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Snow Field
12x16, Oil $1200.00
Joli Beal

Waking up at Crystal Cove
11x14, Oil $900.00
Joli Beal

Rounding the Bend
8x16, Oil $950
Richard Boyer

Hello June
8x10, Oil $2700
John Budicin

The Road To San Juan Color
16x8, Oil $750
Philip Carlton

San Clemente Art Supply
12x12, Oil $1800
Rick Delanty

Roses on El Camino Real
11x14, Acrylic $1400
Rick Delanty

Keeping the faith
11x14, Oil $1500
Bill Farnsworth

Snowie Stacks
6x9, Gouache $450
Brandon Gonzales

Canyon Oaks cluster
11x14, Oil $1800
Dan Graziano

Laguna Canyon Morning
6x6, Oil $750
Dan Graziano

Niobrara Lily Pond
9x12, Oil $1100
Debra Joy Groesser

California Cliffs
12x16, Oil $1400
scott hamill

A Little Piece of Calm
11x14, Oil $1600
Nita Harper

Cruising the Harbor
16x20, Oil $1100
Michael Hill

Harvest Time
16x20, Oil $1100
Michael Hill

Western Sky
8x10, Oil $975
Jane Hunt

Railroad Overpass
11x14, Oil $700
Jean-Pierre Jacquet

Clear Skies
6x8, Oil $323
Steve Kell

Crystal Clear
10x20, Oil $1900
Paul Kratter

Backyard Birds
11x14, Watercolor $849
Kathleen Lanzoni

Tuna Harbor Dockside
12x18, Watercolor $1600
Shuang Li

Pond Clouds
8x10, Oil $750
Richard Lindenberg

Up on Signal Hill
11x14, Oil $1200
Will Maller

Pt. Lobos Dawn
11x14, Oil $1200
Will Maller

The Old Tracks Leading Home
14x11, Soft Pastel $1050
Joe Mancuso

Cascade Stream
9x12, Oil $850
David Marty

Summer Sunlight
12x9, oil $850
David Marty

January Forest
10x10, Watercolor $680
paul michel

12x12, Oil $1300
Crystal Moll

14x10, Watercolor and gouache over ink on paper $1250
Brad Neal

Alta Vista
8x10, Oil $1100
Michael Obermeyer

Old Top of the World
5.5x8.5, gouache $600
Michael Obermeyer

There for Me
12x20, Oil $2100
Kathie Odom

Old Mill in Pasadena
9x12, Wood Board $980
mikyoung osburn

Spring Breez in Sonoma
12x12, Board $1300
mikyoung osburn

Beach Conversation
12x9, Oil $1900
Camille Przewodek

Monterey Waves
9x12, Oil $1900
Camille Przewodek

Before the Storm
12x24, Oil $1200
Daniel Raminfard

Waiting for the Sun. Divers Cove
8x16, Oil $1400
Anthony Salvo

Peaceful Solitude, Laguna
8x16, Oil $1400
Anthony Salvo

Winter Willows
8x10, Oil $975
Aaron Schuerr

Yellowstone River Braids
11x14, Oil $1500
Aaron Schuerr

The Wave
12x12, Oil on canvas $$1100
Shelley Smith

Tamsui Sunset, Taiwan
14x20, Watercolor $2750
Keiko Tanabe

Velvet Light On Sunset Cliffs
9x12, Watercolor $600
Barbara Tapp

Lovers Leap
11x14, Oil $600
Bob Upton

Saved From the Burn
8x16, Soft Pastel $400
Marti Walker

After it cleared
12x16, Oil $1400
Durre Waseem

Any News?
14x18, Oil $1600
Durre Waseem


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