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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

The Twins
12x12, Oil on plaster, model paste, fabric, and canvas. $750
Alicia Afonso

54x52, fiber art $3700
Nancy Bardach

Fold up the Tent
34x22, acrylic and ink on cotton, constructed on wood fra $1500.
Christine Barney

10x15, glass $9500
Christine Barney

Early Morning Walk in the Snow
17x25, Woodcut on Japanese paper $450
Kraig Binkowski

Breaking Dawn
6x8, Acrylic $500
Dawn Bisharat

Morning Solitude
6x8, Foggy morning sunrise $500
Dawn Bisharat

Little Bird
11x14, Ink $375
Amy Elise Brownstein

24x30, Acrylic $1500
Jill Butcher

Introspection Surrender
60x48, Acrylic Medium and Mixed Media $4500
William Butcher III

Young Year
24x24, Oil $1500
Patricia Carrigan

Full Plate 2
9x11, Mixed Media $375
Eileen Cassidy

Egyptian Walking Onions
16x16, archival pigment print $500
Liz Celotto

Reasons Unknown
15x15, Pen and Ink $NFS
Jeanette Compton

Mobius I
36x36, Acrylic $3000
Douglas Deveny

Alone With Her Thoughts
14x10, Photograph $450
John Diephouse

24x24, Encaustic and fabric on wood panel $1000
Laurie Douglas

Morning Dew
12x9, Altered Photograph $175
Carol Dunn

Mobius Platter
2.75x13x, Porcelain w/black undergaze design. $330
Joan Emmet

7x14x14, White stoneware $425
Joan Emmet

Monster Roll Bowl
7x14x10, Porcelain w/black undergaze design. $400
Joan Emmet

Spring Marsh
30x30, oil on canvas $1,200
Susan Fehlinger

Trail Mix
12x16, Photography $400
Jim Fiora

Tree of Enlightenment
48x24, Acrylic and oxidized copper on wood panel $2000
Marc Fisher

9x9, Charcoal on paper $900
Melissa Gold Fournier

Emily with Grandpa
8x10, silver gelatin print $200
Kathryn Frederick

Incoming Tide
14x9, Photography $450
Robert Giannotti

Morning in the Jungle
14x9, Photography $450
Robert Giannotti

Generation Shifts
11x6x5, Stoneware ceramic $1200
Danielle Giroux

Subdivision 20231002_071854b
16x16, archival inkjet print $300
Dan Gries

16x10x10, Mixed - Nails, paint, Styro pumpkin, Glass, LED c $789.

Beetroot Poodle
11x15, Acrylic, India Ink, Charcoal, Oil and Chalk pastel $200
Jessica Hughes

Teresa's Wind Chime
28x15, watercolor $3400
Earl Grenville Killeen

Pandora's Box 25
20.7x15.5x18, Wood-stained & painted $490

Pandora's Box 22
17.5x18x11.5, Wood-stained & painted $490

12x24, Oil $1500
Ava Lambert

Tuesday Morning
32x40, Soft Pastel $
Gigi Horr Liverant

my pal foot foot
24x36, Acrylic $$700
looketha Marcella Kurowski-Cavaliere

30x22, watercolor, metallic paint $3500
Nancy Moore

Desert Bloom
12x20, Color photographic print on archival paper $995
Paul M Murray

Organic Vodka
24x24, Panel $1995
Greg Navratil

Time III
10x10, Mixed Media $400
Heather Neilson

Time I
10x10, Mixed Media $400
Heather Neilson

Time II
10x10, Mixed Media $400
Heather Neilson

Behind the Veil of Reality: Interdependent Co-Arising
19x24, Mixed Media $3000
Ava Orphanoudakis

Covering up Noise
36x36, Acrylic $2,500
Casey Orsini

Family at work, Urbavore Farm, Kansas City
22x27, Photography $1750
David Ottenstein

Color by Number
14x7x7, White earthenware with glaze pencil and underglaze $1150
Alexander Pope

The Fall Of Man
46x50, Latex and acrylic paint $6675
Gerald Saladyga

26x21, charcoal and pastel on vellum $250
Jean Scott

Caps of the Woodland Symphony
x12, Photography $50
Ashley Smith

Summer Walking Chair
82x20x21, mixed - salvaged objects $2000
Lindsay Suter

Blue on Blue
10x10, Encaustic, shellac $225
Karen Vradenburg


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