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Lathyrus odoratus
21x13, watercolor $7500
Milly Acharya

Miscanthus sinensis
21x13, watercolor $6500
Milly Acharya

Mammoth Seed Head
12x12, Watercolor $NFS999
Carol Ashton-Hergenhan

Ficus carica (Brown Turkey fig)
11x14, colored pencil $890
Cristina Baltayian

Pinus jeffreyi
13.5x10.5, Watercolor $NFS1400
Bonnie Bonner

Sweet Briar Rose
10.5x13.5, Watercolor $1100
Margret Bowman

Douglas Fir Cones
13.5x10.5, Watercolor $1300
Margret Bowman

Pseudobombax ellipticum
11x14, Watercolor and colored pencil $1500
Melanie Campbell-Carter

Duabanga grandiflora
12x16, Watercolor and colored pencil $1200
Melanie Campbell-Carter

Common Persimmon, Diospyros virginiana
11x9, Watercolor $500
Karen Coleman

Avicennia germinans; California Academy of Sciences illustration detail
10.25x12.25, Ink $300
Tom Davis

Iris Kings Ransom
18x24, Watercolor $1500
Catherine Dellor

Prickly Poppy - Argemone pleicantha
14x11, Colored pencil $1000
Dorothy Depaulo

Gray Pine
21x17, Gouache $2200
Carrie Di Costanzo

Sugar Pine
17x12, Oil on Paper $1800
Carrie Di Costanzo

Desiccated Leaf -- Acer sp.
10x7, Watercolor on Vellum $1200
Jean Emmons

Hippeastrum Aphrodite
17.75x21.75, Oil on paper $3000
Ingrid Finnan

Two Red Tulips
18.5x14, Oil on paper $2600
Ingrid Finnan

Rosa Fortune's Double Yellow
12x15, Watercolor $2500
Maria Cecilia Freeman

Tolumnia sp - Orchid
12x20, Watercolor $NFS
Janet Goltz

Wilsonia oporta - Burgundy Bliss Orchid
20x14, Watercolor $NFS500
Janet Goltz

Paeonia sp
14x13, Watercolor $900
Jane Hancock

Lichen on Walnut Branch
11x15, Watercolor $NFS400
Peggy Irvine

Shen Hei Zi Peony
15x11.5, Watercolor $NFS900
Susan Jaekel

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
12.25x9, watercolor $1400
Rose Marie James

California fuchsia (Epilobium canum)
11.3x8, Watercolor
Eliza Jewett

Mathiasella II
14x10.5, Watercolor on Vellum $NFS3000
Leah Kaizer

3x3.5, Watercolor on Vellum $NFS2000
Leah Kaizer

Odontoglossum/Oncidium sp
16x13, Watercolor $1000
Joan Keesey

10x12, Pencil $695
Nancy Wheeler Klippert

Trifoliate Orange
7x5, Colored Pencil $950
Victoria A. Kochergin

Delibes Dafffodil
13x10, Watercolor $1800
Lee McCaffree

Franklinia Altamaha
9.5x15.2, watercolor on Vellum $4000
Dorothy McCauley

Cucurbita pepo, gremlin gourd
8x8, colored pencil and graphite $NFS
Tammy McEntee

Satsuma tangerine
4.25x5.5, Colored pencil on gray paper $NFS
Tammy McEntee

7.5x6, Pencil $850
Carrie Megan

Trumpet Creeper
16x11, Watercolor $750
Steve Morris

Magnolia Seed Pods
13x11.5, Watercolor $5000
Sharron ONeil

Sunflower Seed Pod
12.5x12.5, Watercolor $12000
Sharron ONeil

Fuyu Persimmons
6.5x9, Watercolor $NFS200
Judy Paris

Rattlesnake Orchid, Goodyera oblongifolia
19x14, Colored Pencil $1000
Janet Parker

King of Tompkins County Apple
15x11, Watercolor $NFS900
Sally Petru

Fresh Ginger - Zingiberaceae
10x7.5, Watercolor on Vellum $1500
Linda Powers

Wild Crafted Onions
10.5x8, Watercolor on Vellum $1700
Linda Powers

Bulrush Grass
10x12, Watercolor $1200
Lynne Railsback

9x12, Watercolor $1200
Lynne Railsback

15x18, Watercolor $2000
Jeanne Reiner

Ornamental Cabbage
9x12, Carbon Dust $1200
Jeanne Reiner

Bud burst, Aesculus x ambigua
6.5x8, Watercolor $NFS350
Barbara Rose

Buckeye pod, Aesculus glabra
17.5x16, Watercolor $500
Barbara Rose

14x11, Watercolor
Mitsuko Schultz

Camellia reticulata 'Pleasant Memories'
18x11, Watercolor $1600
Gilly Shaeffer

Camellia reticulata 'Mouchang'
18x11, Watercolor $1600
Gilly Shaeffer

Checkerbloom, Point Reyes National Seashore - Sidalcea malviflora
8x10, Colored Pencil on Film $1200
Vi Strain

Pink Bottle Brush - Callistemon 'Cane's Hybrid'
12x8, Colored Pencil on Film $1500
Vi Strain

Dudleya greenei
11x14, Watercolor $NFS500
Ellie Yun-Hui Tu

Yellow Safflower
11x14, Watercolor $NFS500
Ellie Yun-Hui Tu

Saintpaulia African Violet
7.75x9.75, Watercolor $650
Faye Van Wert

Sunflower Arising
14.25x15.5, Watercolor & gouache on paper $2500
Jeannetta vanRaalte

Vidalia Onion
12x10.5, Watercolor & gouache on paper $1500
Jeannetta vanRaalte

Quercus garryana (Garry Oak)
9.5x7, watercolor on vellum $950
Janene Walkky

Clematis Jackmanii
12x16, Watercolor $NFS
Catherine Watters

Oriental Orchid Bouquet
10.2x14.2, Ink $2800
Esmee Winkel Winkel

Annonaceae Monanthotaxis paniculata
14.2x10.2, Ink $NFS
Esmee Winkel Winkel

Phragmipedium Nicole Tower
9x13, watercolor on vellum $2800
Carol Woodin