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Saturday Night Lights
24x18, venetian plaster, acrylic $900
James S Adams

Trains at the Fair
18x24, Photography
Kathryn Aguilo

High Road Toward Sunset - 2015
12x12, Oil $1650
Mitchell Albala

30x40, Acrylic $1200
James Andrews

14x20x3, Formed relief, Brass, copper, in maple frame $4000
William Baran-Mickle

Fog Works
28x18x18, Found Objects $580
Phil Baumgaertner

32x30, cut hair $400
Andrea Beck

Spring in the Palouse
13x19, Photography $450
Robert Berg

36x36, Acrylic $2800
Marilyn Bergstrom

Winter Dawn
11x14, Oil $750
Simon Bland

31x12x15, Bronze $4900
Ned Block

Ode to Schmid
30x30, Acrylic $2200
Brooke Borcherding

72x48x18, steel, glass, wood $1900
Karsten Boysen

11X14, canvas $250
roger brown

Slow Slip I
10x10, Soft Pastel $350
Jinx Bryant

Seismic Activity
65x89, Fiber $4995
Bonnie Bucknam

Sally The Potter
11x18x6, Soda Fired Ceramic $350
Frank Carsey

3 Formline 2
14x22x2.5, Wood, Spalted Maple $1500
Tim Celeski

Wisdom Pearls
16x24, oil on panel $1500
Karen Cornell

Sunrise Point Meteor Shower
30x20, Photography $450
Gina Cox

Manzanita Dream
34x58x17, Figured myrtle, shedua, cottonwood, walnut, man $4250
Matthew X. Curry

Pyramid Box
4x13x10, Mixed Media $600
Matthew X. Curry

Deception Pass Bridge, 2016
10x10, Silver Gelatin Print $200
Monika Danos

24x36, Photography $500
Eric Demattos

Purple Rising
10x10, Mixed Media $1500
Eric Demattos

Ever Present 2013
30x22, Mixed Media on Paper $1500
Marilyn Charlat Dix

Ain't No Place For Sissies
12x10x5, Wood $1800
Ray Dudley

Midnight River
20x20x1, Fused glass with textured iridescent and crushed d $495
Cindy Duvall

Waiting for the Ferry
11x14, Photography $350
clinton ferrara

Never Forget
20x30x3, Photo $1000
Kent Ferris

A Winters Day
8x11x11, Carved Naked Raku $249
Mark Ferris

Black Feather Pottery
9x10x10, Carbon Fired $249
Mark Ferris

16x16, Oil on Canvas over panel $800
Brian Fisher

Sense of Place
24x18, Acrylic $5000
Meghan Flynn

Four Seasons
75x75, Encaustic $4000
Jane Friedman

18x12, Photography $550
Nicole Gelinas

The Season's Last Beauty
11x14, Paper, Glass Beads, Paint, Embroidery $600
Margaret Gibbs

La Push
8x10, Japanese water-based woodblock print $250
Paula Gill

Snowy Night Down by the Tracks
21"x11"x2", Mixed Media $500.00
Karen Gjelsteen

Slides of Africa
10x11, Mixed Media $500
Marilynn Gottlieb

Flicker Polyptych
16x68, Oil $2200
Christina Grachek

Headress (2015)
28x15x15, Urethane, steel, clay, hardware, sawblades, acryli $8000
carla grahn

Angels nand Demons
30x30, Mixed Media $1800
Terry Grasteit

Red and Gray Winter Sunset Madronas
36x36, Oil $2700
Gretchen Hancock

Eerie Reflection on Rattlesnake Lake 2015
20x30, Photography $395
Beverly Hanson

Its a Koi Eat Koi World 2016
20x16, Photography $225
Steve Havert

Gold & Green Basketweave Beaded Basket 2016
1.75x1.75x1.75, Japanese Delica Beads $225
Julia Henry

Ready to Race
26x18x2, Watercolor $1200
George Hineman

Blue Hen 2014
11x7, Photography $300
Deborah Hodges

Sea Voyage
24x24, Soft Pastel $1600
Anna Hoey

Sea Change
18x7x2, wood $900
Brandon Hogg

Old Sweat and Rust
30x26x0, Oil $1500
Steve Hu

48x48x2, Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas $5500
Newel Hunter

10x12x4, Bronze $3000
Catherine Irving

Thief Of Keys
18x22, Digital Art $275
Patricia Jollimore

Toward Certainty
24x6, Mixed Media Encaustic $900
Merle Jones

Flight Shrine
15x11x4, Found Objects $300
Janine Keat

Sea Change
11x17, Pen & Ink $800
iikka Keranen

Defending the Kill
48x36, Oil $3200
Cheryl King

Storm Is Coming
16x20, Oil $1200
Emiliya Lane

Sunflower Dreams 2016
21x14, Watercolor and Ink $445

Alitas (triptych)
10x8 each, Monotype $1600
Kathryn Lesh

10x12x4, Bronze $4000
Phillip Levine

Sunday Afternoon
24x30, Oil $2500
Lynda Lindner

Ingalls lake, Mt. Stuart
21x29, Soft Pastel $3500
jannelle loewen

Just Take Me Home
12x19, Photography $1000
Harry Longstreet

18x21, OIL ON CANVAS $550
Donna Lough

Adam's Apple
23x22x22, mixed media: clay, concrete, metal

Acceptable Loss
23x22x22, mixed media: ceramic, paper, wood

Midsummers night dream
27x10x10, Stone $2400
Ken Lundemo

Informal Retreat
12x18, Acrylic Collage $325
Kari MacKenzie

Birds of a Feather
12x12, Mixed Media/photo transfer $250
Mary Marsh

The Road Home
20x14x, Hand brushed and manipulated photo $500
Tom Martin

Morning Unveiling 2015
20x24, Oil $1950
David Marty

Mirror Lake
22x32, Photograph on Aluminum $704
Larey McDaniel

spiral pedestal table
29x33x33, rosewood and maple $5400
Robin mckann

Resting in Peace
11x14x1, oil $650
iryna milton

Moon Pie
11.5x4x10, Stoneware $150
Karen Mittet

Woman with bird on her shoulder
9x4x4, Stoneware, wire, glass beads $200
Karen Mittet

Erasable Award Ribbon on a Lefse Flipper
60x30x1, Mixed Media $600
Kristin Nail

Earthly Delights & the Giant Pink Wiffle Ball (Triptych)
30x54, Paper Collage $4500
Harold Nelson

Winter Raven
29x10x9, Saggar fired clay $800
Carolyn Nelson

Kelp Tangle
19x25, Watercolor on Yupo $600
Sandra Newhouse

The Good Fight 2016
18x14, Soft Pastel $700
Savannah Newton

Mother Nature
15x10, Photography $500
Marianne O'Keefe

Fancy That
22x30x, Watercolor & Gouache $1800
Carla OConnor

14x20, Watercolor $700
karen olson

Lenox Lounge
11x17, acrylic on wood $250
Mark Omalley

Sailing Line Up
15x30, Photography $650
Mitchel Osborne

Arctic Over a Barrel
26x26x4, assemblage $900
Steve Parmelee

In The Name of the Law
12x10x3, assemblage $900
Steve Parmelee

The Beckoning
10x15, Photography $350
Alison Peacock

Subway Patrons
19x13, Photography $150
Norman Press

Lemon Jello Butt Crack
12x12x1, Acrylic Paint $800
Julie Read

Self Portrait with Dragon
36x48, Oil $3500
Kristen Reitz-Green

Pyrophyte 6 (2016)
36x24, Burned canvas,acrylic,collage on panel $1500
Cheryl Richey

Good Dog
11x14, Oil $95
Donna Russell

South Beach
13x19, Paper Collage $1850
Lynnette Sandbloom

Wild Horses
24x16x5, photography $300
Ed Schroll

Waiting Backstage 2016
18x28, Watercolor and Gouache $848
Mary Schumaker

Eurasian Eagle Owl
12x18, Photography $240
Bruce Severeid

16x20, Acrylic $650
Charles Sharpe

Story Upon Story
26x20, Oil $1090
Joanne Shellan

Steel Drawing 70
40x24x7, Welded Steel, Patina, Clear Lacquer $1950
Kim Simonelli

To Be A Man (2015)
11x14, Multimedia collage on small cardboard boxes $400
Lynn Skordal

Female # 2
16x4x4, Clay $400
Noah Starer

abstract study 17
96x36, Oil $1200
martin steiner

Bremerton Ferry
30x20x1, Photography $288
Michael Stitt

Mason-Dixon: The Cost of Cotton - 2016
24x48, Mixed Media $750
M. Anne Sweet

14x16x3, Raku, relief sculpture hangs on wall $1800
Julia Szten

Ft. Worden Battery Ashe Stairway
17x11, Photography $400
Fred Thumhart

4x6, Sheet metal $4000
Roger Travis

10x8, Mixed Media $120
Brooke Tucker

Dyes Inlet Community - 2016
16x24, Photography $595
Don Turriaga

Rhino bust
32x48x54, salvaged woods $80000
Jeffro Uitto

30x30, Mixed Media $1638
Laraine Wade-Butter

Reflections III
11x14, Acrylic $425
William Walcott

Entering the Mystery
30x24x1, Acrylic on Canvas $750
Diane Walker

Well...Hello Girls
24x30, Acrylic $2000
Leon White

Green Eye Monster
16x16, Mixed Media $800
Susan Wiersema

The Curve of Sound
20x29x15, paper mache $4000
Patricia Wilson

Edge of Chaos
37x25x, Linocut $1000
rebecca woodhouse

Election 2016
23x12x12, Wood & steel with Walnut base $300
Joe Wuts

Gold-Red Pool
24x24, Acrylic $1150
Stephen Yates

One Day
36x36, Mixed Media $1400
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman