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M 10-2, T-F 9-5

Underwater Dance
20x24, Encaustic, pigment, ink, and shellac on board $2400
Maite Agahnia

one standing alone
48x36, Photography $1200
Terry Allen

18x29, Watercolor, gouache, colored pencils $750.
Rhonda Anderson

3 Crosses
8x15, Photography $300
Robert Barry

There Goes Mom
36x36, Acrylic $1050
lisa bebi

Sky Pool
24x30, Oil $2100
Brian Belfield

Anaheim Station at Night
10x8, Mosaic (seed beads w/ beeswax/pine sap adhesive) $480
Lisa Bowman

Fragile Land
24x36x3 (monitor size estimate), Animation with Music $NFS
Lucy Boyd-Wilson

58x80, oil on canvas $5000
Neil Brooks

16x12, monotype/Chine colle print $280
Gregory Brown

At the Heart of Lifes Journey
30x40, Oil $3160
Cathy Carey

Stone Lantern Late Afternoon
24x30, Oil $3000
Jeffrey Carr

Life's Web
24x18, Watercolor $1500
Sandra Chanis

Old Tires 10-17-2020
12x16, Mixed Media $545
Richard ChauDavis

Repose in the Remains of the Day
40x30, Oil $9800
Margaret Chiaro

30x25x11, Driftwood, reed, paper, polyvinyl resin, electrica $1200
Alessandra Colfi

Electric Train
18x24, Photography $675
Susan Coppock

Her Enigma
24x30, Acrylic $800
Josephine Coyle

What You Do To Me
24x30, Oil $2500.00
Bronle Crosby

Let's Play Enchanté
4x32x54, Paint, Rocks, Sand, Rake $3200
Crystal Daigle

A Bridge and Eternity
20x60, Acrylic $9000
Rick Delanty

40x30, Oil $1100
Steven Dern

Free as a Bird
15"x10"x9", low fire ceramic sculptural assemblage $500
Sue DeWulf

45x62, Mixed Media on stretched canvas $4450
Ellen Dieter

Coming Up Roses
60x48, Mixed Media $4700
Roberta Dyer

Imaginary Friend
60x30, Oil $6500
lani emanuel

Sick King
30x48, Mixed Acrylic Media $1400
Kenda Francis

Into the Light
18x11, Photography, pigment print $350
Will Gibson

SHE Sea Wisdom: Jellyfish/Not Jellyfish
22.2x9x9.5, stoneware, clay slip-cast and coil-built, oxides, $2500
Julia C R Gray

Don't Check the News Before Coffee
48x48, Acrylic, coffee, graphite, watercolor and paper $2400
Kara Greenwell

Playdate with the Gorgon Sisters
20x24, collage with oil $1750
John Groff

Cabbage and Bowls
36x36, Oil $NFS
Dunya Holland

Rd Sun
48x36, Mixed media(mineral solution, acrylic ink, oil pig $6400
aazam irilian

The Swarm/ Disillusion Dissolution
36x72, Acrylic $12000
Francesca Isabella

Atlantis 3
6.5x7.25x7.25, Ceramic $1000
Bianca Juarez

Sister Sister
26x50, mixed $4500
Kathleen Kane-Murrell

Sunset at the Watchman, Zion National Park
18x24, Photography $500
Susan Kanfer

36x24, Oil on Linen $2000
Kay Kaplan

Love On Me
12x18, Photography $1200
J.J. L'Heureux

52x62, Textiles $2600
sandra lauterbach

Borders and Boundaries
48x36, Acrylic $3400
Hollis Litrownik

Begins with Tea
60x72x.5, Family photos printed on joss paper, grains, seeds $NFS
Trinh Mai

Support the ARTs!
30x18, Watercolor $3200
Chuck McPherson

The Gods That Feed Us
40x30, Encaustic Mixed Media with 21k Gold Leaf $1700.00
Stacy Nixon

Leonard Ozerkis

Bahia Magdalena fisherman, Pedro
30x40, Oil $3800
george papciak

Ascent in Yellow
36x36, oil $2200
Fiona Phillips

Marionette Puppet #4
48x24, Oil and Copper Leaf $2000
Linda Phillips

All At Sea
48x36, Oil $2000
Anne Phillips

Amor Fati
48x36, Acrylic and mixed-media $3200
Manaz Raiszadeh

Mission Trails Oak
8x10, Etching $350
Julianne Ricksecker

18x24, Oil $500
Gabriella Rodriguez

Nest of Life
21x32, encaustic, archival ink photo, oils $1800
Jiela Rufeh

40x36, Oil $4800
Barbara Runge

The Prophet
10x10, Egg Tempera $1200
Marque Todd

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego
13x19, Watercolor $475
joyce trinh

El Gallo Rojo
28"x28"x14", Epoxy fiberglass, Sculpting epoxy $8500
Frank Vining

Ruff Life
36x48, Oil $9000
Brady Willmott

Park Under a Golden Night
60x36, Acrylic and Applied Imt. Gold Leaf $8500
Duke Windsor

3 of 4 Brothers Waiting at Coast Hwy
24x36, on 2.5" Wood Boxed Panel $2500
kimberleigh wood

Rustic Love
24x24, Oil $2800
Yahel Yan


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