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Passion Prayer
40x30, Encaustic, Collage and Oil on Wood $5000
Lucinda Abra

Homage to Isaac Witkin: The Magician
60x40, Acrylic $10000
Thelma Appel

Your Future is in My Eyes
8x8, Colored Pencil $400
Genie Appel-Cohen

Travels with Sigmund Freud
30x30, Collage _no paint ) mounted on board $1999
Susan Ashley

Muriel and Me
24x24, Mixed Media $800
Melissa Behr

First Light
36X30, Mixed Media $2500
Melissa Behr

Bouquet by the River
34x34, Oil on Linen $2600
Helen Bell

Mother Teresa
15x11.5, Digital paper collage $400
Mary Jo Ben-Nun

40x40, Oil on Canvas $9800
Deborah Bigeleisen

Do Not Look Away (Berlin)
12x16, Photography $25
Patricia Brody

16x16, Photography $25
Patricia Brody

16x20, Photography $350
Judith Cantor

15x20, Photography $350
Judith Cantor

12x12, Oil $500
Elena Caravela

22x34, Watercolor on yupo $1150
Anita Helen Cohen

Pensando en Miro X
11x15, silverpoint - Plike paper collage $1500
Jeannine Cook

Son Jardin Botanique
24x48, Oil $2000
Jennifer Jean Costello

Entre nous
36x48, Oil $2200
Jennifer Jean Costello

Heads Up
22x30, Soft Pastel $1800
bernadette decesare

1951 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck
48x60, acrylic, charcoal, ink $6000
Shannon Fannin

La Dama con Abanico
19x24, Micro-pointillism $1100
Donna Faranda

Garden Party
22x26, Micto pointillism $1100
Donna Faranda

A Drift in Dreamland
21x29, Micro pointillism $1100
Donna Faranda

Looking For Pretty Pink
24x18, Watercolor on Clayboard
Annika Farmer

Entre Nosotras
48x48, Woodcut Relief Print $3500
Natasha Feliciano

Days end on the Maine Coast
12x18, Soft Pastel $900
Candice Ferguson

Path to Enlightenment
18x24, Soft Pastel $1100
Candice Ferguson

Sylvia!! ...Still One Sexy Broad!!
30x20, wall paint/acrylic wood/wire on back $675
Carole Goldman

Rain Walk
30x40, Oil $3000
Cassandra Gordon-Harris

Summer Peas
30x40, Oil $3500
Cassandra Gordon-Harris

Cloud Portraits No.5
18x24, Archival digital C-print limited edition $1500
Sandra Gottlieb

Balancing Act
16x5x9, Stoneware, Raku fired $NFS
Ronnie Gould

Considering the Future
24x10x10, Stoneware, raku fired and wood $NFS
Ronnie Gould

The Golden Cap
24x12, Mixed Media $1800
Robin Halpern

The Three Faces of Charlotte
24x12, Mixed Media $1800
Robin Halpern

Post Pop~Art
10x8, Mixed Media $700
Robin Halpern

Morikami I
11x14, Photography $300
Susan Hammond

Morikami V
11x14, Photography $300
Susan Hammond

9x7x7, Clay $NFS
Linda Head

elevation no. 4
36x36, Oil $2800
Sarah Hull

elevation no. 7
36x36, Oil $2800
Sarah Hull

Boys of Summer
24x30, Oil $5000
Tanya Isaacson

Clouds 5
20x24, Photography $250
Ethel Jimenez

Clouds 6
20x24, Photography $250
Ethel Jimenez

Generations Of The Look Of Love
27x24x21, Bronze $12000
HR "Heather" Kaiser

Please call me by my true names
18x24, Mixed Media $3000
Rori Kang

A New Day
20x16, Soft Pastel $650
Deepali Kapatkar

Ready to Take on the World
20x16, Soft Pastel $650
Deepali Kapatkar

Road to Happiness
18x24, Watercolor $6500
Shushanik Karapetyan

Bouquet d'Or
14x7x13, Stoneware $1000
anna kasabian

Day of the Dream
8x11, Colored Pencil on watercolor paper $900
Jill Kline

9x16, Colored Pencil on watercolor paper $900
Jill Kline

Metamorphous of Regina
12x24, Acrylic and Pastel $1500
Maria Kolodziej-Zincio

24x36, Oil $1750
Pamela Lenorovitz

30x24, Oil $1500
Pamela Lenorovitz

24x36, Oil $1750
Pamela Lenorovitz

16x16, Digital Photography $195
Marcia Losh

Piazza San Marco, The Bird Lady
22x28, Canvas $10500
Nina Maguire

Neon Spiral
16x16, Digital $800
willie marlowe

Flowers in the Field (detail of installation)
9x540x324 (photo courtesy of Christina Goldberg), Cut and sanded re-cycled plastic bottles, acrylic $3500
Elizabeth Miller McCue

21x27, Soft Pastel $1300
Lynn Morgan

Zinnia Wheels
24x36, oil over sealed watercolor on board $2500
Cynthia Mullins

Reds in the Garden
18x18, oil over sealed watercolor on board $975
Cynthia Mullins

Brief Glimpse of Bliss
11x15, Oil on oil paper $1800
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

Hope and Fear
24x36, Oil on panel $10500
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

Tutto Rosso - Crushed #1
24x24, Oil $1200
Carol Perron Sommerfield

Glacier Falls
36x36, Oil on Anodized Aluminum $4800
Kathryn Poch

40x30, Acrylic $1800
Cici Porter-Groupé

24x18, Acrylic $600
Cici Porter-Groupé

11x8, Photography $150
Leah Raab

Fallen Leaves
96x120x36, Fused Glass $10000
Renee Radenberg

Homage to Mata Ortiz
12x9, Linocut $485
Arline Reimann

12x9, Linocut $485
Arline Reimann

16x20, Acrylic $450
Iliana Rodriguez

A Room with a View
14x19, Photograph Montage $500
Roslyn Rose

Tree of Life
24x30, Oil $1200
Maxine Schreiber

Young Boy
22x30, Watercolor $950
Penny Seldin

Tales of Simone
15x19, Digitallly Altered Photography $250
Phyllis Shenny

Eydie and Eye
16x20, Digitally Painted Photography $250
Phyllis Shenny

15x19, Digitally Altered Photography $250
Phyllis Shenny

36x24, Photography $2900
Anica Shpilberg

Per Aspera ad Astra ( Through Thorns to Stars)
65x81, Acrylic $
Marlene Siff

Gone Fishing
5x7, mixed: watercolor, ink pen, collage $125
Linda Snider-Ward

Daily Garden
6x4, ink drawing; digital color $125
Linda Snider-Ward

Dr. Joseph Moscati, Hopeful Prayers
9x12, Photography $175
doreen e. valenza

9x12, Photography $175
doreen e. valenza

Ballerinas in Class IV
30x44, oil with knives $2500
Joyce Werwie Perry

Hope 9-16
40x40, Mixed Media $3350
patricia zalisko

Dream Vision
42x28, graphite and pastel on paper $4250
Tobi Zausner

The Wheel
50x58, oil on canvas $12000
Tobi Zausner

Hear the Notes
30 x 22, gouache on paper $1600, unframed
Abby Zonies

Quite the Surprise
29" x 41", gouache on paper $1800.00 unframed
Abby Zonies