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17.75x22.5, Watercolor / Liquid Acrylics $650
Rhonda Anderson

After All Was Said and Done
24x20, Photography $500
Robin Apple

Koa's Moon
22x16.5, Water Media on Yupo $1700
Susan Ashley

A Moment
16x20, colored pencil $2500
Tony Baker

22x28, colored pencil $NFS
Tony Baker

Last Connection 20 - One More Day
30x22, Watercolor $2500
Ally Benbrook

Breathing in just to Realize it is all Coming True
36x48, Oil $NFS900
Julia Bush

Anza-Borrego Valley Dawn
9x12, Watercolor $850
Larry Cannon

By Dawn's Early Light
10x14, Watercolor $1075
Larry Cannon

A Presidential Smile Lights up the World
18x24, Photography $1500
Andrei Crandall

San Francisco City Hall Rainbow Lights
18x24, Photography $750
Andrei Crandall

Here Comes the Sun
18x24, Photography $500
Andrei Crandall

6x8, gouache and acrylic ink on kozo paper $500
Husny Dahlan

Success! Intergalactic weaponry engineers make a breakthrough
16x21, Metallic Digital C-Print $900
Emily Denlinger

Spectacle VIII, A Green Screen Life
5x4, Mixed Media $250
Nicholas Gagliardi

I Got Your Back
11x14, digital photography $450
Jill Gewirtz

Times Square Flag
11x14, Digital $450
Jill Gewirtz

26x36, Graphite, Inks and Acrylic $1200
Bonnie Gordon - Ferris

26x36, Oil $1200
Bonnie Gordon - Ferris

Luminosity Grand Central Station
40x50, Oil $2200
Renetta HappeĀ“

Evening Showers, Apple Cube
40x40, Oil $1800
Renetta HappeĀ“

Peace on Earth
20x20, Egg Tempera and Gold Leaf $NFS
Judy Haron

22 x 30, Watercolor $900
Elaine Harvey

Out of the Chrysalis
22 x 30, Mixed Media $950
Elaine Harvey

Fun in the Sun
11x18, Oil $600
Rose Irelan

Gypsy Light
12x16, Oil $2200
Rose Irelan

Dancing Sea Sparkles
8x10, Oil $490
Rose Irelan

Laundry Day
8x8, Oil $490
Rose Irelan

16 x 20, Monotype with original drawing on silk overlay $1200
Kathy Klein

Within a Fiery Sky
18x24, Acrylic $800
Sherry Krulle-Beaton

Moody Sunrise
16x20, Oil $700
Katarzyna Lappin

The Bench, African Schoolroom
11x14, Soft Pastel $600
Margaret Larlham

Day of Rain
16x20, Soft Pastel $NFS
Margaret Larlham

Walk in the Wilds
11x14, Oil $1200
Margaret Larlham

48x56, Oil $4200
Lydia Larson

17x23, oil on primed watercolor paper $1500
Lydia Larson

Xmas on the Ave
14x23, Wood cut, digital color $650
Anthony Lazorko

Redemption (diptych, right panel)
24x30, Oil $NFS
Brianna Lee

Desolation (diptych, left panel)
24x30, Oil $NFS
Brianna Lee

Unreal Moonrise
29x22, Acrylic $950
carol mansfield

A Chance of Showers
19x24, Soft Pastel $850
Glen Maxion

Joy Ride
9x12, Oil $600
Carole Mayne

Red Sky
36x48, Oil $3500
Connie McCoy

Paint the Town Red
24x36, Oil $1750
Connie McCoy

In Time
12x12, Oil $325
Connie McCoy

Lake Santee
9x12, Oil $350
Connie McCoy

Sails on the Bay
28.5 x 18.5, Acrylic $1100
Joan McKasson

Sunset Stroll
31x25, Oil $400
barbara mcvey

Sunrise at Rigway
36x48, Oil $4000
Tom Montan

NYC Financial District
48x36, Photograph on brushed aluminum $1400
Margie Murray

Accordion Man, Ortygia Sicily
7.25x11.5, Photography $325
Michael Orenich

One Afternoon
16x24, Photography $600
Jo Palasi

Portrait of Dad
36x36, Oil $NFS900
Peggy Palm

Sedona Evening
12x16, Oil $450
Edmond Park

Healing and Peace in Midnight Abide
11x14, Silk Collagraph $225
Julianne Ricksecker

Dreaming of Hollihocks
24x18, Oil $1000
Dawn Rivas

Still Playing At Sunset
24x18, Oil $1000
Dawn Rivas

12x16, Oil $575
Dawn Rivas

24x16, Photography printed on aluminum $1000.0
Carol Roullard

Rose Mountains at Sunset
16x24, Photography printed on aluminum $1000.0
Carol Roullard

25x19.5, Monoprint $400
Amanda Rouse Letscher

29x17, Oil $1700
Don Ryan

Now I See
30x16.5, Charcoal $1800
Rand Smith

Times Long Ago
13x13, watercolor $700
Vita Sorrentino

Night Light
18x24, Acrylic $600
Bryan Steward

Barrio Chief
19x13, Photography $300
John Straub

Eryk & Eli
36x36, Oil $NFS
Kris Lael Temple

Saddleback Autumn
30x40, Oil $6200
Kris Lael Temple

In Secret
12x14, Oil $1900
Marque Todd

Illuminated Deer
8x10, Oil $NFS999
Marque Todd

The Conversation
16x20, Silkscreen digitally enhanced $250
Geraldine (Pasha) Turley

The Jouney
22x28, Digital $450
Geraldine (Pasha) Turley

44x20, Photography $2350
Cheyne Walls

Museum Kids
11x14, Photography $180
Nick Winkworth

Her Shoes
14x18, Acrylic $1500
Karen Yee

14x21, Photography $499
Pamela York

Raining Light
15.5x21.75, Photography $499
Pamela York