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Out of Reach
96x60x24, Ceramic,Paper, and Fiber $5000
Lauren Baird

Yin and Yang
72x48x18, Ceramic, Fiber, and Wood $5000
Lauren Baird

Tuber.1 Oca
9x7, mixed media with wax finish $250
Mayela Cardenas

Tuber.3 Yautía Morada
9x7, mixed media with wax finish $250
Mayela Cardenas

Altar in memory of Mom and Dave
36x36x30, Porcelain, Cone 03 Glaze $ 1800
Debi COX

6.5x9x5, Terra Cotta, Glazes, Enamel Paints $500
Derek Decker

Manual Labor
6.5x36.5x21, Terra Cotta, Steel, Wood, Plastic, Glazes $1200
Derek Decker

Madonna of the South
15x12.5, Metal Engraving $600
James Ehlers

13x7x3, Cast Glass / Steel $500
Roberta Eichenberg

Bell(e): Juana of Spain
70x32x32, Mixed Media: Porcelain, stained and over painted, $5000
Linda Ganstrom

Will You Be Home For Tea?
36x10x11, Ceramics $1250
Sheldon Ganstrom

Bell(e): Isabel of Spain
72x32x32, Mixed Media: Porcelain, stained, over painted, ste $5000
Linda Ganstrom

24x11x8, Ceramic $850
Dale Hartley

Fossils of the Future Series Dishing Ohs
7x8x10, Found ceramic object fired directly into clay. $NFS
Eleanor Heimbaugh

Fixed it!
48x192x1/8, Insulation material $500
Katelin Hubbs

7x5.5x5.5, Clay with mixed media $350
Stephanie Lanter

From the Wrack
10x16x10, Forged steel and clay $950
Virginia McKinney

Bone Root
7x17x9, Clay $325
Virginia McKinney

Self Portrait: Frankenstein Rebound
6.44x4.31x1.75, paper; book-binding $175
Cathlin McReynolds

Green and Gold Disk
18x18x2, earthenware $100
Ronald Michael

Oak Leaf and Acorn Brooch
5x5x3, Glass and Copper $80
Jennifer Nolan

15x30, crocheted wool yarn $250
Amy Schmierbach

Dancing Cells 2
48x36.60, textiles $2000
Carla Tilghman

Virus Collection
5" dia/ea, Plaster $1200
Neil Ward

18x5x5, Wood, aluminum, 3D printer $600
Neil Ward