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New Studio
40x30, Oil $700
Charles Accardi

Dream into the Dream
18x24, Oil $750
Helen Allois

30x30, Oil $1200
Elizabeth Anthony

Lake Creature II
22.5x30, oil on floated wood panel $800
Eva Asquith Wilson

Buddha Jar with Hammered Antique Brass Base
6x5.5, with antique japanese brass findings $190
barry bostwick

Lone Rider
30x24 , Photography $750
Liza Hennessey Botkin

20x24, Acrylic, Mixed Media $450
Clark Branson

36x36, Mixed Media $3500
Andree B. Carter

A Malibu Golden Boy's Reflections or True Confessions of a Colony Cool Cat
23x33, Mixed Media $1600
Lynn Coleman

Bottles I
30x40, acrylic, charcoal and collage/canvas $1800
Mardi de Veuve Alexis

Antartica 10
18x24, Photography
Lynne Deutch

Vertical Garden-Milano
24x30, Acrylic
Jeanne Dowd

11x14, Mixed Media $100
Gordo Durich

Getty View
30x15, Oil $1850
Samantha Fried

Night Blooms
33x23, collage - painted and colored papers, cut and torn $900
Susan Geller

Memories of Summer (Front)
27x20, Color Transfer on Sheet Metal, Reclaimed Wood $650
Gabriele Geuther Mamishian

21x7x7, Clay $475
Jack Halpern

Lady of Amber
30x40, Oil $11000
inger hodgson

Maya Angelou
0, Pencil $4500
Donna Hollander

Scale 2
24x24, Acrylic $300
Tricia Hoye

The Marriage Archetype
17X14, Ink on rag paper $600
Dana Huffman

Raynes Tree
16x17.8, Photography $250
Paul Ivanushka

Pear Dilutions #9
10x18, Acrylic on paper $700
Louisa Wallace Jacobs

Calico Bass Trio
24x36, gold leaf & shell veneer $2800
Michele Janee

Heart in Motion
3x2x.25, Bronze $400
Leisa Johnson

The Crane in Echo Park
30x40, Oil $1900
Maura Latty

Sunday Afternoon-2
13x19, Photography $800
Catherine Roberts Leach

18x24, Acrylic $1100
Ginger Linden Cross

The View
30x40, Graphite and Oil on Linen $1500
Dorothy Magallon

Golden Monkey
16x20, Photography $350
Terry Mendelson

Iris in Violet
8x10, Soft Pastel $1200
Margie Murray

Joshua Elias
14x18, Oil $300
Rikki Niehaus

no u-turn
17x22, Watercolor $1000
Gregory Radionov

Sapphire Reflection
16x16, Mosaic $895
Bobbie Rich

Old Topanga
6x12, Acrylic $1850
Jeff Richards

Pink Shards
24x36, image edited photo $600
Doug Rucker

36x36, acrylic and paper $1900
Maura Segal

Vertical Breakfast
12x16, Oil $950
Andrea Stanley

10x10, Oil $450
Carol Steinberg

Group Awareness
19x8, watercolor on rag board $3000
Darren T

Blue Jar with Oranges
11x14, Oil $500
Miriam Thorin

14x14, Soft Pastel $600
Daggi Wallace

Leaping Cardinals
20x30, Photography $700
Felice Willat

10x15, Infra Red Photography $450
Mara Zaslove