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Mostly Sunny Tomorrow
24x24, Venetian Plaster, Acrylic $1100
James S Adams

Sketchbook 1
12x12, Encaustic $500
Susan Arens

Sketchbook 3
12x12, Encaustic $500
Susan Arens

Inside Passage
15.5x20, Acrylic $900
Carole Barrer

White-Lined Dirona (Dirona albolineata)
10x8, Underwater digital photography $160
Betty Bastai

Waitsburg Dusk
8x10, Photography $200
John Benjes

Ruthie #2
32x21, print $500
jan branham

Falling Child
18x24, print $400
jan branham

Deer Goddess
21"x7.5"x9", Clay $850
Sandi Bransford

Semi Precious
23"x6"x3", Clay $650
Sandi Bransford

8x10, Watercolor $400
Jinx Bryant

Strait Surf Sunset
40mm x 42mm; 18.5", Sterling Silver Necklace $300
Brian Buntain

Sense of Place
38mm x 50mm; 18", Sterling Silver Necklace $250
Brian Buntain

11x14, Photography $180
Marjie Clark

Rolling His Own
11x14, Photography $250
Stephen Cunliffe

24x26 , Oil $1600
julie devine

15.5x16, Fiber - silk organza, rayon thread $1500
Maura Donegan

Magic Wands
22x30, Watercolor $1500
Rikki Ducornet

Maple Bay Marina
12x18, Photographic Art $450
Neil Fatin

Shaman I
38x24, indigo Japanesecotton, rafia, beads $700
Janet Foster

Song of the Finch
24x24 , Acrylic $1200
Jeannie Grisham

North Sound Berries
24x24, Oil on wood panel $1200
Patty Haller

Perpetually Coy
18x12, Pencil $800
Anna Hoey

She Planted Her Garden in the Sunshine
20x10x5, copper, clay, wood, found objects $800
Lin Holley

Whole Surface: Tranquil 1
9x6x7, Fiber $800
Claire Jones

Attempting To Follow A Predetermined Trajectory
9x9, paper, cast wax & encaustic $255
Merle Jones

28x36, oil on linen $NF5000
Mary Lou Kostal

Ferry to the Prom
17x22, Photography $500
Harry Longstreet

9x9, Photography $200
David McCrae

Midnight Flight
19.5x18, MM -Textile ( silk, dye, feathers, gold leaf) $900
Jeannie McMacken

Copper Lake
9x13, Mixed Media-textile (silk, photo, copper leaf ) $450
Jeannie McMacken

Planar Tilt 1 (panel 1 of triptych)
30x24, Encaustic mixed media $900
Jo Moniz

Planar Tilt 2(panel 2 of triptych)
30x24, Encaustic mixed media $900
Jo Moniz

Planar Tilt 3 (panel 3 of triptych)
30x24, Encaustic Mixed media $900
Jo Moniz

Jellyfish in Treasure Island EEZ
36x24, Handcrafted, Oil-stained Wood Mosaic, Acrylic, Oil $5000
Naoko Morisawa

9% Better
30x30, Paper Collage $2400
Harold Nelson

Leader and Followers
16x20, oil on panel $4000
Thu Nguyen

16x20, Inkjet print on canvas $250
Ed Nygard

T Squares
20x20, hand dyed cotton fabric $NFS600
Pat Oden

Waxwings and Pomegranates
36x40, Oil and Acrylic on Panel $2400
Natalie Oswald

n/a, Stainless steel $4500
Ulrich Pakker

Armoured Heart
18x25x6, Assemblage $1850
Steve Parmelee

The Ripple Effect
13x13, Mixed Media $1200
Deborah Paul

The Garden
5x11, KIln glass $750
martha pfanschmidt

Tide Pools
11x7, Kiln glass $900
martha pfanschmidt

Double Heart Shovel
12"x5', metal Art Recycled $299
Kelly Phipps

Friends Tonight
6.75x8.5, Oil
Jon Pokela

If you see me
22x18, $250
Tony Porto

Jackalope and freinds
20x24, Acrylic $NFS
Julie Read

Nothing Endures But Change
16x22, Photography $395
Karen Rozbicki Stringer

Seattle, Monday Morning
27x43, Soft Pastel $995
Dawn Sagar

Sandhill Crane
10x17, Photography $400
Bruce Savadow

Sandhill Crane A
10x17, Photography $400
Bruce Savadow

J 34
46x27x11, reclaimed wood with zinc cladding $3300
Graham Schodda

Pond #1
7.5x18.9, Photography $380
Nicholas Sherbina

24.5"x17"x8", Welded Steel, Patina, Clear Lacquer $1200
Kim Simonelli

11x17, Photography $300
patrick slattery

Treaty Document
18x24, Oil $2400
Charles Smith

Larrabee Literati III
20x16, Etching, monotype $1000
Sheila Sondik

Poe Cabin Storm
18x24, Oil $1195
Melanie Thompson

40x30, Oil $500
Linda Tilley

Hawk's Prairie
21x6.5x0.75, Bead Embroidery $3000
Larkin Jean Van Horn

Cordelia: Jewel of the Sea
21x8x0.75, Bead Embroidery $4000
Larkin Jean Van Horn

Nobody Listens to the Speaker of the House
12x24, Acrylic $975
William Walcott

24x20, Acrylic on board $nfs
Richard Jesse Watson

15.75x24, Acrylic on board $4500
Richard Jesse Watson

Walk To The Point
26x32, Oil $3400
Robin Weiss

6x12, Oil on Board $300
D.Lisa West

Bucket List 53
14x18, Oil on Board $400
D.Lisa West

Woman With Child Mobile
29"x12"x5", Bronze $3900
George Wilhelm

Pregnant Dancer Pendant
2 5/8"x3"x1/2", Sterling Silver $450
George Wilhelm

East of Carrall
48x24, Acrylic $1800
jeff wilson

The Long Stare
22x30, Oil $1900

51.5x19, Watercolor $1750
Suze Woolf

Shadow Play
18x20, Photography $500
Leslie Zukor