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Beauty Mark
96x96x25, English Paper Porcelain, Gold Luster, and Multi Me $6000
Lauren Baird

Archaic Covered Jar
5x14x4, Clay $210
Michael Bradley

Grief: Pulse, Orlando- a book of cups
8x5x6, Ceramic and Cedar $105
Hanna Eastin

We are 138
56x48x12, Cast Iron and Steel $1000
Tobias Flores

Will You Be Home For Tea?
10x36x11, Clay $1250
Sheldon Ganstrom

Blue Bell(e): Aimee
70x34x34, Clay $5000
Linda Ganstrom

Circuitry Specimen Sections
32x30x16, Terra Blanc Paper Clay, Stains, Glazes, Acrylic Wa $450
Eleanor Heimbaugh

Prairie Burning II
15x25, fiber / mixed media $950
Tom and Susan Hoisington

The Great Nets Of Autumn Are Cast Over the Landscape
15x12x14, Mixed Media $450
Jane Marie

Drinks for Twelve
15x5x6, Earthenware fired to Cone 03 $150
Laura Nave

Fetish Jar 106
10x25x10, Clay $1100
Larry Peters

Circumference 9
15x10, weaving, embroidery, hand dyed bamboo $400
Amy Schmierbach

Dendritic Agate Box
3x1x2, Sterling silver, dendritic agate $500
Taylor Sijan

Set of Soup Bowls
7x3x5, Clay $68
Liz Vukelich