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10x17x8, alabaster $6500
elisa adams

9x6x5, Resin mounted on African Black wood $450
Anthony Alemany

18x13x11, Bronze $3800
Anthony Alemany

Leaf Fossil
14x6x2, Beech $850
Anne Alexander

Floating Elongata
85x6x18, Cherry and steel $4800
Anne Alexander

20x12x10, Cast Resin $1000
Michael Alfano

26x16x7, Cast Resin $1600
Michael Alfano

39x20x14, Copper wire, steel mesh, electrical tape, fibergla $1800
Freedom Baird

The Blues
14x9x7, Blue Mist Alabaster $NFS
William Bloomfield

16x7x3, Clear glass stringers, tinted resin, pigmented thi $750
Cassie Doyon

Bell and Arch
94x12x36, ceramic, wood $8500
Larry Elardo

22x7x4, Found Objects $275
Jane Estella

42x10x10, Steel $2250
Shawn Farrell

54x30x20, stoneware clay $1500
Liz Sibley Fletcher

Never Again
8x13x8, Porcelein clay woodfired $800
Liz Sibley Fletcher

The World Weighs Heavy
52x21x28, Mixed Media with paper clay, cement and found obje $3000
Barbara Fletcher

American Roulette
28x28x6, This piece incorporates printed paper, cast paper $1500
Barbara Fletcher

Touchstones(Installation includes 8 tablets)
10x14x2, Black granite $300
Claudia Flynn

Stepping Down
23x11x5, Clay $1550
Zvi Goldman

22x22x18, Steel $3200
Douglass Gray

Worlds Whirling Apart
56x14x37, Steel $7400
Douglass Gray

Queen Anne's Lace
99x48x40, Welded steel and found objects $8900
Gints grinbergs

Hands Up Don't Shoot!
87x45x10, Welded steel, found objects and bluestone $7500
Gints grinbergs

Father and Child
44x12x12, Bronze, Wood, Found Object $2400
Linda Hoffman

Eve in the Tree harp
19x21x9, Bronze figure, wood $3600
Linda Hoffman

Proud To Be
20x11x11, silk wrapped paper with metal paints $1000
Cindy Journey

Girl VS Gust
36x24x1, Mixed Media $3600
Bette Ann Libby

The Birds Fly Through Us
9x9x5, gilded clay $400
Elizabeth Lind

Peace....”surrender remembers and fear forgets”
5x11x7, pink alabaster $1500
Elizabeth Lind

Still Standing
66x36x26, welded scrap steel $3800
Madeleine Lord

Follow The Leader
13x60x10, welded found steel $1800
Madeleine Lord

12x22x9, Stone Italian Agate $950
Valery Mahuchy

Fight Girl Fight!
21x11x10, earthenware, wax, paint $NFS
Andrea Olmstead

Resist. Rust.
16x15x9, Ceramic on metal base $2750
Tone Ørvik

12 Scarf E
36x15x12, Paper, Reed, Sewing Patterns, Light $600
Stacey Parker

Evolution III #6
48x24x24, Powder coated steel $1500
R. Douglass Rice

Evolution IV #5
22x9x9, powder coated steel $525
R. Douglass Rice

WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN? guardian of children on the journey Refugee Women ,Series
29x13x9, wire,ash clay,found wood & metal,dried plant mater $NFS
Ruth Rosner

WHAT SHE HELD CLOSE Refugee Women Series
22x17x16, wire,ashclay,found wood&rusted metal,found branch, $NFS
Ruth Rosner

Boxed In 1
16x6x8, Marble and Wood $1000
Joshua Ruder

58x48x38, aluminum and wood $4500
stacy latt savage

Manga pig
4x3x5, 3D printed $490
Mara Sfara

Case Closed: No Further Action Required
72x30x16, Mixed Media $NFS
Allen Spivack

26x22x4, doll heads, modeling paste, padauk $8500
Derrick A. Te Paske

My Beautiful Wall
24x30x1, mixed metals and wire $4000
Robin Tost

The Queen
27x6x6, Marble $2950
alan weinstein

26x8x7, Bronze on black marble base $2400
Melanie Zibit


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