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Vessel Elements
48x24, fresco secco $2400
Krista Anandakuttan

Big Bang
38 x 50, Ink Pen $2000
Carol Bernard

Origins of Organic Chemistry - Des Deux
34 x 30, oil on canvas $3000
David Cordes

Still Life
15x15, Inkjet after Lumen Print $500
Hedi Desuyo

32x24, archival digital prints/watercolor paper/acryli $4000
Helen Donis-Keller

Orion Haiku
24 x20, Acrylic on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas $150
Donna Fanara

36x48, Mixed Media $2500
Andries Fourie

Origin of Species
56"x160", Watercolor $12,000
James Gouldthorpe

Origin of Species, detail
56"x160", Watercolor $12,000
James Gouldthorpe

Origins of Species, detail
56"x160", Watercolor $12,000
James Gouldthorpe

Oregon soils
3.5' x 3.5', mixed media printmaking $NFS
Sarah Anne Graham

n/a, Clay $1,500
Rosemary Hall

n/a, Clay $1,500
Rosemary Hall

Germination: Aspergillus herbariorum
20 x 16 inches, Acrylic, Ink, Glitter $750
Ann Holsberry

Into the Depths
14 x 11 in, Ink and wax on paper mounted to panel $500
Ann Holsberry

An Amassing of Loss
22 in x 16 in x (open) 28 in , Industrial first-aid cabinet, glass laboratory bot $NFS
Lisa Jetonne

48 in x 18 in x 9 in., Fiberglass and wood marine debris, barnacles, fabr $NFS
Lisa Jetonne

Woodwardia Wonder
60" x 24", Textile $5000
Franki Kohler

Cyborg 000
8" x 18.5" x 10", Lowfire Earthenware, Glaze, Underglaze, Luster, Re $1200
Rob Kolhouse

10"x12"x10", Paper $800
Goran Konjevod

19x26, Folded paper $1000
Goran Konjevod

Rotating Revolution
3.5 feet height x 3.5 feet height x 10 in depth, glass pipettes, bike rim, and LED lights $800
Amanda Larson

28x46", generative animation $3700
Mikko Lautamo

Ferrofluid Flux Pool
16x24, Photography $300
Mike McHaney

Flash Exposure 2
16x16, Photography $180
Michael Radin

Time Walk
n/a, Video sculpture $800
Emily Schleiner

Time Walk
n/a, Video Sculpture $800
Emily Schleiner

Doppler Weather Radar Animation (1)
6x6, Aquatint Etching $150
Charlie Schneider

TCE 065
16x20, Oil $
Jenise Toney

The Mind
18x12x20, Mixed Media $1200
Alessandro Tulisso

The Mind
n/a, Copper, Wood $1200
Alessandro Tulisso

Mars Extract
36 x 42 x 32 in, Cardboard $2200
Randy Won

Kootenay Hollowed Log
51.5H x 16W, Varnished Watercolor on Shaped Paper $2700
Suze Woolf