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Dream Back the Bison
19x30, Photography $700
Lisa Aikenhead

22x16, Watercolor $NFS
Telagio Baptista

Roses Bouquet
16x24, Digital $450
Anna Barber

The Beating Heart of a Dove
24x30, Oil on Silver Leaf $2500
Carole Belliveau

8x8, Oil $165
Mark Bidstrup

16x20, Acrylic $945.00

Eye on the Universe
17x20x17, Maple Wood w/copper $950
Marshall Brewer

The Proverbial Peony
11x14, collage $425
Valerie Bye

16x16x12, Gourd Fine Art $1185
Joyce Campbell

Roses in Terra Cotta
10x10, Mixed Media $225
Sandra Campbell

Koi under Lotus
12x12x8, Gourd Fine Art $295
Joyce Campbell

Madee's Pleated Skirt
9x6x6, Water Based Clay, Acrylic Paint and Wax $600
Thea Cinnamon-Macker

Black Bear Cub #1
18x24, Photography $175
Carol Clark

Ibis Sunset
14x20, Photography $395
Cecilia Clark

24x36, Scratchboard $1500
Linda Clark

Night Birds
10x10, Photography $295
Cecilia Clark

Black Bear Twins #1
18x24, Photography $175
Carol Clark

Women's March
11x14, Scratchboard $1100
Linda Clark

Red Flower
48x24, Acrylic $350
Jamie Cola-Bersamina

30x30, Acrylic $250
Jamie Cola-Bersamina

Date Night, Saturdays at the Movies
18x24, Oil $NFS
Garry Drake

Blue Circles
16x16, Encaustic and pastel $200
Cynthia Dunn-Selph

Second Chance
57x16, Acrylic $800
Jenny Engelson

Twin Trouts
43x14, Acrylic $900
Jenny Engelson

Beer of the Month
18x24, Soft Pastel $650
Jennifer Eubanks

group of monarch butterflys
11x14, Photography $175
Julie Frost

In Formation
10x14, Watercolor $450
Barbara Gerard-Mitchell

Eloquent Solitude
18x24, Oil $950
Barbara Gerard-Mitchell

The World Watches
30x29, Acrylic on reclaimed wood $400
Brent Gibb

12x10x, Clay $100
Agnes Gillespie MD

Hiding Place
20x24, Oil $350
Doris Gorin

Memories: Old and New
12x18, watercolor $2600
Denise Granger Kerbs

Beautiful Suffering
30x24, Oil $NFS
Denise Granger Kerbs

Bodhi's Bouquet
11x14, Soft Pastel $1850
Denise Granger Kerbs

Hartwick House Treasures
16x20, Acrylic $200
Vesla Greenwood

Saving the Elephants - One Step at a Time
22x28, Colored Pencil $NFS
Gemma Gylling

dollar paper lanterns night
16x20, Acrylic $1200
Vanessa Hadady

dollar paper lanterns day
16x20, Acrylic $1200
Vanessa Hadady

Galaxy Triad
25x21, metal $425
Conni Hardie

Lava Wave
18x30, Metal $650
Conni Hardie

A Bright Sunny Day in the Sierra
19x14, Soft Pastel $1050
Paul Harman

Sacred Bundle For The Sparrow
7x3x1, 22karat gold,14karat gold, sterling silver, polyme $NFS
aleris hart

12x16, Soft Pastel $500
cynthia hayes

9x12, white charcoal $300
cynthia hayes

Aarya, the Brave
16x30, Steel Shadow Sculpture $1225
Myra Holmes

Liquid Light
30x40, Acrylic $1600
Randy Honerlah

Wahi Nani
40x30, Acrylic $1400
Randy Honerlah

Just Chillin'
14x11, Photography $250
Sandra Howell

Powder Room Pretties
8x10, watercolor and ink $300
Sandra Howell

16x12, Scratchboard $995
Shirley Isola

Winner's Strut
12x16, Scratchboard $1100
Shirley Isola

Madonna With Skink
20x16, Acrylic on archival panel $700
Judith Johnson

Point Reyes Pastoral
12x16, Soft Pastel $550
Lucinda Johnson

Skater Boy
19x9x7, Clay $NFS
Cathy Keil

Kaleidoscope Koi II
19x26, Transparent Watercolor on Yupo Synthetic Paper $1200
Barbara Kempe

Must go down
13x21, Watercolor $290
karen keys

18x24, Watercolor $1250.00
gloria kincade

Bonaventure Cemetery
16x20, Watercolor $895.00
gloria kincade

Sammies Dog
20x16, Acrylic $600
sandy lindblad

11x17, Soft Pastel $500
Matt Lister

13x16, Soft Pastel $500
Matt Lister

Power To The People 4
12x24, Acrylic $500
Joanne Liston

Mallow Ninebark Fall
11x15, Digital $500
Pam Little

Range War
24x36, Photography on Canvas $300
Bridgett Locken

El Dorado
16x48, on canvas $325
Kenneth Mahar

Cafe Zoethrop
11x14, Oil $500
Edward Mallory

Shadows on the Bridge
6 x 9, Photography $300
Carolyn McLeod

River Walk
12x18, Soft Pastel $NFS
Jan Miller

True Friends
18x24, Mixed Media $200
Sherry Lynn Morris

14x8x9, Clay $400
Sherry Lynn Morris

Sunset at Pele's Well
18x24, Photography $275
Doug Parks

11x14, Photography $125.00
Stacy Pedri

Snow Run
12x36, Photography $125.00
Stacy Pedri

Lady of the Lake
18x10x10, Mixed Media $1200
Kaaren Poole

Falling Petals
34x20, Mixed Media $NFS
Kaaren Poole

36x18, Graphite, Oil Paint, Glitter, and Swarovski Crysta $7000
Gail Postal

36x24, Graphite, Oil Paint, and Swarovski Crystals $8000
Gail Postal

Banks of the Carson River
16x20, Acrylic $450
Lucia Rothgeb

12x24, Oil $645
Robert Ryan

In the Corner
12x12, Oil $340
Robert Ryan

12x12, Oil $290
Robert Ryan

Road Cut, Painted Hills, Oregon
16x20, Photography $250
sd saxon

Me and My Shadow
16x10x4, Clay $400
sd saxon

9x12, Soft Pastel $800.00
Tracey Sirbello

Paco Napping
5x7, Scratchboard $150
Tracey Sirbello

13x18x18, Clay $NFS
Patty Sisneros

Mystery Within
20"x13"x11", Stone $3100
Marina Smelik

key to happiness
15x11x12, clay on wood base $400

sometimes you feel like a nut...
10x15x8, clay on wood base with nuts $280

The Majestic Oak
27x19x8, Ceramics and metal $488
anca statescu

Rest Stop Black Mtn
18x24, Soft Pastel $1350
Pat Stoddard Aragon

Dinner Party
14x20, Watercolor $675
Melinda Vahradian

14x18, Watercolor $675
Melinda Vahradian

October Geranium
15x16, Soft Pastel $1200
Gloria Vernon

Great Gig in the Sky
18x24, Metallic Print $600
Mitchell Wachtel

Far Above Sabrina
21x30, Watercolor $1500
Steve Walters

Triple Locks
16x20, Watercolor $$400.00
Mary Wang-Steele

Our Hands, Ourselves
36x29x4, Found Objects $NFS
Susan Wickersham

hot summer
33x26, Watercolor $1700
Joann Wilson

breezy day
46x34, Watercolor $1850
Joann Wilson


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