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Shaded Path
18x24, Pastel $2500
rita agron

20" X 26" X 29", SCULPTURE $7000

30x38 framed, acrylic on paper $3200

Bowl, Glass, Glass
12x16, Oil $1300
Dora Atwater Millikin

24x30, Oil $8750
Anna Bain

Protected Destiny
29 x 36, Watercolor $2500
Gloria Baker

Wine and Flowers
6x6, 16 x 20" $3000
Patt Baldino

Rip Van Winkle
30H X 38W, Watercolor $800
Judy Ballance

7x9, Oil $500
Helene Balzarini

Seat By the Window: Montmartre
24x36, Oil $NFS
Jill Banks

12H x 14W x 28L, Indiana Limestone $3500
Serena Bates

Fox In Flight
10x9x40 inches, cherrywood/ironwood $4400
BARBARA Beatrice

9x13.5, Oil on linen $2500
Brenda L Bechtel

20x16, Oil $1500
Holly Bedrosian

S.C. War Dog Memorial Maquette
14"lx12"wx15"H, Bronze $4800
Renee Bemis

Concerto #1
40 x 22 x 3, Reclaimed Piano Keys $2500
Kathleen Bennett Bastis

Private Paradise
30x22, Watercolor $2500
Judi Betts

Nest Bowl
20x16, Oil $800.00
Alex Bigatti

20 x 24, Watercolor $1200
Patricia Billeci

Lisa on 5th
12 h x 6 w, Acrylic $750
JoAnn Bishop

Morning Light
36x24, Oil $2500
Katherine Bleser

Studio Stuff
30x36 inches, Oil $15,000
Terry Oakes Bourret

Mandarins in Glass Bowl on Blue-Checked Cloth
18x20, Watercolor $750.00
Winifred Breines

Dream Flowers
6x6, Watercolor $1100
Carol Z. Brody

Footsteps #12
25.5" x 19.5", Pastel $5500
Linda Brown

Sailboats on the Sound
16x24, Oil $1250
Cary Thorp Brown

Ancient Chambers - Egypt V
25"h x 38"w, Acrylic $1200
Gigi Burboeck

Flatiron Building
22x15 image, Watercolor $1200
Maryann Burton

Winter Wonderland
12x16, Watercolor $500
Sheila Cappelletti

18x24, Oil $800
Kathleen Carey

St. Michael's Mission Revisited
18x24, Pastel $2000
Jacquelyn Cattaneo

Brass, Grapes and Flowers
8" x 22", Oil $1250
Rosanne Cerbo

The Mosque - UAE
30" x 23", Watercolor $2000
Nadine Charlsen

Victorian Village
18x24, Watercolor $600
Marge Chavooshian

20x28 (24x32 framed), Oil $2000
Tatyana Chernikh

Consider the Peony
24" x 36", Acrylic $6000
Janet Clingerman Hsiao

Sara & Parrito
27 h x 21 w, Oil $3900
Janet Cook

Iris La Forza Del Destino
18x24, Watercolor $3000
Greta Corens

IMAGE, Watercolor $750.OO

10x12, Bronze $2800
BJ Coughlin

Take Five
24 x 20, Oil $5000
Dolores D'Achille

Rough Day
30x40, Oil $3000
Carole Dakake

Remembering Maine
14.5 x 22, Watercolor $1200
Doris Davis-Glackin, CLWAC, NWS

Several Friends
9.75 x 12 inches, Etching $750
Viviane de Kosinsky

30x22, Pastel $5,000.
Diana De Santis

White and yellow Mums
18x24, Pastel $2500.
Christina Debarry

Nascent Drummer
6x6, Oil $35.00
Francine DeBevoise

13x6x5 inches, Bronze $2,750
Deborah Dendler

Homage to My Father : An Upholsterer's Arrangement
12x16, Acrylic $
Elizabeth B. Derderian

Assembing the Pieces
24x30, Oil $6000
Stephanie Deshpande

Carolina Fisherman
16 x 19, Watercolor $1150
Danila Devins
16x20, Oil $6500
jomarie di iorio

Marijka in Orange
29 x 24, Pastel $1200
Jeanette Dick

Day Dreaming
8x10, Oil $1,100
Judith Dickinson

14.5x19.5, lithograph on rice paper $650
Liena Dieck

25 x 25 inches, Mixed Media $NFS
Elvira Dimitrij

Cybèle: Déesse of Fertility
8x10, Lime Stone $14,000
Jocelyne Dodier

Jen's Daughter (The Cedar Root Crown)
16 x 20; 18 x 22 framed, Oil $1100.
Carole Doerr Allen

Jay's Jubilation
24x30, Watercolor $1750
Caroline A Doucette

Red Peppers
18x22, oil on linen $800
Katharine Draper

30 x 22, Watercolor $1500
kathleen Durdin

Still Life with Antique Chinese Ginger Jar
20 x 26, Oil on Linen $5,500
Susan Durkee

21 x 21, Oil $NFS
Freya Egretzberger

Passing Time In The Skittles Room
20x24, Charcoal $500
S T Faith

After Rehearsal
24" x 16", Oil on Linen $1800
Kate Faust

Childhood's Edge
16x20, oil on linen $20,000
Deborah Feller

22x25, Charcoal $1200
Mary Felton

Woman in the Window
28x26", colored pencil $1000
Kendra Ferreira

On the Rocks
14x7x4 inches, Bronze $1600
Cathy Ferrell

Abuelo Fumando
16 x 20 inches, Pencil $975
Lidaenis Ferro

Summer Water Lily Series #2
20.5 x 16.5 inches, drypoint, enamel, gilding, chine colle' $650
Carol FitzSimonds

Coney Island Daughters
24x36 inches, Oil $5,000
Sharon Florin

The Old Red Barn
12x16, Pastel $875
Christa Forrest

16x20, Oil $NFS
Lillian Forziat

Hooked on Dancing
24" X 30" (I) 30" X 36" (F), Watercolor $1000
Fran Foy

Beach Painting
20x24, Oil $1425
Samantha Fried

A New Day
32x24 inches, Pastel $2400.0
Julie Friedman

Venetian Fishmarket
24 X 32, Oil $NFS
elaine gaskell-despoelberch

Freedom Crossing Concept Maquette
15x15, Bronze $1500
Susan Geissler

Morning Snack
12x12, Oil $700
Andrea gianchiglia

Red Boat
11x14, Watercolor $250
Helen Giaquinto

18x24, Oil $6000
June Glasson

Evergreen in Fog
8x10, Oil $800
Lisa Gleim

27" x 41", Watercolor $$2,500
randy globus

On Time
12x14, Pastel $500
jeri-NOT greenberg-NOT

Portrait of My Father
16 .5" x 20.5", Oil $NFS
anne gunthner

Bear Country
14"x19", Pastel $1500
Annette Hanna

Wordlessly Watching
21.5” x 26.5”, Oil $2000
Laurie Harden

Ht 15" x 12" x 12", Bronze $NFS
Linda Head

Touching Your Heart
21x17x10, Stoneware Clay $2800
Priscilla Heep-Coll

Cape Charles Railroad
10 x 15, Watercolor $875
Patricia Herlihy

Open Your Heart
6x6, W=12" D=9" H=23" $$5,000
Joan Hermanson

Tidal Flow
11x14, Oil $1250
Carolyn Hesse-Low

22 x 28, Oil $NFS
elisa holderman

The Guardian
25x25, Oil $1575
Susan Hollis

His Honor
9 x 7, Bronze $6000
Lee Hutt

The Other Side of Amaryllis
22x15, Watercolor $700
joan iaconetti

Portrait of Dolph Treymon
30 x 36 inches, Graphite and gouache on paper $NFS
Yuka Imata

The Original Chat Room
12 x 18 without frame, Pastel $2100
Christine Ivers

Red Headed Woman
18x7x7, Clay $2800
sylvia jacobson

After Dinner
24x30, Oil $4800
Karen Kaapcke

Star Quality
10x11, Oil $950
Lucy Kalian

Jenise in Her Kimono
20x16, Oil $1800
Tricia Kaman

Weber Farm
42"w x 31"h, Oil $10000
Florence Kaplan

The Libreria
30x40, Watercolor $3400
chizuru Kaplan

Laughing Cow II
22x28, Pastel $2800
Betsy Kellum

10 x 24, etching $450
Flo Kemp

Montego Bay
22 x 18, Pastel $700
Maureen Keough

Oregon Field
22 1/2" x 30 1/2", Pastel $1,800.
Terry Kessler Schwarz

Self-Portriat as Mother of Yi Sun-shin
30x40, Oil $27,000
Nam Soon Kim

lotus 3: study in silver
16.5" x 15", pen + ink with gouache $850
Catherine Kinkade

Coconut Palm II
32 x 23 inches, framed, Pastel $1100
Susan Klinger

Urban Landscape II
18 X 22 inches, Mixed Media on Paper $2100.
Bernice Koff

Red Hook, Brooklyn
33x41, Oil $3900
Jeanette Koumjian

14" x 6.5" x 4", Black Marble $1800
Jean Kroeber

Sea Spray Avenue
16 x 20, Oil $900
Ann Kromer

Plums, Apples, and a Yellow Rose
30x22, Watercolor $3200
Chris Krupinski

Highline View
12x12, Oil $1200
Anne Kullaf

In Three Part Harmony
30 x10, woodcut $950
Joan Lane

Flamenco Recital III
14x19, Watercolor $3,200
Carolyn Latanision

Red Shoes
18x24, Oil $2200
Joyce Lawrence

Harvest Time
26x11, Alabaster Stone Sculpture $6000
Antonia Layton

Dreams of Youth
18x24, Pastel $2200
Judith Leeds

Mr. Kelleys Morning Paper
16 x 16, Oil $3500
Rebecca Leer

Crow Creek Farm I
11.75 x 8.75 inches, Pastel $500
Marge Levine

The Gift
20x16, Oil $4800
Barbara Lewis

An Aside
33"x26", graphite pencil on paper $NFS
Arlene Lieberman

Em Busca
9x12, Oil $1500
Juliana Limeira

10x14x16, Stone $3800
Jinx Lindenauer

Three Horses
15 x 9 x 10 inches, Bronze $36000.
Sandra Lira

21" x 11" x 6", Bronze $3600
jacqueline Lorieo

The Girls
12x16x7, Copper glaze $2500
Setha Low

Kim and Braille Book
18x24, Bronze $7500
Elizabeth MacQueen

Piazza San Marco, Venice, The Bird Lady 2012
22x28, Acrylic/Canvas $10500
Nina Maguire

Fifth and Broadway
14x20, Watercolor $NFS
Paola Mangiacapra

Androscoggin River from Mt. Will
8x16, Oil $800
Mary M Maran

Early Morning
23"-H X 7 1/4"-W X 8"-D, Bronze $8400
gwen marcus

La Sirena
18x24, oil on Belgian linen $5,000
Lydia Martin

Clock Tower, Capri
38"h*30"w framed, Watercolor $1275.
Jinnie May

Pilot Hat
18x24, Pastel $900
Sydney McGinley

Halcyon II
13 x3.25 x 8.5, Bronze $1300
Georgene McGonagle

Red Rocks at Bobcat
9x12, Pastel $700
Jane McGraw-Teubner

Sunset Almys Marsh
8x10, Oil $1800
Johanna McKenzie

Madeline in Repose
26x34, colored pencil $600
Eleanor Meier

Billy's Chair
8x10, Watercolor $NFS
Merry Meredith

The Cartier Building, NYC
18.75 x 13.25, Watercolor $1800
Lisa Miller

Atlantic Surf
11x34, Pastel $1200
Eve Miller

Snow Horse
11x14, on suede $NFS
Brenda Mills

Resolve_Portrait of the Artist's Father
14x18, Oil $nfs
Nicole Moné

30 x 8, Bronze $6000
iris nardini

12x12, Bronze $
Dora Natella

A Brave Warning
36x36, Acrylic $2300
Erin Nazzaro

The Debaters, Luxembourg Gardens
22 x 30, Watercolor $1900.
mary ann neilson

Hurricane Sandy - And what remains
13" L x 8" H x 5" D, Bronze $NFS
Carey Boone Nelson

12" x 28', Oil $2200
Connie Netherton

Hardboiled Lemon and Egg Squeezer
16 X 20, Oil $7995
D. Wynne Nixon

Portrait of Sara
11x14, Oil $2000.
mary o'connell

16x13.5, etching $300
Marian O'Connell

16x20'', Oil $800
Teresa Ochoa

Dancer's Intermission
22x26, Oil $1500
Chong-sun Oh

Dream Big
24 x 26 inches ( actual framed size ), Watercolor $2000
Roberta Oliver

19.5 X 26.5, Pastel $2400
Aubrey OMeara

Yellow Fan
16" x 28", Oil $1500
Sherri Paul

This Moment
18x12, Pastel $800
Andrea Pejeau

Old Friends
28 x 22, Watercolor $1000
Ann Pember

Lost Love
24x30, Oil $NFS
Bev Perdue

Kin Protea
20x24 (framed), Watercolor $600
Lois Perlman

Just Browsing
11 x 12 x 5, Bronze $2400
Louise Peterson

Nuns Eating Gelato
28 x 23, Watercolor $1200
Susan Philips

Room #12
30x40, Acrylic $NFS
Sandra Frost Piatti

Nature in the Abstract
11x14, Colored Pencil $900
Andrea Placer

The Lingering Shadows
28x24x12, Bronze on Marble Base $12,000
Alicia Ponzio

24" x 36", Graphite and oil paint $NFS
Gail Postal

This Way and That
13"x7", etching $350
susan pyzow

18x24, Oil $2000
Bonnie Rapaport

My Familiar
21 x 26.5, Watercolor $2150
Sharon E Rawlins

Washington Square Arch
27 x 21, Watercolor $2700
Arlene B. Robbins

28 x 36, Watercolor $1200
Doris Roberts

Sprague Lake Morning
22" x 30", Watercolor $800
Charlotte Rollman

Alhambra Panorama
17.5x22, Watercolor $2000
Holly Meeker Rom

17x21, Watercolor $650
Marilyn Rose

Night Sea Journey
27 x 39", Mixed Media $6000
Diane Rosen

24x29, Watercolor $1300
marianne rothballer

12x16, Oil $4000
jada rowland

20 x 30, Oil on Linen $9500
Beth Rundquist

The Sunday Gardener
14x18 inches, Oil $1,400.
Monique Sakellarios

24x30, Oil $12000
EunJoo Lee Seward

14"Hx10"Wx12"L, Bronze $3700
Kim Shaklee

laura in a blue sweat shirt
18"x 22" Framed, On Canson Paper $N.F.S.
Marie Sheehy-Walker

Bend in the River
24x30, Oil $2200
Wenda Shelter

18x24, conte $1200
barbara simonson

To Coulommiers
8x10, Oil $NFS
Eileen Dawn Skretch

After the Storm
18x24, Pastel $3200
Rae Smith

Study of a Hand (Self-Portrait)
4.25" h x 10.5" l x 6.25" w, Carrara Marble Bianco Puro $NFS
Mary DeWitt Smith

20 x 20, Acrylic on Canvas $3000
Vlasta Smola

Where's Caleb's Cookie?
16x20, Oil $3000
Gaile Snow Gibbs

Fall Hawthorn
7x5, Acrylic $
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger

22"W X 30"H, Watercolor $
Denise Sperry

The Actress
13.5 x 10.5, Watercolor $800
Susan Spivack

Summer at Paradise Cove
14x18 inches, Oil $950
Andrea Stanley

Falling Into Place
32x21, Colored Pencil $6000
Arlene Steinberg

Savannah Shadows
21 x 29, Watercolor $
Jane Stoddard

Down the Shore Everything's Alright
16" x 12 1/2 ", gouache $850
Anita Strand

h=15 w=11 d=11, Bronze $3500
judith sumin

Devil Grasshopper
16x19, soft ground etching, silk-screening, embossing $1200
Susan Talbot-Hoffmann

End of a Long Dirt Road
14 x 16, Monotype (Hand-Pulled Print) $775
D. Tomash

I Will Always Remember You
9x10, Graphite pencil $2,000
May Rolstad Trien

Blue Moon
8"x6", woodcut print $200
Emily Trueblood

30x40, Oil $4200
Ann Trusty

11x6x5, Bronze $1500
Amy Bright Unfried

Blue designs
7h X 14w, Watercolor $900
Carlina Valenti

Rough Surf
19x21, Oil $1000
Mary Ann Viola

18x20.5 inches (framed), Acrylic $1800
Sue Wall

24x30, Watercolor $3000
Gail Wegodsky

Pewter Pot & Melody of Fruit
18x24, Oil $3000
Linda West

9x12, Woodblock Print $800
Idaherma Williams

14x20, Watercolor $NFS
Nora Winn

Pine trees
11.3/4 x 14.3/4, Oil Pastel $500
Kathleen R Worgul

For you
27x30, oil on canvas $4000
Maria Yakov

Arrangement Pending
11.5x19, Mixed Media $1,300
Caroline S. Young

looking forward
26"x 20", Pencil $NFS
joyce zeller

37x11x16, A resin sculpture $5000
Susan Zurles