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seat of the soul
24x30, chroma 3D art viewed with glasses for 3D effect $1500
Roya Adjory

48x40, Oil $2600
Richard Barnett

Shoot for the Sun - Yellowstone National park
8x10, Photography $70
Hannibal Bauliah

Waiting To Enter, Ellis Island
24x30, Mixed Media $2000
Robin Becker

Reclining Pose of a Figure
40x40, Acrylic $750
Shant Beudjekian

mysterious eyes
18x24, Watercolor $1800
Lana Blades

911 Memorial
11x14, Digital Art $250
Karol Blumenthal

North of Cloverdale
9x12, Oil $450
John Brunnick

Koi Kiss
19x23, Fabric Dye on Silk $850
Carole Carpenter

Lincoln on Toast
3x6x6, Ceramic toast with iron oxide image transfer $75
Rebecca Catterall

Peruvian Princess
10x14, Watercolor $325
Susan Defreitas

Volcano Sunset
12x18, Watercolor $800
Patricia Derby

Water Spirit
12x18, Digital $900
Matthew Derezinski

24x32, Photography $750
Doug Dolde

17x11, Oil on panel $750
Dianne Dominguez

Father Angel, Jaffa 2016
14x11, Acrylic $1450
Sharon Fyfe

#8 - Shades of Gray Series
16x12, Mixed Media $400
January Garabedian

27x16x10, Mixed/media assemblage (with found objects)on mann $875
Donna Geist Buch

Sacred Grove of Artemis
12x10x1, sterling silver and naturally shed deer antler $1500
Stacy Haviland

14x18, Mixed Media $975
Judy Heimlich

24x24, Oil $900
Debra Hintz

Black Petunia
7x11, Watercolor $300
jeanne Iler

Poipu Brilliance
18x24, Oil $3000
Kathy Jonokuchi

The Middling Gar
9x40x5, Longnosed gar skull, forged Copper, enameled coppe $2200
Kolle Kahle Riggs

36x24, Acrylic $1500

© Leaf Art - Fire on Ice
18x20x13, Silk cocoon, thread, wire and a wood baseCocoon $2000
Smadar Knobler

12x16, Photography $300
Ken Kochakji

30x40, Mixed Media $550
Didier Levy

Orchid Blessing
36x18, Acrylic $875
Ginger Linden Cross

Ultra Blue Range
18x24, Collage $750
Moises Mendoza

24x30, Fiber-based, silver halide print $1800
Michael Miner

Beauty at the Beach
24x36, Photography $650
Bryan Nash-Sapphire

9x12, Mixed Media $500
Cathy Nestroyl

Rain On The Window
14x20, Watercolor $650
Idelle Okman Tyzbir

Bone Yard
15x30, Color Pencil $3800
Andrew Purdy

18x24, Digital $2000
Patrick Ramsey

12x24, Acrylic and manipulated canvas $300
Kerry Rutherford

18x14, Oil $1200
Eugenia Shapiro

Urban Fairy Tales Series Witchs vHouse no 5
25x19, Watercolor and Inks on Yupo Paper $800
Nela Steric

Desert Sun
11x8, Monotype $300
Barbara Tabachnick

Untitled 2, 24x24 inch mixed media
24x24, Mixed Media $900
Valerie van Gelder

Nora -Evil
8x10, edited photo image $200
Neda Veljovic-Winter

Bird of Paradise
18x18, Oil $3200
Elaine Verchick

for Mona
26x6x4, assemblage $700.00
melinda warren

Natural Beauty
18x8, dye on silk mounted as lamp $145
Linda Weiss

Mama Quilla
18x24, pen and ink/oil $1800
Dave Zaboski

Between Cultures
12x16, Photography $480
Mara Zaslove

Natural Abstractions #10
24x12, Collage $1100
Robert Zimdahl