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The Long Road
8x10, Watercolor $200
Shari Abelson

The little death III
40x30, Mixed Media $2000
Denise Adler

Kinetic Perception
36x12, Acrylic $6780
Elizabeth Agresta

8x10x8, Earthenware and cast encaustic $1200
Corina Alvarezdelugo

Winter Poppies
16x16, Encaustic, oil, nail and carborundum $450
Amy Arledge

24 x 36, Oil $950
Laurie S Auth

Scraps of Life
18x24, Watercolor $NFS500
Sandra Baker

Mixing Bowl 2
x, Gouache $1800
Arista Baltronis

Water + Linen 2
48x38, Oil $3000
Laura Barr

Water + Linen 3
48x38, Oil $3000
Laura Barr

Tea with H.F. at Three ~ Winterthur
24x18, Oil $6400
Brenda L Bechtel

The Ocean Sings to my Soul
16x12, Oil $3200
Brenda L Bechtel

Portrait of a Model: Empress
18x24, Oil $3200
Peg Benison

The Hour of the Wave
18x24, Oil $700
Sandra Bertrand

Wish You Were Here
24x24, Oil $1200
Ellie Boyd

The Bloom
16x16, Oil & Cold Wax $700
Diane Brown

10x8, Oil & Cold Wax (Mixed Media) $575
Diane Brown

Good Hair
36x48, Oil $8000
Nina Buxenbaum

Great Head Trail
31x25, Mixed Media $600
Diane Cadrain

Suburbia Pink Night
36x72, woodcut on Japanese paper $7000
Helen Cantrell

Grand Central
14x11, Oil $400
Eileen Carey

Gathering II
7x10, Monotype $500
Jeanne Ciravolo

21x16, Oil $4,500
Sally Cochrane

Dreamscape 1
36x36, Mixed Media $2200
Heidi Lewis Coleman

Dreamscape 2
36x36, Mixed Media $2200
Heidi Lewis Coleman

6x4, Linocut $200
Liz Coolidge

prime undercurrents
20x60, Acrylic $2800
Cynthia Cooper

meaning of clouds
40x30, mixed media $1450
Cynthia Cooper

By The Stream
9x12, Oil $1000
Patricia Corbett

Ah! To Be All Alone
10x16, Oil $1200
Patricia Corbett

Butterfly at Rest
48x24, Acrylic with India Ink $2800
Rosemary Cotnoir

El Nino
32x68, Acrylic $5300
Rosemary Cotnoir

Pink and Red Tulips
11x14, Oil $900
Katie Darby Slater

Long Day
10x8, Photography $125
Marie Daumy

Adironack Falls
11x14, Oil $650
randi davis

The West Village
30x40, Oil $12000
randi davis

10x11, Monoprint $300
Carol DeBerry

15x11, Monotype $
Carol DeBerry

golden apples of the sun
20 x 5 x 6", Bronze $9500
JC Dellenbaugh

Affirmative Actions
19x17, Fiber/Bead Embroidery $4800
Peggy Dembicer

22x22, Bead Mosaic $6000
Peggy Dembicer

16x20, Oil $925
Linda DeStefanis

Lotus Rising
18x24, Oil $1069
Linda DeStefanis

36x36, Oil $5901
ganga duleep

Nautilis X Ray
12x12, Photography $195
Carol Dunn

after the storm
18x12, infrared photo $399
jacquelyn etling

The Catch
36x48, Oil $2300
Jessica Fallis

Water Abstract
20 x 30, Photography $750
Megan Ferrell

tango #57
19x25, ink,litho crayon, graphite $1700
kathleen florance

12x16, WoodBlock Print $550
Diane Francis

24x24, Acrylic $659
Denise Gaffney Hartz

24x24, Acrylic $650
Denise Gaffney Hartz

Desert Tree Bark
8x8, Photography $175
Jean Galli

Abstract 6
10x8, Photography $120
Ellen Gaube

30x40, Oil $3500
Viorica Ghetu-Vuono

40x50, Oil Pastel on Paper $3500
Francine Gintoff

Still Life with Chinese Vase and Mandarins
16x20, Oil $1250
Yana Golikova

14x18, Oil $1150
Yana Golikova

36x12, Acrylic $
Makayla Gray

Innocence: Charm
18x18, graphite $1500
Nancy L. Greco

24x30, Acrylic $NFS (VALUE: 1900)
Barbara Hawes

Three Roses and a Bud
12x18, Photography $500
Jean Henderson

A Touch of Monet
12x18, Photography $500
Jean Henderson

The Harvest
8x10, Soft Pastel $400
marianne holtermann

36x24, Oil $2800
Joan Jardine

Costa Rica #1
24x60, Acrylic $300
Katie Jurkiewicz

20x20, Mixed Media $450
Susan Scott Kenney

Watching the Fishies
30x30, Mixed Media $2000
Lesley Koenig

16x16, Oil, Sand and Wires $1200
Michele Krauss

Autumn Glow
24x36, Oil $3500
Dimitrina Kutriansky

8x10, Photography $
Grace LaFreniere

16x20, Photo Montage $525
LInda Lancz

16x20, Mixed Media $525
LInda Lancz

17x5x5, white stoneware, cone10 reduction $NFS (Ins. Value: $350)
Lori Lapin

Still Life with Bird and Pear
30x45, Monotype with Mixed Media $2800
Nancy Lasar

Remembered Melodies
16x20, Monotype $650
Estelle Laschever

3 Peaches
9x12, egg tempera $2500
Marny Lawton

Surf IV
24x30, Oil $3300
Roxann Leibenhaut

20x16, Oil $850
Mary Leonard

40x40, Acrylic $2500
suzanne levy

46x36, Acrylic $3000
suzanne levy

40x32, Soft Pastel $3200
Gigi Horr Liverant

Light At The End
40x28, Charcoal $900
Jessica Loy

Drawing 32 Ink Lotka Paper 2014 22x30_
22x30, Ink on Lotka Paper $1500
Ellen Mason

Drawing 35 Pastel on Lotka Paper 2014 22x30 _
22x30, Pastel on Lotka Paper $1500
Ellen Mason

Portal #5
11x14, Oil $550
molly mcdonald

16x20, Oil $900
Judith Meyers

Blue Drapery
30x22, Gouache on Paper in Hand Painted Frame $8000
Ruane Miller

Foxglove and Feverfew
12x24, Oil $1800
Mary Anne Miller

Courtyard at Cappadocia Caves #3
27x28, Mixed Media $850
Clara Nartey

Joan In The Walnut Canopy
36x60, Oil, Collage, and Gold Candy Wrapper Foil on Canva $2350
Elizabeth Noble

dancer 3
46x60, Mixed Media $8000
Randi Nussbaum

Morning Color
12x16, Oil $1000
Donna Nyzio

The Frog Prince
12x12, Oil $495
Patricia O'Brien

18x13, Photography $350
Nancy Oates

Buzzing Field
22x28, Oil $1400
linda peduzzi

The Psychopomp Hades
36x23x, Clay $4500
Gina Piccirilli Hayden

Early Morning
11x14, Photography $198
Cheryl Prevost

Silently With Purpose
18x14, Photography $200
Cheryl Prevost

Tree Rings XVII
30x24, Oil on Canvas $350
Marita Putetti

Celadine Poppy
24x18, Acrylic $500
Kerri Quirk

48x48, Oil $3800
Shilo Ratner

Aerial View Florida Coast
60x48, Oil $3200
Lisa Reindorf

The Overlook
36x24, Oil on aluminum $1900
Janine Robertson

Reaching Blue
24x24, Oil on Copper $1600
Janine Robertson

Thelma and Louise/ Starry Night
20x16, Acrylic $
Ann Rosebrooks

36x36, Acrylic $1000
Nancy Rosen

Pineapple Wallpaper and the Irish Setter
12x9, Watercolor $550
Lydia M. E. Schrader

18x13, Ink & Watercolor $400
Judith Schutzman

Blue Weather Vessel
8x9x5, Clay $75
Lynne Scullion

Clown fish and sea anemone
20x24, On linen $4000
Mara Sfara

data drawing #29 SAINT JUDE
12x12, Mixed Media $2000
Pamela Shipley

A Garden in Upstate New York
30x20, Acrylic $900
Clarice Shirvell

14x11, Mixed Media $550
Linda F Sicher

Entente Cordiale
75x45, Acrylic on Linen $40000
Marlene Siff

Geared Up
9x10, monotype collage $300
michele sinkez

Final Resting Place
40x37, Fiber/photo $350
Catherine Smith

First We Start With The Feathers
9x19x12, Porcelain $3500
Barbara Smith

Tangled #10
24x48, Acrylic $2200
Marjorie Sopkin

Summer Light
8x10, Scratchboard $250
Suzanne Starr

Chasing Seagulls
16x20, Oil $850
Georgia Stathoulas

12x12, Oil $1200
Pamela Stolz

Marsh Kaleidoscope #4
60 x 40, Oil $16000
pamela r tarbell

Marsh Kaleidoscope #1
60 x 40, Oil $16000
pamela r tarbell

Little Black Dress
25x20, Femmage with decorative rice paper, printed elemen $1800

Get Down With
19x28, flower piment, ashes, bark, ink $1000
Jessica Wagner

Ticket to Ride
28x7, Mixed Media $
june webster

Landscape #105
30x23, monotype $800
NC whitcher

the light
18x24, Photography $399
julie whitcher-ott

La Cocina
24x36, Archival Digital Photography $1100
Karin Whittemore

The Good Boy
26x17, archival Digital Photography $695
Karin Whittemore

18x18x3, Mixed Media $650
Diane Wright

Great Vessel1
21x13x13 inches, Clay $1400.
Joan Zagrobelny

Cathedral of Wishes
12x60x12, Tree branches, brass wire, tree stump, birds nest, $750
virginia Zimmermann