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Azucena-berry picking
8x11, Digital $150
Amy Andujar

Creme de la creme
10x10, Photography $125
Kathleen Arnold

Picnic Salad
8x8, Mixed Media $125
Lauri Baram

Titanium white
12x12, Acrylic $300
Linda Batchelor

Lunch al fresco
11x14, Photography $95
Tiina Bockrath

16x20, Oil $350
Robert Bode

Heavy Clouds 6352
15x10, Photography $162.00
Janene Bouck

Barn without Goats 6797
15x10, Photography $162.00
Janene Bouck

Carrots and Peppers
16x20, Watercolor $500
Deborah Deming

Jimmy Creek
20x16, Soft Pastel $600
Constance A. Dodge

Lunch at Nathans
18x24, Acrylic $375
Phyllis Duffy

8x8, Digital $150
Katherine Ehle

Tree of Knowledge
10x10, pen, marker, stitching on fabric $85
Kathryn Greenwold

Dinner on the Run
11x14, Watercolor $85
Cheryl Gutmaker

Fruit Totem with Cinnamon Stick
27x27, Watercolor $500
Barbara Harshman

Sandwich with Bacon and Avocado
30x30, Oil $850
Barbara Harshman

29.5x9, Digital $500
Nicole Hauser

Sophia's Garden
24x30, Oil $1100
Alexandra Higgins

Hot Artichokes
11x11, Digital $250
Linda Hinkle

Adirondack Beach Cocktails
13x10.25, Digital $175
Linda Hinkle

Autumn Harvest III
17.5x13.5, collage $210
Virginia Hoeppner

Garden Walkway, PA
11x14, Acrylic $400
Justin Janik

With Butter and Syrup
9x12, Acrylic $150
Nancie Johnson

Fresh Sardines
24x24, Oil $400
Carolyn Kibbe

12x21, Mixed Media $300
Linda Kollar

Lake Greens
11x14, Oil $550.
Marion Kratky

Summer Bounty
8x10, Acrylic $95
Leena Kutti

Inspired By Renoir
9 x 12, Soft Pastel $250
Phyllis Lapi

No Passage
12x16, Oil $1800
Ann Larsen

Life on the Dunes
15x10.5, Infrared Photography $195
Gary Larsen

Earth... Sea... Sky
12x8, Infrared Photography $175
Gary Larsen

Filled With Sunlight
19.5x14, Batik $450
Carol Law Conklin

The Getaway
12x18, Oil $800
Jeremy Lebediker

18x24, Ink $130
Maria Licciardi

Drippy Cake
11x14, Mixed Media $60
Caroline Locatelli

Chocolate Chip Cookie Tower
6x6, Illustration $20
Caroline Locatelli

Schoharie Spring
16x20, Soft Pastel $800
Patrice Lorenz

Pavlova's meringue
8.25x11, mixed media $280
patrice Malatestinic

Just Cry and S-scape
24x20, Acrylic $NFS450
Maryanne Malecki

Sunset on the Farm
9x20, Watercolor $300
John Morrette

Red Delicious
11x14, Oil $350
John Mraz

Tutti Frutti
14 x 11, Pencil $450.
Lynda Naske

Portabello Mushrooms
9x12, pen, ink, ink wash $NFS300
Christian O'Callaghan

20x24, Oil $425
Ellen Rae Panero

Verdant Fruits
11x14, Photography $350
Sandra Peters

Lady Gwen
5.5x3x5.25, Wood& acrylic paint $450
Paul Petrie Jr.

Copper Flute Too
4.25x8.5x3.25, Wood & copper leaf $500
Paul Petrie Jr.

Watchful American Icon
9x12, Acrylic $120
Betty Pieper

24x30, Oil $600
Timothy Prendergast

Three Sisters
3 - 6x6 panels, mixed media
Patricia Purtell

Eggs And Stoneware
5x7, Watercolor $125
Joanne C. Resch

Mexican Restaurant
8x10, Photography $125
Halldor Sigurdsson

Fresh Fare
14x18, fiber $100
Jo Weatherwax

Angel Hair
18x12.25, Pigment print of photograph $150
Harry Wirtz