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Teaching an Old Frog New Tricks
12x12, Acrylic $999
Adrienne Aaronson

Black Veil
8x8, acrylic with resin and cheesecloth $150
Marisa Andropolis

In Style
13x11, Oil $625
Betsy Ashton

NYC Cool
16x13 irregular canvas, Acrylic/raised surface/foamcore $800
carole barlowe

The Turning Leaves
8x11, monotype $650
Deborah Beck

Shem Creek
9x12, Mixed Media $200
Sara Slee Brown

Moon Rise Diner
9x12, Mixed Media $200
Sara Slee Brown

By the Sea
10x8, oil on wood $700
Amalia Brujis

Raspberry Bullseye
5x7, Oil $300
Maria Bruzas-Zinkus

On The Heels of Change
11x14, Acrylic, Newspaper, Pen, Pencil on Canvas. $475
Jenny Casey

Daydream #7
8x8, Oil $750
Patricia Czepiel Hayes

Camilla I
3x5x3, Bronze $1200
Camilla Marie Dahl

Rigel II
4x7x3, Bronze $1600
Camilla Marie Dahl

10x12, Oil $1200
Dawn Dahl

12x12, Ink on Paper $300
Daryl Daniels

8x10, EGG TEMPERA $300
susan decastro

Peacock Feathers
7" diameter, Mixed Media Embroidered Collage $900
Carol Dixon

Florid Muse
8x6x2, Glass Reverse Painting and Mirror background insid $175
Ladan Ebrahimian

Common Merganser with Ducklings
9x12, acrylic on canvas board $1495
Victoria Ermler

Green Orchid
9x12, acrylic on canvas board $595
Victoria Ermler

The Engine
8x8, Photography $175
Cynthia Fleury

8x10, Oil $300
Aida Garrity

14x11, Oil $600
Antoaneta Georgieva

Little Ruin
2.5" x 2.5" x .75", Clay $100
Maria Giuliani

Grid I
6x6, Oil $300
Mimi Herrera-Pease

10x8, Acrylic $300
Rita Herzfeld

Lolita's PTSD
9x12, Oil $750
Erin Hinz

Reconstructive Uterine Cavity - Uterus Replacement
8x6x1, hand-fabricated copper, pierced, Swarovski crysta $11400
Holland Houdek

Joshua Tree Sentinal
9x12, Acrylic $300
Shelley Hull

11x14, Oil $750
veronica jaeger

13x7x10, Bronze $2200
HR "Heather" Kaiser

Fleur 1
15x8, Colored pencil on fleur $350
Carole Richard Kaufmann

10x10, Mixed Media $700
Cristina Keller

Stormy Weather
8x8, paper collage $600
Lorraine Klagsbrun

Identity Petal 1
18x24, Oil $3500
Brandy Kraft

Village Elder
10x7, Oil $1000
Christina Kuo

Panel Lings#2: Flotsam
10x10, silver point on panel $1100.00
Elaine Langerman

Russia girl
13x6x13, clay $350
Estelle Lippman

Allen's Fresh
9x12, Oil $400
Susannah Lynch

By the River
10x10, Collage and oil on wood panel $1,000
Melissa Montiel

Journey #45
13x15, Photolithograph Print $1600
Zahra Nazari

No Parking Parking
11x14, Oil $525
Deborah Newman

Sunrise over the Hudson
8x10, Digital $300
Peggy Opalek

5x5x1, bone, acrylic, stone, in wood frame, 1.5 inches de $300
Victoria Pendragon

Rain,Fifth Ave(9320)
10x8, Photography $195
Susan Phillips

8x5, Stone Lithograph $400
Colleen Pike-Blair

Storm Comin In
11x14, Oil $750
Terri Porta

Graffiti Walls
8x10, Acrylic $500
Leah Raab

Table with Flowers
8x10, cut paper collage $600
Patricia Ritchie

Hawaii Sunset
8x10, Watercolor $300
Nancy Rosen

Flowers 19
10x8, Mixed Media $180
Raquel Rub

Gate of Paradise
6x8x1, ceramic $480
Anabel Rub Peicher

Blowing in the Wind
12x12, Acrylic $400
Diane Salamon

Beginnings I
10x12, Acrylic $225
Anne Sanger

Until lately
12x12, Mixed Media $280
Mira Satryan

Lyrical Spirit
7x10, Digital $2500
Patricia Search

View From Above
12 x 12, Mixed Media $600
Linda F Sicher

Ending His Struggle
8x10, Porcelain Glazed Plaque (Wall Hung) $1200
Barbara Smith

Lone Ranger
12x15, Photography $300
Jill Sneidman

A Delicate Position
7x7, collage cut pasted paper $300
Ruth Terrill

11x8, Etching $175
Matina Marki Tillman

Iridescent Green Crochet Loop with Two Gold Birds
10x7x5, Bronze $1100
Amy Bright Unfried

Spacial Duality #3
11x14, oil on linen $450
Anne Vandycke

Light Beams
5x7, Pens, markers $45.67
Vanessa Velez

Stepping into the Light
8x12, Photography/Digital Pigment Print $200
Pamela Waldroup

8x10, Acrylic $80
Laura Weinberg

8x8, Mixed Media $425
Susan Williams

7x9, Photography $200
Constance Sloggatt Wolf

Sweet Briar College 10-16
12x12, concrete with papers, acrylic, pencil, ink $350
patricia zalisko

4x 2.6 x 0.125, Plexiglass $100
Madeline Zappala