Alex Cave

I Wander in The Abyss of My Ancestors
48x48, Oil $8000
Nathaniel Clark

Saguaro Strikes
18x24, Photography $450
Susan Coppock

Rustic Bread
11x14, Oil $450
Renee Corwin

Toothpaste Tubes
12x12, Digital Photography Montage $250
Jane Cowles

Seeing Through Frozen Water
24x36, Photography $
Patricia deAlteris

I'd Bend Over Backward For You
45x45, Mixed Media $2400
Ellen Dieter

Chinese New Year
29x19, Watercolor $2200
Robin Erickson

Ancient Alley II
30x20, Watercolor $1850
Robin Erickson

Origami Unfolding No.2
60x48, Oil $5200
Kaori Fukuyama

Optical Abstractions: Life Imitates Art
16x13, Photography $400
Will Gibson

Optical Abstractions: Family Viewing
18 x 14, Photography $400
Will Gibson

Optical Abstractions: Contemplating Haring
17x12, Photography $400
Will Gibson

evening Prayers
12x12, Oil $575
Kathleen Graham

Dialogues Body and Sea
33x27x10, Cone 5 clay, oxides, glazes, underglazes, oils $9000
Julia C R Gray

24x24, Oil $925
Meisha Grichuhin

View from Harbor Drive
18x30, Oil $2400
John Groff

Madra Curves
20x31, Oil $2000
John Groff

Beach Bluff
12x12, Oil $600
Rick Kelso

Treeline Trail
16x20, Oil $1000
Rick Kelso

Shackleton's Stove, Hut Cape Royds, Antactica
26x29, Photography $1200
J.J. L'Heureux

November Canyon
25x19, Soft Pastel $1500
Margaret Larlham

Chaparral Whisper
25x19, Soft Pastel $1500
Margaret Larlham

54x36, Mixed Media $1900
sandra lauterbach

Altered Ego
84x48, Mixed Media $7800
Lorraine Lawson

15x13, Graphite Pencil with torn Japanese Silk paper $2000
Janet Lee

Kampala Road Plot 24
16x26, Intaglio Etching limited edition 6 colors $15000
Janet Lee

Seattle Flower Stalls
48x60, Oil $6200
Carol Chaffin Limbach

No Rodeo
30x20, Digital collage $395
John Linthurst

American Gothic
20x30, Digital Collage $395
John Linthurst

48x36, Acrylic $1800
Hollis Litrownik

Sunset on the lake
12x16, Oil $400
Hamid Maleki

Cora Howell Newton (1885-1983)
30x24, Oil $NFS
Kathy McChesney

27x31, Watercolor $NFS
Jorge Medrano

Composition # 040215
24x24, Acrylic $2400
Arie Menes

11x14, Digital $500
Donald Mohr

Empty Dreams
7x21x14, sculpture $4500
Maidy Morhous

Don't Kill the Goose!
7x12x5, sculpture $1650
Maidy Morhous

Locks and Keys
18x22, Watercolor $550
Molly Murphy

Shadow Play
7x10, Watercolor $300
Molly Murphy

14x11, Digital Photography $150
Leonard Ozerkis

Morocco Entry
14x11, Digital Photogaphy $150
Leonard Ozerkis

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave
20x30, Photography $
Brigid Parsons

68x56, Oil, Wax, Charcoal, Pigment and Graphite on Canvas $12000
Alison Haley Paul

36x36, Acrylic $3800
Ilona Peteris

Oceanside Pier, Noir.
20x30, Digital Photography Framed and Matted $1200
Ana Phelps

Peacock Woman
36x12, Oil on gold leaf $1600
Linda Phillips

We Three
30x24, Acrylic on gold, copper leaf $1600
Linda Phillips

36x12, Oil on gold leaf $1600
Linda Phillips

Somewhere but Here
36x36, Oil on gold, copper leaf $1800
Linda Phillips

MaryE and Junior
18x25, Watercolor $1150
Sharon E Rawlins

Chaparrel Yucca
84x30, Drawing-Graphite/Charcoal $8000
Catherine Ruane

Storm Set
29x39, Acrylic $3199
Bruce Elmer Ruehl

30x30, encaustic, archival photo and oils $2500
Jiela Rufeh

40x60, Oil $8000
Julia San Roman

72x60, Oil $10000
Julia San Roman

Abstract Distraction Spot light
48x60, Acrylic and Latex House paint $1500
DeAnne Sbardellati

30x40, Acrylic $1200
Christine Schwimmer

Afternoon Light on Eucalyptus
11x14, Oil $NFS
Rita Shulak

Catching Light at Aliso Creek
12x16, Oil $NFS
Rita Shulak

Branching Eight
23x11x4, Aluminum. Steel. Wood $NFS
Ving Simpson

Helmet Form 1
23x7x5, Bronze $NFS
Ving Simpson

13x21, Photography $1200
rich Smukler

13x21, Photography $1200
rich Smukler

The Original Hipsters
48x36, Acrylic $1400
Patric Stillman

Neighbor, Back Yard
24x36, Oil $6200
Sally Strand

Fata Morgana II
14x20, watercolor and soft pastel on 300lb HP paper $875
Robin Street-Morris

Corvid Sanctus
7x5, Oil and gold leaf $1500
Marque Todd

Over Dose
32x24, Intaglio Etching $1647
Geraldine (Pasha) Turley

The Pollution Makers
32x24, Intaglio Etching $1647
Geraldine (Pasha) Turley

I Girasoli (The Sunflowers)
84x84x84, Bronze $80000
Natalie Tyler

Lonely Pine
24x24, Oil $500
Carrie Ventola

Ready for Immigration
36x48, Oil on Paper Map on Canvas $555.55
Trish Vernazza

Windows to the Soul
16x20, Oil $2200
Joseph Villela

The Visitor
20x24, Photography $950
Larry Vogel

Desert Fashions
12x18, Photography $400
William James Warren

North Coast Lighthouse
16x20, Watercolor $375
Don Webb

Mendocino Headlands
5x7, Oil $NFS
David WilliamsJr

Blending Steel
15x22, Photography $649
Pamela York

Steel Noir
15x22, Photography $649
Pamela York

38x16, Oil $NFS
Barbara Ziebarth


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