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Brian at Topanga Owl Falls
30x40, Oil $1100
Charles Accardi

Red Head in Boots
11x14, Watercolor $750
Donna Aira

March of the Pilings
10x12, Photography $350
marte amato

12x12, Oil $500
Richard Barnett

Ifaty I
5x7, Watercolor $150
Jaime Bateman

Glimmer of Hope
36x24, gold leaf $1300
Carla Bates

Lady Ventura
22x22, Watercolor $1800
Lana Blades

Twin Landscapes
24x30, Photography $750
Liza Hennessey Botkin

Paul Crouch
10x6x6, Bronze $5500
Myles Boyle

Graduating Memories
20x14x5, assemblage $475
Sharon Brooks

Beauty Parlor Angels
18x24, Watercolor $2000
Chuka Susan Chesney

American Woman
9x5x0.5 , Carved portrait on leather canvas with hand braide $1000
Brett Colbeth

Dreamscape: Griffith Park
15.5x24, Reduction Linoleum Print $450
Helen Cox

Sunset Bar-Bee-Q
9x12, Acrylic $200
Elizabeth Criss

Flames of Mountains
8x10, Photography $72
Orly Douek

Yellow rose
16x16, Photography $600
Greg Dyro

Warming up
18x24, Soft Pastel $1100
Candice Ferguson

Mojave Market
24x13, Acrylic $300
John Gauld

Wishing Light Was My Skin
37x37, Charcoal $1500
Ja'Rie Gray

18x24, Photography $950
maureen haldeman

Oak Leaf bracelet
2.5x6x1/2, Sterling Silver $350
Stacy Haviland

Iris Iridescence
29x23, watercolor and ink $1600
Judy Heimlich

19x13, Digital Print on paper $250
Jeffrey Hilbers

Best Laid Plans 7
36x36, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas $2000
Lucie Hinden

Goat Water
24x20, Acrylic $500
Tricia Hoye

iPod Classic
11x17x13, iPod, Violin, Piano Parts, Flywheel, Steel, Paint $909
David Isakson

Selby Cow Camp
24x36, FujuFlex $550
Paul Ivanushka

Raven on the Rocks #4
10x12, Acrylic $400
Louisa Wallace Jacobs

Yucca Doo
23x19, Acrylic $2000
Joe Kabriel

Bobby 2
22x15, Acrylic $925
Regine Legler

Man on Wire
14x20, Photography $400
Caryl Lightfoot

Sunlight On Mulholland Trail
24x30, Oil $900
Randy Lindquist

Duke of Sicily and Duchess of Crete
6x21, Tempera on gold $10000
Christopher Linquata

Child Gun Deaths USA
11x14, toy gun, thread, paper $850
Barbara Margolies

10x10, Photography $200
Max Myman

Her date
24x30, Watercolor $900
Gregory Radionov

Yummy Blueberry Pancakes
20x20, Oil $800
Terry Romero Paul

Dream Act
36x36, Oil $3500
kuniko Ruch

Passing Through
8.25x8, Mixed Media $280
Corinne Schnur

The Chef
40x40, Oil $3150
Daniela Schweitzer

Pig with pearl necklace
14x11, Pen $280
Jeehye Shin

Daisies and Lemons
20x16, Oil $800
Jennifer Siegal

Church near Taos
12x16, Watercolor $400
Ed Stalcup

Floral Tapestry
8x10, Oil $525
Andrea Stanley

Art Fair
18x24, Acrylic $1900
Betzi Stein

Yule Lord
29x23, Pencil $3800
Ryan Thomas

The Journey
19x22, Oil $3000
Elaine Verchick

Someone To Watch Over Me (Self Portrait At Age Three)
24x24, mixed media $3500
Daggi Wallace

African Life
18x24, dye on silk $1000
Linda Weiss

Molokai Maidens
20x13, Photography $400
Felice Willat

Ancient Lines
19x13, Archival Inkjet Print $450
Mara Zaslove