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New York City III
19x13, Acrylic on Paper $650
Eva Albert

38x48, Acrylic $3100
Eva Albert

White Chair
12x16, Oil $1000

20x30, Woodcut Print on Japanese Rice Paper $1000

11x16, monotype with mica $250
Jill Cliffer Baratta

36x24, Acrylic $4400
Joanne Beaule Ruggles

36x24, Acrylic $4400
Joanne Beaule Ruggles

Untitled (Reflection)
30x24, Oil, pigment stick, oil pastel on canvas $1000
S Benhaim

A Mother's Dream of a better World
30x40, Acrylic $1000
Cindy Billingsley

Screech owl
20x16, Acrylic $800
Cindy Billingsley

18x24, Acrylic $950
Amalia Brujis

Roots and Ruins
16x24, mixed media diptych - 2 panels, each 16 x 12 $500
Robin Colodzin

Night Falls
16x16, Mixed Media $400
Robin Colodzin

Times Square
6x6, Embroidered Collage $900
Carol Dixon

Que Sera Sera
30x36, oil on board $8100
Eddi Fleming

What My Sisters Wrote
22x30, paper lithograph with graphite and gouache $1500
Lucy Gans

Harvest Blues
11x14, Watercolor $900
Judi Gilden

Glacier Landscape, Iceland
24x30, Watercolor $1400
Lisa Goren

Entanglement 23
10x10, Encaustic and graphite $1200
Elizabeth Harris

Entanglement 3
36x48, Encaustic $4800
Elizabeth Harris

Lotus Pond
9x12, monotype $709
Natalia Koren Kropf

everything touches everything 40
30x22, monotype $1100
baila litton

24x24, Acrylic $500
Carolyn McLeod

Teaching Jim Dine
36x46, Mixed Media $1926
Margaret Minardi

38x30, Mixed Media $1800
Margaret Minardi

Burst of Spring
9x12, sumi ink & watercolor
Linda Mulhauser

Constellation Canes Venatici
30x24, Oil $12000
Irene Nedelay

Alleviation of Sorrow
30x24, Oil $12000
Irene Nedelay

10x8, Graphite on cream paper $2300
Carol A. O'Neill

Palm Lines
10x8, Graphite on cream paper $2300
Carol A. O'Neill

coming home, to yourself
16x20, Oil $1500
Suh Park

Healing water
16x20, oil + encaustic $3000
Suh Park

Autumn Has Arrived
28x22, Watercolor $1200
Olive Reich

Royal Center
30x30, Acrylic $1800
Diane Salamon

On the contrary
18x18, Mixed Media $420
Mira Satryan

A Little Place
20x20, Acrylic $2500
Mary Lou Siefker

16x20, Acrylic $500
Michiko Smith

7.25 x 10.75, colored pencil $1000
Linda Snider-Ward

Twisted Trees
9.5 x 14.5, colored pencil $1000
Linda Snider-Ward

One Summer Day, I Remember
18x24, Oil $394
Esther Sternberg

14x18, Acrylic on canvas $1360
Atanaska Tassart

Cosm #27 Fancies
24x30, Acrylic & modeling paste on wood panel $1800
Leslie Tejada

Cosm #43 Sans Souci
40x30, Acrylic, modeling paste & collage on wood panel $2800
Leslie Tejada

No more baggage, let it go
11x14, Collage, coffee wash and charcoal $600
Gabrielle Tsounis

W. N.Y. View
32x30, Oil $3500
Laurie Weber

T. W. Reflection
30x32, Oil $3500
Laurie Weber

Trail Dog
9x12, Soft Pastel $2500
Barbara Kitty Williams

Drama Queen
9x12, Soft Pastel $650
Barbara Kitty Williams

Enchanted Peacocks
31x36, Oil on Canvas $10000
Seeroon Yeretzian

Auto Portrait
36x36, Oil on Canvas $
Seeroon Yeretzian