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M 10-2, T-F 9-5 Pacific Standard Time

Thought Transference
13x15, Sumi-e $NFS
Ayako Abe-Miller

Bee Bee Bee
35x22, pigment on rice paper $950
Soon Dan An

Unshakable mind
23x14, Sumi ink on rice paper $700
Aiko Anderson

Irish Landscape
16x20, Chinese Brush Painting with Sumi-e ink $NFS
bayda asbridge

Diving Minke Whale
23x35, Sumi-e on rice paper, wet mounted
Karen Anne Baldauski

Whiskey Brook Falls
22x13, Ink $950
Theresa Beyer

12x12, Sumi-e Ink on Xuan, Mounted and Sealed $$200.
Jos Biviano

Hungry Ghosts of Old China
12x12, Sumi-e Ink & Watercolor on Xuan, Mounted, Signed a $$200.
Jos Biviano



Blue Fairy
14x13, Sumi-e $$475.00

The Big Spring
12x9, Ink and Watercolor on Rice Paper $NFS
Kristine Burton

Sumi-e & Suminagashi Abstract #1
8x10, --Please Select-- $NFS
monica cardestam

18x14, --Please Select-- $600
nancy cheung

14 x13, --Please Select-- $400
nancy cheung

22x12, Watercolor & Black Ink on rice paper $385

Pine Tree and Crane
13x26, Black ink & watercolor on rice paper $460

Going to Trek thousands of mile journey
12x24, Ink $500
Mei Lih Chiang

As a Dream Tune
12x24, Ink $350
Mei Lih Chiang

Rivalry Solitudes
24x17, Chinese black ink & watercolor on single Xuan pape $480
Tiny Cholvibul

The Heavenly Bamboo near my window
13x14, East Asian Brush painting $NFS
Wei Ting Chuang

20x10, Asian ink and Chinese watercolors $250
Terri Clermont

Cascading Plum Blossoms
14x11, Ink and Watercolor $800
Caryn Coville, CPX

Tauru II
13x10, sumie ink $NFS
Sharon Crosby

White Deer in Wisconsin Woods
18x14, Watercolor $NFS
Collette Cumella

Grass Orchid At Attention
13x10, Sumi Ink on Rice Paper $NFS
Aaron DeLee

9x11, Ink $NFS

Spirit of Cold Autumn
27x27, sumi-E brush painting $
Sally Feng

27x27, sumi-E brush painting $NFS
Sally Feng

Heron Dance
26x18, sumi ink on xuan paper $1450
Susan Frame

Regulating the River
27x14, Sumi on rice paper $NFS
Jeanne Frink

Froggy Pond
20x14, Ink and Watercolor $345
robin frosh

27x20, Asian Ink on RIce Paper $NFS
Yudhi Gejali

22x14, Asian ink and Watercolor on Rice Paper $350
Yudhi Gejali

Meeting of Summer Friends
10x11, shikishi board $550
Judy Giguere

Land's Edge.
16x14, Asian Ink $200
Mary Gunderson

South Padre Island
14 x 22, Asian ink on rice paper $850
Patricia Gustafson

Happy Garden
7x7, Ink and Water Color on Rice Paper $375
Blanche Gyberg

10x13, Ink and Chinese watercolor $NFS
Dorothy Hallock

Pond Guests
18x26, Chinese ink and watercolor on marbled birch/rice p $NFS
Phil Harper

Apple Blossoms in Early Spring
16x11, sumi ink with Chinese watercolor $225
Yukiko Hatheway

Lost in his dreams
10x12, Ink on xuan paper $NFS
Brigitte Hawley

Even a Long Life Turtle
14x14, Black ink on rice paper $500
Bing Huang

The Bee
16x11, Chinese watercolor on silk with gold touches $500
Georgia Jagner

Into the Light
15x15, Chinese Brush Painting Ink Only $425
Carla Jaranson

15x23, Chinese Brush Painting Ink Only $650
Carla Jaranson

Stars Hollow
18x24, ink and watercolors on xuan paper $1900
Karen Kurka Jensen

Relaxing Friends
35x22, Watercolor $850
Claire Jin

13x9, Sumi-e $NFS
Bob Jones

Tiger cub
11x14, --Please Select-- $NFS
satomi kamei

Spring Landscape
22x16, Rice Paper on Scroll $850
richard kaufman

Acadia Walk
14x20, Watercolor and Ink $650
Wynne Keller

New Born
29x33, Pigment on rice paper $1200
Bok Kim

Angel Baby
15x24, Tempera Pigment $1850
Rosemary KimBal

They Call Him Mr. Lonely
22x18, Asian Ink and Watercolor $400
Kristine Kintanar

Abandoned Mile Marker 241
24x30, Sumi-e' $1500
Ann Kozeliski

The Hike
17x23, ink and watercolor on rice paper $NFS
Jade Lam

Morning Marsh
15x27, Ink and Watercolor $1000
Michael Lane

There You Are
31x19, Ink and Watercolor $2000
Michael Lane

Wild and Beautiful
17x13, sumi-e $800
Roslyn Levin

24x24, sumi-e $2000
Roslyn Levin

Solitary Reverie
11x9, Sumi ink on shikishi $80
Paul Lifton

Man with a parrot in Carrabelle
54x27, Ink and Color on Xuan Paper $2000
Nan Liu

Looking afar and Chanting, looking downward and singing, I feel soaring up with ecstasy
27x40, Ink on Xuan Paper $1000
Nan Liu

High Mountain, River Village
12x19, Watercolor $NFS
Virginia Lloyd-Davies

The Economist
18x14, Sumi-e Ink on Rice Paper $630
Joan Lok

Before the Rain
12x15, Watercolor $400
Catherine Mansell

ebb tide
14x24, sumi-e on kin washi paper $850
frederica marshall

Old Granddad
22x42, Rice Paper and Oriental Paints $NFS
Mary Ann Matika

Violets 2
9x13, Ink, watercolor on rice paper $75
Karen McGahagin

14x14, Ink, Rice paper $300
Ting Mei

11x14, Muk (black ink),Korean Color ink on Hanji $NFS
Heesook Moon

Popping Poppies
18wx26h, Ink on rice paper $400
Keith F. Nelson

12x16, Watercolor $NFS
Simona Nemcova

Winter Joy
10x15, Ink and watercolor on paper $950

Late Blooming
9x11, Ink and watercolor on rice paper $750

Autumn Glory
21"x13.5", watercolor on silk (Chinese Gong Bi style) $$550.00
Sally Nissen

Peony with a bird
18x14, Watercolor on silk (Chinese Gong Bi style) $$500
Sally Nissen

8x10, Watercolor $160
Betty Oliver

Adoration of mountains and water
15x28, Asian Ink on Mulberry Paper $NFS
Jong-Sim Park

Morning Prowl
15x18, Watercolor $500
chung park

Morning ridge of Dobong Mountains in S Korea
27x18, Asian Ink and water color on Mulberry Paper $900
Jong-Sim Park

What is seen and what is unseen
28x16, Asian Ink on Mulberry Paper $NFS
Jong-Sim Park

Mountain Reflection
10x10, Brush painting in Asian ink $1000
Chris Paschke

Snowy Bamboo
20x16, Sumi-e ink and Chinese watercolor $$300
David Patten

Fireflies and Starlight
14x18, ink on rice paper $NFS
Marnie Peichel

Joyful moments
15x14, Chinese watercolor $$380
Li-Wen Quach

Tiger's roar brings blessing
26x13, Sumi-e ink $$400
Li-Wen Quach

High Mountains, Low Mist
10x11, Watercolor and ink $275
Deborah Reitbauer

Kirkenes Hooded Crow
13x9, ink on Thick Pi paper $NFS
Diane Riska-Taylor

Coming and Going
11x9, Sumi-e ink and red watercolor on Hanshi paper $175
Fontaine Rodgers

Minnesota Farm Since 1886
9x14, sumi-e painting $150
mary rodning

27x36, Sumi ink on rice paper $800
Keiko Romerstein

Approaching Storm
16x20, Ink and watercolor $400.
Susan Ryan

Dragonfly Drop-in
13x4, Sumi-e $NFS
Carol Sanfilippo

Hidden Place
19x13, Watercolor $NFS
Emily Sattler

22x18, Ink on Rice Paper $600
Judith Schutzman

Winter Willow
23x32, Ink on Xuan paper $2000
sungsook setton

16x14, Ink & Watercolor on Xuan paper $1200
sungsook setton

Lonely Cypress
18x24, Sumi-e, ink, watercolor on Xuan $NFS
Casey Shannon

12x20, Sumi Ink on Rice Paper $NSF
Kang Lee Sheppard

Dream Time
14x9, Sumi-e ink with hint of watercolor on rice paper $300
Penny Showell

Birch Forest
16x10, Sumi-e: watercolor on rice paper $700
Regina Siske

Moon Reflects on Water
16x11, Sumi-e Ink, Watercolor, Collage $
Renee Sonka

Lotus Flower
27x18, Asian Brush $200
uncha sprich

Summer Retreat
19x27, Ink & watercolor $350
craig steinmetz

Spring in a Pine Grove
15x36, Sumi ink and colors on Xuan paper. $$500
Kay Storck

A Peaceful Swim
13x17, Chinese Brush Painting $425.00
Joanne Sullivan

Bamboo with Heart Sutra calligraphy
27x8, Chinese Brush Painting $395.00
Joanne Sullivan

Hello Little Miss
27x25, Water color with Sumi Ink $NFS
Judith Sutton-Fagan

17x19, Ink,watercolor,collage $NFS
Ileane Tatar

Journeys Path
16x18, Ink, Watercolor $NFS
Ileane Tatar

Getting Good Company with Brush and Inkstone
18x12, sumi ink $NFS
Hitomi Tatsumi

Something Unchanged in Change
13x20, sumi ink $NFS
Hitomi Tatsumi

pouncing tiger
35 x 21, chinese ink on rice paper $1400
Jane grace Taylor

Dragon and Man
24x9, Ink on Rice Paper $450
Delene Teller

Horse Energy
27x19, Ink and Watercolor on Rice Paper $NFS
Delene Teller

First Lotus
14x11, Sumi-e $250
Kay Thomas

Passing By
11 x 14, sumi-e $275
Kay Thomas

6x8, ink and color on rice paper $NFS
Joyce Thompson

Who Goes There?
13x10, Ink on Xuan Paper $1500
Gail Threinen

DaLin Temple Peach Blossoms
27x14, Black/Gold Ink On Paper $1500
Gail Threinen

Live Heartfully to be Enlightened
23x14, -Ink on xuan paper $1500
Gail Threinen

Angels' Trumpets
17x9, Chinese watercolor and ink on rice paper $375
suzanne tolstoy

Line from Parting from Wang Wei by Meng Haoran
9x15, Asian ink on shuen paper $NFS
Craig Turner

Peonies of Spring
20x20, Sumi-e $425
Carol Waite

Knarled Tree, Friend to Me
17x13, Sumie ink and Watercolor $200
Kathryn Weese

Singing Bird and Fragrant Wisteria
16x11, Watercolor $500.00
Lorean Weng

Thinking of You Purple Pansy
18x14, Watercolor $500.00
Lorean Weng

Imperious Tiger
10x13, ink and Chinese watercolor on rice paper $475
Nancy West

Blue Dragonfly
8x12, ink and Chinese watercolor on rice paper $475
Nancy West

Blue skies in Autumn
12x12, Ink, Watercolor on rice paper $300
Carol Wiggins

Samurai Swordsman
12X7, Sumi Ink
Ben Wong

35x22, --Please Select-- $900
Kyong Sook Woo

Forever together
16x25, IK and water Chinese color $$900
Susan Wu

Bamboo in the Mist
13x27, Ink and color on rice paper $450
Carole Yee

Mountain Spirit
13x22, Ink and color on rice paper $450
Carole Yee

My own spring 2
35x22, pigment on rice paper $975
Jae Soon Yi

Yurushi wa Iyashi / Forgiveness Heals Self
11x10, Japanese Calligraphy $400
Fumiyo Yoshikawa


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