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Jungle Sunrise
18x24, Pastel $$900
Gretchen Acharya

Jitter Bug
16x20, Pastel $750
Cliff Austin

All That Jazz
24x12, Pastel $800
Cliff Austin

St. Lucia Fisherman
11 7/8" x 15", Pastel $$600
Joanna Bearden

12x16, Pastel $700.00
rosalie beck

16x20, Pastel $1850
Nancy Bozeman

Canyon Splendor
8x10, Pastel $950.00
Nancy Bozeman

Willamette Crossing
9x12, Pastel $850
Vicki Brink

Afternoon Path
18x24, Pastel $750
Rosemarie Caffarelli

22x30, Pastel $1,550
Jane Christie

Autumn's Pleasure's
30x22, Pastel $1,550
Jane Christie

22x30, Pastel $1,550
Jane Christie

Barn in Winter
9x12, Pastel $375
Barbara Churchley

Water For Summwe
9x12, Pastel $325
Maggie Cook

Ahead of the Storm
14X19, Pastel $1000
Penny Creasy

Rocky Mountain Summit
16X21, Pastel $$1,000
Penny Creasy

Path to Joy
8" x 11", Pastel $550.00
Lamya Deeb

The North Side
8.5" x 11.5", Pastel $550.00
Lamya Deeb

Prospect Ponds at Sunset
14 x 18, Pastel $675.00
Diane Edwards

Morning Light, the Yellow Place
16x20, Pastel $1200.
Diane Fechenbach

Canyon Rocks
12x10, Pastel $800.00
Diane Fechenbach

A Little Sun
16X20, Pastel $1800
teri gortmaker

Castle Valley
9x12, Pastel $600
Bonnie Griffith

Pond In Plein Air
12x12, Pastel $700
Bonnie Griffith

Vista Blanca (from Gaucin, Spain, out toward Africa)
10x13, pastel with watercolor underpainting $$375
John Haile

16x20, Pastel $$ 1200
Tracy Haines

O'er Wandering Brooks
18x24, Pastel $$ 1500
Tracy Haines

Allahpattah #2
9x12, Pastel $$750
Ray Hassard

Allahpatta #4
9x12, Pastel $$750.
Ray Hassard

Range Rover #1
21 x 31, Pastel $1100.
Colleen Hoerner

Passion Flower #2
19 x 19, Pastel $900.
Colleen Hoerner

A Dramatic Flair
20x24, Pastel $$2200
Gary Huber

Peaceful Meanders
18x14, Pastel $$1200
Gary Huber

Coming Home
10 x 11", Pastel $$695
Cal Johnson

16.25x10.5, Pastel $1250.0
Jim Kallenbach

The Spirit Remains
27.25x16.25, Pastel $1250.0
Jim Kallenbach

The Young Knight
24" x 20", Pastel $$700
Tricia Kaman

Study for My Madonna
18x18, Pastel $2800
Deb Kaylor

Empress of the Glassware
11x14, Pastel $$950
Martin Lambuth

14x18, Pastel $$5,500
Martin Lambuth

10 X 25, Pastel $550.00
Evalynne McDougall

The Scars We Wear
32x36, Pastel $$2400
Julianne Miller

Serenity on the Marsh
16x16, Pastel $1195
Eve Miller

Evening at Desert View, Grand Canyon
22x30, Pastel $$3,600
Jan Myers

20X34, Pastel $650
Cherie Nobilette

Autumn At The Lair
12 x 18, Pastel $525
Christina Orlikowski

Winter Shadwos
18x24, Pastel $975
Christina Orlikowski

moon on the Madison
12x16, Pastel $$500
Margie Palmer

Hawai'ian Red Lehua Blossoms
13x29, Pastel $950.00
Vicki Penney-Rohner

10x13, Pastel $400
Alberto Piedra Fernandez

Falling Down Adobe
8x10, Pastel $$375
Gail Posner

Dogwood Path
12x16, Pastel $$750
Mike Ray

Morrison Ranch
12x16, Pastel $$750
Mike Ray

Cross Contours
11x14, Pastel $$495
Jeanie Schlump

Kolrabi and Turnips
12x27 inches, Pastel $1800
Linda Schneider

Spring Calf
9x9, Pastel $$ 350.
Laura Sherman

Zion Narrows
12x16, Pastel $575
Sherry Sherman

Chama Afternoon
15x30, Pastel $$1000
Nancy Silvia

Scalloped Squash
11 inches ht x 12 3/4 inches wide, Pastel $$575
Laurie Sorkin

Native Land
19x25, Pastel $$1200
Marilyn St Clair

Winter Willows II
11x13 1/4, Pastel $595.00
Cynthia Underwood

Robin's Nest
11x11 1/2, Pastel $575.00
Cynthia Underwood

September Meditation
16 x 20, Pastel $$1100
Virginia Unseld

Not My Garden
16x 20, Pastel $1100
Virginia Unseld

The Bugle
11x14, Pastel $$350
Tina Belle Valdiserri

Up Ophir Pass
11x14, Pastel $$700
Nancy Wylie

Roxborough Walk
12x18, Pastel $$825
Nancy Wylie