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Misty day
9x12, Watercolor $5000
Lia Ali

50x37, Acrylic $NFS
Michael Alpay

20x16, Photography $200
Patricia Bates

Whats up?
16x20, Photography $200
Patricia Bates

48x24, Oil $1500
Norm Beal

A Stroll on the Venice Boardwalk
11x14, Digital Photography $450
Susanne Belcher

Color Blast From Downtown LA
32x43, Digital Photo Collage $1100
Susanne Belcher

woman of India
22x17, Watercolor $750
Lana Blades

35x32, Acrylic $1300
shawn blair

Hate Does Not Make America Great - Women's March LA
11x14, Digital Art $275
Karol Blumenthal

She's Stylin'
14x11, Digital Art $275
Karol Blumenthal

Chekhov's Three Sisters
48x60, collage of acrylic skins, acrylic paint, polymer $900
Marie Chapian

Foot Bridge
8x10, Photography $60
Martha Chapin

Quite Dunes
8x10, Photography $60
Martha Chapin

16x20, Photography $300
Joanne Chase-Mattillo

Secret Forest
12x12, Acrylic on Canvas $225
Joan Foster

Natures Prism
12x36, Mixed Media on Canvas $450
Joan Foster

Down the Tubes
18x24, Mixed Media $600
Sharon Fyfe

She Dances
11x14, Acrylic $350
Sharon Fyfe

Druze Woman in Doorway
14x11, Acrylic $950
Sharon Fyfe

24x36, Oil $450
Ursula Gallenkamp

11x14, Photography $250
Ursula Gallenkamp

Blue Kiss
20x16, Mixed Media $500
Susan Gesundheit

Linear Living Room
18x24, Watercolor $500
Susan Gesundheit

30x22, Watercolor $1200
Carole Gillin

20x30, Photography $600
Dennis Griffin

Tribal Woman with Extraordinary Adornments
11x14, Photography $250.00
Helen Hasenfeld

Inner Freedom
30x24, Mixed Media $850
Dorothea Heger

Autumn in Avila
20x15, Watercolor $925
Judy Heimlich

somber mood
18x24, Oil $850
Walter Hurlburt

Nasty Woman
18x24, Mixed Media $699
Jackie Johnston

Fall Fantasy
18x24, Oil $1200
Tricia Kaman

Blue Salsa Dress
20x16, Soft Pastel $975
Tricia Kaman

Hurry sundown
12x16, Photography $200
Ken Kochakji

Cherry Blossom Road
12x16, Photography $300
Ken Kochakji

22x15, acrylic $925
Regine Legler

Mystic Forrest
48x48, Acrylic $5,000
Julie Lopez

Snake Goddess
16x8x8, mixed media assemblage partly variable piece $NFS
Kwei-lin Lum

8x10x2, Mixed Media $NFS
Kwei-lin Lum

A Delicate Balance, Five to Twelve Dolls and a Blue-Eyed Chinaman
16x18x14, Mixed media variable piece, white mat is not part $NFS
Kwei-lin Lum

Raised in the Rainforest
22x28, Acrylic $850
Pamela Marie

Hot Space
12x12, Mixed Media $250.00
Rachelle Mark

Self Portrait
20x16, Photography $400.00
Rachelle Mark

High Heel
16x4x5, vintage fiberglass mannequin leg, plastic, tissue, $1050
Susan Melly

On the Needle
48x36x3, Mixed Media $11250
Susan Melly

Look Into My Eyes
9x12, Pencil, Pen Ink, and Acrylic $NFS
Cathy Nestroyl

23Hx8Dx8W, Fabric on Bronze $2900
Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza

20Hx9Dx5W, Bronze $2900
Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza

The Pianist in Red
24x20, Oil $2800
Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza

A Zen Moment
24x18, Oil $1800
Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza

The Roger Brown Chair
48x24, Oil $2750
Michele Peabody Myers

In the Closet
36x18, Oil $3250
Michele Peabody Myers

48x72, Oil $3500
Gregory Radionov

32x30, Oil $3000
Gregory Radionov

48x24, Collage $600.00
Linda Rand

Circles of Love,Circles of Life
24x24, Mixed Media $525.00
Linda Rand

Breakthrough For America
48x24, Oil $1500
Margie Russomanno

The Orchid
22x30, Oil $400.00
Sara Shai

Through Darkness There is Light
36x48, Acrylic $NFS
Carla Simonian

Dream A Little Dream For Me
24x18, Soft Pastel $3000
susan spector

Eyes Have It I
30x20, Mixed Media $600
Young Summers

Santa Monica Sails
30x40, Digital art $500
Barbara Tabachnick

Beijing Bride
10x13, Mixed Media $300
Barbara Tabachnick

Morning Walk
10x8, Digital $225
Barbara Tabachnick

Old Stockholm
16x12, Acrylic Ink $300
Barbara Tabachnick

Hate Has No Place Here
16x12, Digital $225
Barbara Tabachnick

24x36, Soft Pastel $2900
Daggi Wallace

30x20, Soft Pastel $2000
Daggi Wallace

The Rising
16x20, Digital $225
Nicole Wilde

Leap of Faith
12x18, Digital $225
Nicole Wilde

Yin and Yang
16x20, Oil $150
Janet Yoo