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Recollecting, or, the Passenger Pigeon
10x12x1, Monotype & Letterpress, handmade box $600
Megan Adie

Modern Building Materials
30x40, Mixed Media $4,200.00
Trowzers Akimbo

At Risk
36x18, Oil $2,175.00
Trowzers Akimbo

Mount Hood-September-Sandy River
10x7, original limited-edition screen print $450

Mount Hood-July-Little Zig Zag
10x7, original limited-edition screen print $450

Preening Kestel
8x10, Photography $200.00
michael allred

Loggerhead Shrike with Gopher
8x10, Photography $200.00
michael allred

Vultures In Snow
20x28, Digital Photograph/Inkjet Print $650
David Bartlett

High Steppin
20x24, Oil $2400
Linda Blackburn

Spotted Eyes 4
9x9, Linoleum Reduction Print, limited edition $250
Leslie CheneyParr

Hello Mama
16x24, --Please Select-- $500
David Deeken

Flyin' High
16x24, Photography $500
David Deeken

Greed and Climate Change
24x32, Photography $350
Wendy Denton

Cattle Egret
11x14, Photography $350
Wendy Denton

A Bird in Hand
16x20, Acrylic $925
Rob Fannin

Ross's Geese and Reflections, San Joaquin Valley, California
20x19, Photography $675.00
Michael Frye

Great Egret Landing, San Joaquin Valley, California
16x24, Photography $675.00
Michael Frye

Moonset #1, San Joaquin Valley Wetlands
14 x 22, Photography $350
Franka Gabler

Mandala No. 2
10 x 10 x 2, Feathers, Shells, Seedpods and Quartz Crystal $450.00
Nancy Gesimondo

Workin' Girls
8x10, Oil $450
M. Sonoqui Gillette

Chukar with his Hen
11x17, Soft Pastel $350
Susan Goodmundson

Pelican at Capistrano Beach after the storm
9x12, Photography $150.00
Anne Grandy

33 degrees
5x6x4, Clay on quartz $130
Ann Hart

Piliated Woodpeckers in Cottonwood Snags
6x9x8, Carved gourd w acrylic and pastel. $600
Ann Hart

Red-tailed Hawk
19x14, Photography $250
David Hoffman

Flamingo at Rest
16x14, Photography $240
David Hoffman

Brown Creepers
17x12, Photography $240
David Hoffman

Crow Wing Smudge/Prayer Fan
12x10x2, Mixed Media $500
Sonja Jamison

Raven Song Spirit Nest
12x18x12, Mixed media $347
Ocean Jones

Explorer's Plunder
30x18x5, Mixed Media $425
Kris Kessey

Up? - Gambel's Quail
13x17, Watercolor $950
Kathy Kleinsteiber

Snowy Owl, Bubo scandiacus
19x13, colored pencil $3500
Catherine Kopper

Meet The Critics
11x14, Oil $250
Lauren Kuhn

Red Tailed Hawk in Coastal Fog
12x16, Photography $350
Timothy Loucks

10x18, Photography $360
Danielle Lundberg

Turkey Vulture
14x11, gouache on watercolor paper $1700
Jamie L. Luoto

Calling the Sun
9x7, Etching $400.
Stephanie Martin

Northern Flicker
9x7, Etching and Linocut $400
Stephanie Martin

Personal Effect
24x24, Acrylic, Ink, Graphite, and Smoke Stained Paper on $2,400
Tim McMeans

Look To Distances Dimly Seen
12x20, Acrylic on Carved Birch $1,200
Tim McMeans

It Was Worth It
30x24, Acrylic, Ink, and Smoke Stained Paper on Wood $2,700
Tim McMeans

Snowy Egret And A Pelican
10x13.4, Photography - digital pigment print $1200
Cheryl Medow

Pearl-Spotted Owlet
13x10.4, photography - digital pigment print $1200
Cheryl Medow

Black-Necked Stilt Taking Flight
15x20, Photography $475
G Dan Mitchell

Snow Goose Maelstrom
15x20, Photography $475
G Dan Mitchell

Fall Camouflage Hawk
11x14, Pigment print / photograph $140.00
Kristi Nay

Seagulls Follow the Ferryboat Looking for a Handout
16x24, Photography $300
Jessica Nelson

Baby Green Heron Waiting for Mama
16x24, Photography $300
Jessica Nelson

Great Horned Owl Flight Feather
16x8, Watercolor $575
Sally Owens

Raven Feathers!
19x6, Watercolor $750
Sally Owens

Lighter Than Air: Five Sierra Feathers
21x12, Watercolor $1800
Sally Owens

Hey 49
24x24, Mixed Media $160
Carla Rajnus

Buried Treasure
46x60, Mixed Media $2,400
Faith Rumm

Asian Fishing Oewl
12x12, Reduction linocut $NFS
Barbara Stikker

Burrowing Owl
12x12, Reduction linocut $460
Barbara Stikker

Parisian Pigeons
8x10, Faux mezzotint etching with color drop $250
Barbara Stikker

Finding the right stick delima
9x12, Pencil $$125
Jim Taylor

Avian Tweetum Pole
27 x 7 x7, Clay $400
Rick &Jetty Uebner

Winter is coming
2x12x12, Hand-built porcelain $250
Lisa Van de Water

Muelli25.5n Maze
26x19, woodblock print $585
Melinda Whipplesmith Plank

Oystercatchers at High Tide
24x12, watercolor on wood panel $750
Floy Zittin

Balancing Act
24x18, Acrylic and Prismacolor pencil $400
Linda Zupcic


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