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Flaky Scratch Biscuits
16x23x3.5, Mixed Media $500
Ryan Blair

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14x24x8, wood, found objects, preserved biscuits $500
Bruce Bunting

Knead for Speed
10x10x6, Biscuits and Found Objects $500
Bill Cook, Jr.

Biscuits in Chocolate Sauce
24x18, Soft Pastel $500
Michele Cox

Rolling Out the Dough
5x21x3, Wood with Acrylic Paint $180
Meggin Davenport

WPA Biscuit Poster
17x12, Soft Pastel $475
Keith Demanche

You're My Sweet Honey Biscuit
18x14, Acrylic $1400
Jillie Eves

Biscuits of Divinity
28x22, Stained Glass with Digital Photography $375
Silas Grimes

22x10, Linocut Print on Rice Paper Encaustic $300
Sue Hansen

Let's Share
11x14, Paper mache, watercolor, fabric $250
Cynthia Latimer

Right Out of the Oven
11x14, Watercolor $350
Cynthia Latimer

Alternate view of Let's Share
11x14, Mixed Media $250
Cynthia Latimer

Biscuits with Red Eye Gravy and Country Ham
8.75x4x5, Metal, Plastic, Paper, Sculpey for sculpted items $333
Amabile Milano

Biscuit - A Romance
9.5x8.5x5.5, Original art bookcover and folded paper $125
Rita Nabors

Our Nest Is Blessed
9.5x13.5, Acrylic $125
Rita Nabors

Praise the Lord Eat a Biscuit!
8x10, Photography $95
Carrie Pendergrass

The Golden Meaning
12x16, Monoprint $295
Carrie Pendergrass

Queen B
6.75x6.75, Mixed Media $40
Elizabeth Porter

One Blue One
8x10, monoprint & watercolor $50
Caitlin Seidler

Baking a Murderer FIN
16x24, Photography $100
Summer Wade

Baking a Murderer Act II
16x24, Photography $100
Summer Wade

Baking a Murderer Act I
16x24, Photography $100
Summer Wade

Portrait Untitled 52
21x28, oil paint, gold and copper leaf $500
Julia Widby

The Tennessee Biscuit Hall of Fame
23x29, Gouche and Ink $750
Paris Woodhull

Scan of Artwork for Reference
23x29, Gouche and Ink $750
Paris Woodhull