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M 10-2, T-F 9-5

Moon Over Ein Karem
8x10, Colored Pencil $NFS
Arlene Weinstock
1st Place

... Thou shalt build an altar unto me ...
36x36, Oil $NFS
kuniko Ruch
2nd Place

So Cal Sunset
24x24, Oil $700
January Garabedian
3rd Place

20x48, Refractured watercolor $800
Jeni Bate
Honorable Mention

A Memory of Rain
32x43, inks & acrylic on raw linen $1600
Pam Douglas
Honorable Mention

friends at Bath Lane
40x40, Oil $1500
Patricia Richards Dodds
Honorable Mention

Sweet stop
22x26, Mixed Media $500
brenda anderson

40x30, Mixed media on a fir crib panel $800
brenda anderson

Reclining Tube #2
10x20, Acrylic $850
Eva Andry

18x16, MONOTYPE, AKUA INK $975
Joan Mall Baral

Ocotillo Spring
12x13, Refractured acrylic $150
Jeni Bate

28x22, Acrylic $
Lana Blades

Leila's Favorite Chair
36x36, Acrylic $NFS
J White Burton

Golden Vase
18x24, Mixed Media $600
Bonny Butler

White Tulips
18x24, --Please Select-- $500
Peggy Charboneau

January Notes
36x48, Mixed Media, collage $800
Peggy Charboneau

Charme 1
18x18, Acrylic $650
Annie Clavel

Sierra Madre Morning
16x12, Watercolor $NFS
Carmen L Daugherty

Orchid Magic
16x12, Watercolor Collage $NFS
Carmen L Daugherty

Yellow Roses in Glass Vase
12x9, Oil $NFS
Victoria Dean

Camellias Make Me Smile
16x12, Acrylic on paper mounted on wood panel $770
Debra Dobkin

Product of Honduras
x, 38 x 31 $1400
Pam Douglas

60x48, Mixed Media $2800
Lore Eckelberry

40x30, Mixed Media $1800
Lore Eckelberry

She Rules
40x30, Oil $NFS
suzanne edmonson

31x21, Oil $3750
suzanne edmonson

Citrus Fruits and Teapots
16x20, Oil $NFS
mina ferrante

Fall's Promise
8x10, Oil $400
Sandy Fisher

Floral with Two Peaches
10x10, Watercolor $600
April Drew Foster

From the Meadow
14x11, Mixed Media Collage $325
Lynda Frautnick

Blue on White
20x28, Watercolor $900
Lynn Gadal

Cherries in a White Bowl
9x12, Soft Pastel $270
Mardilan Georgio

Geranium Surprise
12x6, Soft Pastel $145
Mardilan Georgio

A Good Cigar
36x24, Oil $$2,250
Ellen Glick

Lazy River
18x22, Oil $$1,200
Ellen Glick

Poppy Happy
11 x 14, Watercolor $395

20x14, watercolor and ink $875
Judy Heimlich

Ghosts of Huron
14x18, Oil $500
Debra Hintz

Winters Bleakness
14x18, Oil $NFS
Debra Hintz

Land Shark
x, Oil $5900
Carolyn Holden

Public Pool
32x72, Oil $4600
Carolyn Holden

Les Pointe
12x24, Acrylic, Tissue Paper, Watercolor $NFS
Michaela Hughes

I AM, Soup For The Soul
16x20, Pencil $3000

A Morning Hug
18x24, Oil $NFS
Diane Karpel

16x12, Watercolor $700
Claire Kosasky

24x24, Acylic paint with lace $700
Alexandra La Van

Fog Envelops The Garden
18x16, Dyed Silk, Acrylic on Masonite $500
Alexandra La Van

Myth, Muse and Metaphor #3
24x24, acrylic and collage on canvas $1600
Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Balsamic Bottle and Flower
8x8, Oil $NFS
Ellen Levine

Cherries on the Piano
9x12, Oil $NFS
Ellen Levine

Pipers Piping
8x8, Oil on canvas $300
Kathryn Malta

Golden Slippers
8x8, Oil on canvas $300
Kathryn Malta

24x24, Acrylic, Ink $1800
Lucy Mccoy

Rose d' e'te', Summertime Pink
16x20, Watercolor $345
Donna Miller Haggerty

16x12, Acrylic $900
Barbara Nathanson

8x10, Oil $200
Patricia R. Ogden

Sunrise with Power Tower 1
6x8, Watercolor $950
Idelle Okman Tyzbir

Sunset With Power Tower 2
8x6, watercolor $950
Idelle Okman Tyzbir

as you can see, I cannot
28x22, Acrylic $300
susan price

Staff Of Life
11x14, Oil $$475
Terry Romero Paul

Fantasy Land
30x18, Acrylic, pencil, acrylic marker on canvas $750
Melanie Roschko

The Rose Window
18x12, Mosaic $NFS
Debra Sokolow

11x8, Mixed Media Photo Print, unframed $200
Betzi Stein

7x15, Oil $945
Elizabeth B. Tucker

30x30, Oil and mixed media $1800
Loraine Veeck

8x10, Colored Pencil $NFS
Arlene Weinstock

22x30, Acrylic $2000
Brenda Welsh


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