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Fender View
40x28, Pastel $700
Donna Aldrich

Boat Menders
18x18, Pastel $NFS
Tony Allain

Seven Tickets
19.5x14, Pastel $NFS
Linda Armstrong

Blush and Happenstance
22x30, Pastel $4100
Mary Aslin

14x18, Pastel $1200
Lyn Asselta

24x12, Pastel $NFS
Linee Baird

Looking ahead
20.5x25, Pastel $8000
Gwenneth Barth-White

Easy Pose
8x6, Pastel $NFS
Mike Beeman

All Round
12x12, Pastel $500
Lora Block

Autumns Ending
18x19, Pastel $NFS
Stan Bloomfield

A Voice from the Ancients
24x19, Pastel $400
ronald bork

Twilight on 33rd
24x24, Pastel $3900
Brenda Boylan

Tide and Time
30x40, Pastel $NFS
Kay Bridge

Hearty Reflections
15.75x11.5, Pastel $1500
Mary Ellen Brown

Footsteps #14
25.5" x 19.5", Pastel $5500
Linda Brown

Fishing Beach, Senegal #1
10x15, Pastel $NFS
Carolyn Caldwell

I Am Not a Little Girl Anymore
18x24, Pastel $NFS
Jose Caro

Nest Egg
12x12, Pastel $NFS
Eileen Casey

16x20, Pastel $NFS
Benjamin Cheshire

Sun Lit Beauty II
14x11, Pastel $NFS
Jane Christie

19x16, Pastel $NFS
Jeanne Ciravolo

Times Square
14x30, Pastel $3200
Roberta Combs

Old Mill Road
16x14, Pastel $800
James Comminos

Cape Cod Fog
14x11, Pastel $850
Eden Compton

40x40, Pastel $5000
Janet Cook

On East Bay
20x16, Pastel $NFS
Bre Crowell

Indigo Turban
16x12, Pastel $1200
Carol Dallas

Red Stanchions
16x12, Pastel $1500
Camille Day

24x18, Pastel $2900
Diana De Santis

16x8, Pastel $NFS
Dave Denson

Bayou Blues
12x9, Pastel $600
Kathy Detrano

18x30, Pastel $NFS
Lyn Diefenbach

13x11, Pastel $2000
John Philbin Dolan

The Golden Hour
18x14, Pastel $1300
Joan Dromey

Victor and Pepper
16x20, Pastel $NFS
Margaret Dyer

At Your Service
24x30, Pastel $NFS
Shelly Eager

Day Before Yesterday
22x30, Pastel $NFS
Jennifer Evenhus

February Shadows
11x15, Pastel $800
Diane Fechenbach

Desert Glow
16x12, Pastel $NFS
Judy Felsen

The Eagle at Twilight (Bar Harbor, Maine)
12x18, Pastel $NFS
Jeff Fioravanti

A Good Harvest
16x20, Pastel $NFS
Paula Ann Ford

In the Stacks
18x24, Pastel $NFS
David Francis

Afternoon Light
19x14, Pastel $NFS
Anne Gable Allaire

Doggie Paddle
20x24, Pastel $NFS
Lisa Gleim

At Rest
24x18, Pastel $NFS
Jeri Greenberg

Desert Trail
20x25, Pastel $NFS
Cathy Grygiel

Map of Years
14.5x11.5, Pastel $650
Kathryn Hall

Alsea River
11x14, Pastel $NFS
Jan Hardenburger

Leanne and Mojo and Cell
24x18, Pastel $NFS
Heather Harman

Morning Delivery, Dinan
9x12, Pastel $850
Ray Hassard

Summer in the City
20x27, Pastel $1500
Charlotte Herczfeld

Play Ball
19x17, Pastel $1395
Kathy Hildebrandt

Morning on the River
20x20, Pastel $NFS
Jean Hirons

24x24, Pastel $1200
Amanda Houston

Blue Butterfly
11x14, Pastel $NFS
Karen Howard

Tracks and Shadows
9x11, Pastel $NFS
Judy Howard

Tipping Point
20x16, Pastel $NFS
Karen Israel

Traveling Through
12x24, Pastel $NFS
Barbara Jaenicke

16x12, Pastel $NFS
betty james

Tea Party
18x24, Pastel $500
Maureen Keough

Harbor Dawn
12x36, pastel $NFS
Helen Kleczynski

Silver on Red and Gold
16x12, Pastel $600
Judy Koenig

Bluelike Symptoms
20x16, Pastel $1200
Mike Barret Kolasinski

26x33, Pastel $2400
Deborah LaFogg

Dreams of Youth
18x24, Pastel $2500
Judith Leeds

Afternoon Shadows
12x16, Pastel $1000
Marge Levine

Sunny Side Up #20
16x22, Pastel $NFS
Isabelle V. Lim

The Doppelganger
36x24, Pastel $2800
Patsy Lindamood

24x36, Pastel $NFS
Margaret Lindsey

Couch Potato
12x16, Pastel $NFS
Joyce Lister

Tranquil Days on the Delta
11x14, Pastel $NFS
Kim Lordier

Summer Morning, Merced River
12x24, Pastel $NFS
Margi Lucena

Pencils in Glass Jars with X-acto
33x46, Pastel $NFS
Diane Mann

Eternal Summer
18x24, Pastel $1800
Maria Marino

10.5x10.5, Pastel $NFS
Nancy Marshburn

Great Lunch
12X12, Pastel $NFS
Brenda Mattson

Tuckered Out
19x25, Pastel $NFS
Glen Maxion

Green Oliver
14x18, Pastel $900
Michael McGurk

Moon Dance
12x12, Pastel $NFS
Richard McKinley

October's Red Grasses
12x9, Pastel $NFS
Lee McVey

Time Wounds All Heels
18x24, Pastel $NFS
Nancie King Mertz

Geranium Light
19.5x15 5/8, Pastel $NFS
Maryann Mullett

Radiance II
24x18, Pastel $NFS

Symphony of Color
12x16, Pastel $NFS
Linda Mutti

20x39, Pastel $NFS
Cuong Nguyen

Sunset Over The Atlantic
12x16, Pastel $875
Nancy Nowak

12x10, Pastel $NFS
Christine Obers

Belly Dancer
18x11, Pastel $800
Aline Ordman

Overlook#13 Opening Night
19x29, Pastel $NFS
Matthew Peake

Prairie Road
22x15, Pastel $NFS
Rick Petersen

E-Z Seal
10x8, Pastel $855
Dianna Ponting

October in Connecticut
12x16, Pastel $NFS
Elizabeth Rhoades

September Layers
24x20, Pastel $3200
Dennis Rhoades

Quelque Part
19x19, Pastel $NFS
Danielle Richard

19x25, Pastel $NFS
Vicki Rooney

12x15, Pastel $NFS
Susan Sigel

11x14, Pastel $NFS
Marilyn Simpson

16x12, Pastel $900
Julie Skoda

20x20, Pastel $NFS
Colette Odya Smith

Silent Prayer
11x14, Pastel $NFS
Jeanne Rosier Smith

Chance Encounter
16x12, Pastel $2000
LaVone Sterling

18x12, Pastel $2500
Sally Strand

24x18, Pastel $6000
Christine Swann

14x11, Pastel $1200
Vianna Szabo

Morning Rhythm
14x34, Pastel $900
Karen Tighe

The Rainiers
9x12, Pastel $1275
Marie Tippets

Vintage Red Hat II
11x14, Pastel $750
Jude Tolar

25x19, Pastel $1800
Patricia Tribastone

11x26, Pastel $NFS
Joanne Turner

Serving At Sunset
25x20, Pastel $995
Ingrid Van Slyke

Biosphere Reserve
16x21.5, Pastel $NFS
Gloria Vernon

Blowing Bubbles
8x16, Pastel $NFS
Daggi Wallace

Valley Ridge
24x24, Pastel $NFS
Kurt Weiser

10x8, Pastel $NFS
Trilby Wood