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Taos Pueblo No. 3
12x16, Water Media Monotype $450
Heather G. Abrams

Vibrant Harmony
28x22, Watercolor $650
Barbara Bickford

25x16, Gouache $1200
Joyce Cabral

Quite Cove
15x21, Watercolor $650
Patrice Downes Centore

Snow Melt
18x13, Watercolor $800
David Colon Jr.

Low Tech
15x19, Watercolor $800
David Colon Jr.

Montana Pronghorn
21x17, Watercolor $600
Brenda Cretney

Torrid Zone
11x11, Acrylic $350
Sandra De Visser

Glee Club
32x22, Watercolor $950
Martha M. Deming

The Radiance of HisCreation
24x30, Watercolor $925
joanne destefano

Rushing Moose River
18x23, Watercolor $500
Judy Dimbleby

Afternoon Delight
11x14, Watercolor $350
Donna Egan

Tres Peppers
10x12, Watercolor $350
Bonnie Goetzke

Emerging Peppers
10x12, Gouache $350
Bonnie Goetzke

Hibiscus Coming & Going
11x15, Watercolor $300
Judith Hand

19x24, Watercolor on Yup[ $400
Judith Hand

Celestial Glow
20x26, Acrylic $500
Karen Harris

The El
18x13, Watercolor $500
Doug Jamieson

29x22, Acrylic $800
Barbara Kellogg

Blackbird's Kingdom
14x11, Watercolor $450
Katharine Kernan

Day After
18x24, Watercolor $NFS
Jeanne Lampson

Berners guard the windblown nest
11x14, Watercolor $395
Loretta Lepkowski

Tap Tap Dance
26x22, Watercolor $800
Pamela Lynch

13x18, Watercolor $700
Jean Madden

13x16, Watercolor $400
Jean Madden

15x20, Watercolor $500
Geraldine Meday

DC Cherry Blossom Demo
16x20, Watercolor $400
Susan Murphy

Pause between Sets
24x30, Watercolor $500
Susan Murphy

If These Walls Could Talk
22x15, Watercolor $550
Mary P. Murphy

Ocean Cliff
12x16, Watercolor $230
Cynthia Parish

Rose of Sharon
27x21, Watercolor $1200
Ceil Pigula

Casino II
20x24, Watercolor & Gouache $650
Richard Price

Wrap it Up
8x10, Watercolor $275
Lynne Reichhart

November Skies
14 x 21, Watercolor $400
Sally Stormon

power of the keys
22x30, Watercolor $1200
Jane grace Taylor

Maine Coast Seaweed
12x17, Watercolor $279
Katie Turner

Start at the Top
21.5 x 14, Watercolor $1000
Lorraine VanHatten

Waiting Outside the Museum Shop
14 x 21.5, Watercolor $1000
Lorraine VanHatten