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M 10-2, T-F 9-5

Downtown Afternoon
16x20, Oil $$900. 00
Harvey Cusworth
Best of Show

Felucca Sailor on Nile
18x24, Oil $1450
Yi-Ching Lee
1st Place Oil/Acrylic

How Many Cats?
14x11, oil $450.
Beverly Lazor
2nd Place Oil/Acrylic

Kevlar G
48x24, Acrylic $5000
Thomas Scott Nelson
3rd Place Oil/Acrylic

Just Thirsty
20x16, Oil $1850
Samantha Fried
Honorable Mention Oil/Acrylic

Red Bandana
12x16, Oil $NFS
Barbara Shannon
Honorable Mention Oil/Acrylic

Fur-ever Friends
20x16, --Please Select-- $850
Helle Urban
Honorable Mention Oil/Acrylic

19x25, Charcoal $1800
David Garner
1st Place Pastel/Graphics

Reflections on Harley Davidson Engine
14x20, Colored Pencil $2000
Phillip Zubiate
2nd Place Pastel/Graphics

24x24, Soft Pastel $$2400
Lynn Simon
3rd Place Pastel/Graphics

Watch the Morning Come
9x12, Soft Pastel $500
Mardilan Georgio
Honorable Mention Pastel/Graphics

From the Ridge
20x20, Soft Pastel $900
Loraine Veeck
Honorable Mention Pastel/Graphics

Harvest Morning
20x17, Watercolor $1700.00
Yolande McAlevey
1st Place Watercolor

18x24, Watercolor $600
bob hernandez
2nd Place Watercolor

Sticking Out My Neck
17x8, Watercolor $600
Joyce Rumack
3rd Place Watercolor

Santa Rita Prickly Pear
22x15, Watercolor $1200
Linda Shaner
Honorable Mention Watercolor

15x11, Watercolor $400
Nancy Whitlock
Honorable Mention Watercolor

30x30, Photography $995
Ted Rigoni
1st Place Photography/Digital Art

20x30, Digital $600
Dennis Griffin
2nd Place Photography/Digital Art

24x36, Photography $399
Peter Scifres
3rd Place Photography/Digital Art

Arthur & Excalibur
13x19, Photography $300
Walter Cochran-Bond
Honorable Mention Photography/Digital Art

shadows descending a staircase
16x20, --Please Select-- $250
Tom Gamache
Honorable Mention Photography/Digital Art

The Artists Stage
18x24, Mixed Media $1500
Helane Freeman
1st Place Mixed Media

Pastel Pond
22x34, Silk Painting $340.00
2nd Place Mixed Media

Into the Woods
12x16, Mixed Media $400
Joan Sharron
3rd Place Mixed Media

Gingko-The Healing Tree
18x24, Mixed Media $NFS
John Johnson
Honorable Mention Mixed Media

Big Bang
8x10, Encaustic mixed media $400
Barbara Tabachnick
Honorable Mention Mixed Media

eggs of steel
5x11x11, metal $250
brandon gilgen
1st Place 3D/Sculpture

Head GAmes
26x4x4, Mixed Media terra cotta sculpture on stainless ste $3500
Sandy Katz
2nd Place 3D/Sculpture

A flight of birds: Hawk
10x19x2, hard maple $700
John Parker
3rd Place 3D/Sculpture

16x10x5, Clay $450
Dorean Callari
Honorable Mention 3D/Sculpture

Chlorophinia with Fruit
11x14, Photography $250
Paul Abravaya

Junior is Hungry
11x14, Photography $250
Paul Abravaya

Almost Shirtsleeve Weather
16x24, oil on wood panel $3025
Tricia Alexander

The Boss
10x10, Oil $NFS
Diana Beastrom

37x45, Digital Photo Collage $1300
Susanne Belcher

Low Tide Wader
36x18, Oil $1800
Liz Blum

Madrid Airport
36x24, Digital Art on Canvas $550
Karol Blumenthal

Eiffel Tower
14x11, Digital Art $300
Karol Blumenthal

The Long Walk Home
7x9, Digital Photography $250
Bridget Bourgon

The Green Canyon
7x9, Digital Photography $250
Bridget Bourgon

Catching Bubbles
20x16, oil $NFS
Jacquelyn Brutsche

13x9, Watercolor $400
Anne Casey

The Old Paying Tribute to the Fallen
13x19, Photography $300
Walter Cochran-Bond

131x, Photography $300
Walter Cochran-Bond

Industrial Revolution
16x20, Oil $NFS
Susan Contreras Celis

Light Revealed
16x12, Digital $NFS
Nellie Cusworth

Undersea Life
10.5x19x12, Stone-Calcite on Granite $4000
Duane Dammeyer

11x14, Watercolor $450
Makarand Desai

Portrait of an Equine
8x10, Watercolor $425
Makarand Desai

Hummingbird Trail
12x16, Soft Pastel $1100
Tom Evans

Heavenly Wink
16x20, Photo printed on metal/no frame $875
Priscilla Evans

Into the Woods
24x36, Mixed Media $900
Joan Foster

Ying and Yang
16x20, Pencil $1500
Helane Freeman

30x40, Oil $NFS
Helane Freeman

time to buy
16x20, --Please Select-- $500
Tom Gamache

16x16x.25, Glass $450
Abby Garner

Farmhouse Rooster bowl
15x15x3.5, Glass $400
Abby Garner

Yellow Bird
16x20, Collage $400
Geraldine Gretan

20x30, Digital $600
Dennis Griffin

Snack Time
20x20, Oil $1200
Sandra Hall

Seeking Clarity
20x20, Oil $1100
Sandra Hall

Blowin the Wind
18x24, Oil $890.
Michael Hartstein

black man
16x20, Watercolor $400
bob hernandez

Golden Sunset
19x13, Oil $1300
Lindsay Hirsch

Glorious Garrapta
11x14, Oil $875
Robert Impellizzeri

On the Edge #1
24x24, Acrylic on canvas $700
Louisa Wallace Jacobs

Pisces Memories
24x18, Mixed Media $NFS
John Johnson

A Plethora of Purple Prickly Pear
9x12, Watercolor $NFS
Sheri Jones

Out door flower shop,
11x17, Photography $500
Ken Kochakji

Marching down Clancy Street
11x17, Photography $400
Ken Kochakji

Wedding on Garrapata Beach
20x30, Soft Pastel $1200
Carmen Lamp

Entertaining Oneself
16x12, oil $700
Beverly Lazor

Spring Flowers
12x9x8, Wool Fiber $150.00
Mimi Lieberman

Two Apples
14x18, Acrylic $575.00
Allen Lieberman

18x24, Mixed Media $1500
sharna lubin

Harmonica Guy
20x16x3/4, Oil $300.00
Diane Manson

Nest In The Vines
11x14, Oil $850.00
Yolande McAlevey

B.G. Punk The Mohawk in Window # 7
49x24, Oil on Panel $2500
Kevin McCants

Borrego Blues
16x20, Oil $1275
David Michaels

Oscar eating Yogurt
12x16, Oil $700.
Lili Miura

Her Royal Highness
24x18, Pastel $750
Jean Myers

9x12, Oil $300
Patricia R. Ogden

A flight of birds: White raven
9x16x2, hard maple $600
John Parker

Ruler of the Universe
12.5x6.5x1.5, Assemblage $350.
Laurie Plevin

36x48, on Canvas $3000
Eva Polonkai

My Soda
9x12, Digital $200
Christine Pond

Sunday Sailing
10x15.2x2, Glass and wood $350
Amy Rauer

Oxidated Sundial
30x20, Photography $895
Ted Rigoni

Cypress Grove in January
18x24, Oil $1050
Bob Ritterbush

Fantasy Land
30x18, Acrylic pencil pen on Canvas $750
Melanie Roschko

37x12x2, 3D functional art $2999.00
rodney rozzelle

...thou shalt buid an alter unto me...
36x36, Oil $NFS
kuniko Ruch

24x24, Digital $600.00
Doug Rucker

9x12, Acrylic $296
Karen Sachs

Golden Eyes
18x14, Soft Pastel $500
Pamela Salem

24x18, Mixed mefia $NFS
Geri Schonberg

Camel Loves Me
11x14, Photography $300
Terese Schwartz

Rising from the Rubble
14x11, Mixed Media $250
Joan Sharron

28x23, Acrylic $NFS
Mickey Silverman

Spirit Dancers
30x30, Digital art on Acrylic Facemount $3500
Doriana Sinnett

Broken Wings White Writing
24x36, Acrylic, print on papers $1800
Debra Sokolow

12x16, Oil $900
Andrea Stanley

An Influencer
11x7.5x6, Mixed Media $500
Nela Steric

Ocean Spray on the Rocks II
17x14, Soft Pastel $NFS
Rachel Sylvers

Winter Forest
12x16, Acrylic Ink $275
Barbara Tabachnick

Rhapsody in Blue
25x22, Alcohol Inks $400.00
Maggie Tata

Forever Flowers
42x21, Mixed Media $1700
Connie Tunick

Shadows by the Lake
11x14, Acrylic $475
Barbara Welch

Lightning Strikes
24x36, Acrylic $550
MIchael Wicks

Urchin Booty
24x16, Photography $250
MIchael Wicks

Blue Buffalo
4x5, monoprint $200
Charlene Worthley

Watch Very Closely
7x16, Colored Pencil $1200
Phillip Zubiate


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