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10x16, Black Ink
Sierra Atkinson

Storm Watching with Dad
10x14, Mixed Media $130
Marilyn Bachelor

24x18, Mixed Media $300
Marilyn Bachelor

Wild and Unbroken
18x24, Oil $400
Emilie Beadle

17x23, Oil $400
Emilie Beadle

Fletcher Distressed
18x12, Photography $200
Kathleen Bower

Cross in the Woods - Indian River, Michigan
24x32, Photography $300.00
Christine Brackett

Please Adopt! He wants a FOREVER HOME
16X20, Photography $150.00
Christine Brackett

Black Dragonfly Bowl
8x4x8, Clay $40
Debra Burr

White Dragonfly Bowl
9x3x9, Clay $40
Debra Burr

under the sea
2x20x1, cast silver and pearls necklace $400.00
nancy capers

cast silver and black spinal pendant
1x1x1, silver jewelry $150.00
nancy capers

cast silver with oval black spinal
1x2x1, silver jewelry $150.00
nancy capers

No Smoking
11x14, Photography
Kathleen Davis

Mannequin 1
24x20, scanned film negative, digital print $400
Joseph Donna

8x10, Encaustic $160
Gwen Downs

8x10, Encaustic $160
Gwen Downs

16x20, Pencil $400
Darlene Fortier

24x18, Soft Pastel $750
Suzanne Frederick

Zeb and the Little Barn
24x48, Acrylic $150
Megan Grochowski

28x48, Acrylic $800
anita harmon

Seed Project
30x70x30, Found Objects $123
Amber Hess

Treguna Mekoides Trecorum Satis Dee
20x60x8, assemblage $900
Jacob Idema

Eagle Harbor Waves
11 x 14, Photography $75
Erica Jacobson

Ice Pines
11 x 14, Photography $75
Erica Jacobson

18x14, Watercolor $250
Karen Jonker

8x10, Photography $20
Deb Koenig

Autumn Splendor
8x10, Photography $85
Hannah Kowalewsky

White Lilies
8x10, Charcoal $180
Stephanie LaFramboise

Stormy Weather
11x14, Photography $100
Cheryl Lemke

Patience is colorless
12x22, Stained Glass $150
Cheryl Lemke

Big Red
24x16, Photography $200
Stephanie Loewe

Fletcher Paper Bicycle
24x16, Photography $200
Stephanie Loewe

15x9, Photography $100
Carol Lund

8x12, Photography $75
Erin McConnell

Such Great Heights
8x12, Photography $75
Erin McConnell

Garden Flowers
16x20, Acrylic $65
Charmaine McConnell

Water, beautiful water
8x10, Photography $100
Shirley Mcnier

23x32, wool on linen handwoven rug $700
Kati Meek

Shadow Play
16x47, cotton - handwoven w wood bits $350
Kati Meek

3D black & white
x, 26x30 $200
Jerry Mills

Moon Flower
15x21, Acrylic $75
Jerry Mills

Abstract Landscape I, II, III
12x12, relief printmaking $645
Jennifer Mindock

Ancient Mariner
75x12x3, black granite etching on driftwood $850.00
claire potrykus

Early Snow
11x14, Soft Pastel $135
Carol Preuss

Night Vision
24x30, Acrylic $250
Ralph Redmond

Black Heart
6x13x6, Gourd grown on our farm 2015 $50
Linda Sansom

Enso Collection
24x18, sumi ink on paper $350
Brian Schorn

Acorn Ensos
18x24, sumi ink on paper $350
Brian Schorn

Clydesdales With Wagon
16x20, Pen and Ink $800
Charles Schroeder

Jackson Apts with 1935 Fords
14x27, Pen and Ink $800
Charles Schroeder

Hearts in Flight
16x16, Mixed Media $250
Denise Scripter

Horseshoe Falls Grotto
8x10, Photography $125
Leanna Springer

Angled Rocks
8x10, Photography $125
Leanna Springer

Dockside at Dusk with Madeline
8x10, Photography $125
Leanna Springer

Woodland Walk
16x24, Photography $175
Bob Stelick

67 Galaxy
12x24, Photography $175
Gail Stelick

Silent Thoughts
16x20, Photography $175
Gail Stelick

Winter Branch
8x10, Photography $25
Katherine V. Stevens

Train Tressel Gila River
12x14, Photography $150
Joseph Szatkowski

Underwater View
23x23, Acrylic $150
Chad Szatkowski

field of broken dreams
11x14, Photography $150
thane whitscell

the face of breast cancer
11x14, Photography $175.00
thane whitscell