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M 10-2, T-F 9-5

Bearing Witness
15x16, Watercolor $NFS
Judith Levins
Best in Show

What We Can't See
11x17, Watercolor $700
Mary Fancher
Artistic Merit

Fairies and Firefly's
13x20, Watercolor $700
Jeanne Lampson
Artistic Merit

Twas In The Spring
15x19, Watercolor $2100
John Morrow
Artistic Merit

flowers on third
11x15, Mixed Media $450
Drayton Jones
Judge's Choice

The Secret Garden
10x7, Watercolor/Collage $300
Geraldine Meday
Judge's Choice

Boat on Canal
16x20, Watercolor $$250
Eric Shute
Judge's Choice

A Summer Place
18x24, Watercolor $NFS
Donna Atwood

Chromatic Harmony
15x21, Watercolor $350.
Barbara Bickford

Taking a Peek
10x22, Watercolor $325
Sharon Burke

Tis A Fairy Forest
21x14, Watercolor $NFS
Patrice Downes Centore

Bohemian Flower
21x24, watercolor, ink and gouache $825
Amy Cunningham-Waltz

Forecast: Sunny
14x17, Watercolor $450
Martha M. Deming

Dance as Though No One is Watching
24x30, Watercolor $800
joanne destefano

The Storyteller
14x10, Watercolor $300
Pamela Dischinger

The Golfer
10x14, Watercolor $NFS
Pamela Dischinger

Celery Fields
11x14, Watercolor $NFS
Ruth Donovan

Nightfall on the River
14x11, Watercolor $300
Donna Egan

Chittenango Creek Fisherman
12x16, Watercolor $275.00
Barbara Emerson

21x14, Watercolor $700
Mary Fancher

Glory to Ukraine
17x12, Watercolor $400
Judith Hand

Laying in Wait
11x14, Watercolor $250
Meg Harris

19x25, Mixed water-media $700
Karen Harris

fishing boat
11x15, Mixed Media $450
Drayton Jones

14x11, Watercolor $NSF
Katharine Kernan

Past Tense Pine Tree
11x14, Watercolor $350
Katharine Kernan

Catching the Wind
8x10, Watercolor $225
Diane Kilts

In the Weeds
8x10, Watercolor $200
Paulette Krakowski

Dreams Are Made In Hidden Places
18x24, Watercolor and gouache $900
Rebecca Krutsinger

18x12, Watercolor $600
Rebecca Krutsinger

Night Sky on Fire
12x16, Watercolor $500
Jeanne Lampson

11x14, Watercolor $NFS
Molly Lavallee

16x20, Watercolor $NFS
Molly Lavallee

Sunflower Bouquet
16x12, Watercolor $NFS
Jana Laxa

Pink Flowers Dragonfly
8x10, Watercolor $250
Christy Lemp

Jude Moods
22x30, Watercolor $NFS
Judith Levins

She Dreams in Flowers
25x19, Watercolor $NFS
Pamela Lynch

Annual Favorites
20x15, Watercolor $750
Pamela Lynch

Foundation of Freedom
11x14, Watercolor $500
Jean Matuszewski

Wisdom of the Pines
11x14, Watercolor $400
Jean Matuszewski

After the Rain
5x7, Watercolor $400
Geraldine Meday

Lily Pond
16x12, Watercolor $300
Mary P. Murphy

Bow Boy
14x11, Watercolor $$600
Susan Murphy

Give Peace a Chance
11x14, Watercolor $$600
Susan Murphy

7621 Blue Road
18x27, Watercolor $NFS
Mary P. Murphy

8 1/2 x 11, Watercolor $150.00
Kathleen Pfeifer

Snake Creek Cutoff
27x27, Watercolor $650
Richard Price

Christmas Jumble
12x9, Watercolor $250
Lynne Reichhart

Sylvan Falls ADK
16x20, Watercolor $$250
Eric Shute

11x14, Watercolor $1100
Amy Sopchak

Latté Da! Cafe
14x11, Watercolor $950
Amy Sopchak

Yellow Tulips For Ukraine
11x15, Watercolor $200
Donna Stoner

Old maple sugar house
11x14, Watercolor $600
Michiko Taylor

Floral Connection
23x16, Watercolor & Watercolor Stick/Crayon (D. Smith) $1100
Katie Turner

Double Black Diamond
18x205, Watercolor $1850.
Lorraine VanHatten

Gondola Decisions
16x18, Watercolor $1600
Lorraine VanHatten

Blue Sky
6x6, Watercolor $NFS
Janet Vedder


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