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16x24, Photography $240
Michele Algreen

Gaze of Bast
14x19, Watercolor $500
Janet Archuleta

24x20, Watercolor $2500
Janet Archuleta

An Old Farm
12x16, Oil $300
Wira Babiak

16x24, Photography $399
Robynn Balduf

Gordon's Creek
24x20, Oil $1200

20x16, Pencil $1000
Maria Bawn

African Violets
15x11, Colored pencil $600
Maria Bawn

Transendental Breeze
36x48, Mixed Media $2500
Melissa Behr

Valmont Relic
11x9, Watercolor $125
Catherine Bender

Lone Post Ranch
10x14, Watercolor $125
Catherine Bender

Longs Peak Sunrise
20x30, Photography $375
Dennis Bennett

Shadow Land
12x19, Watercolor $1080
Tom Blaue

16x12x8, Wood $1600
Tom Blaue

The Glance
11x16x7, Raku Ceramic (Stand: Steel, Stone) $2150
RW Broome

rise and shine
36x36, Acrylic $1800
Melissa Byers

Truffle Dreams
12x16, Acrylic with collaged film skin $300
Diane Calkins

Imitations Dali
9x12, Acrylic $185
Boris Carrasco

Small Garden
30x40, Acrylic $1997

24x30, Oil $800
elizabeth cole

Cupcake Truck
16x20, Oil $850
Wicks David

Davi-Russ-1West Elk Mountains Sunrise
24x18, Photography $400
Russell Davis

The Lake
11x14, Pen and Ink on Birch Panel $425
Sarah Davis

Havasu Splendor
30x22, Watercolor $1280
Alison Dickson

Magpie's Fine Balance
12x18, Acrylic $530
Margaret Donharl

Fourteen Directions
30X24, Oil and Mixed Media $900
Harriet Edelstein

Cicular Rhythms
16x20, encaustic collage, handmade paper, copper artifact $350
Gail Edwards

1951 Frazer
14x18, Watercolor $650
Paula Eldridge

Day Dreaming
18x24, Soft Pastel $3,800.00
John Evans

16x20, Soft Pastel $2,500.00
John Evans

We Are Surrounded
32x38, Acrylic/pastel/ geod/ led light that rotates rain $6500
Mary (Satya) Fallahay

Almost Spring
12x16, Soft Pastel $375
Susan Q. Foster

Reptile Partners
14x14, Photography $350
Ben Foster

Raining Cats & Dogs
12x12, Oil $450
Suzanne Frazier

Planina Rose
11x9, Soft Pastel $500
Melody Fuller

Czechoslovakian Folk Singer
10x8, Watercolor $250
Melody Fuller

Alberts Squirrel
20x16, Acrylic $650
Ray Geier

Heading Down
46x24, Acrylic $2600
Ray Geier

Along the Oregon Trail
12x14, Watercolor $895
Anne Gifford

Golden Solitude
18x14, Watercolor $1150
Anne Gifford

Off the Track
15x24, Acrylic $350
Barry Gillespie

The Sun Worshipers
20x30, Photography $425
Elane Graves

24x36, Acrylic $2000
Andrew Groth

9x11, Soft Pastel $299
jane Haflich haflich

Cobblestones and Ruins
16x16, Oil $770
Molly Hargarten

Early Morning Walk
8x10, oil pastels $300
Nina Hausfeld

Summer Sheep
10x20, Oil $1500
Steven Homsher

Blue Mountains Sedona
18x24, Acrylic $750
Anne Hooker

19x13, Photography $275
Brian Hooker

Last Face
7x26, Photography $290
Brian Hooker

Hidden Treasure
16x18x9, Bronze $3250
Janis Houston

24x30, Oil $500
Sarah Howanec

30x40, Oil $700
Sarah Howanec

36x36, Acrylic $200
Christine Jarvis

Voice in the River
40x40, Acrylic $2500
Jennifer Johnson

8x10, Acrylic $800
Jennifer Johnson

West of Cherryvale
30x40, Acrylic $2100
Dave Kennedy

The Fin
8x8, Oil $350
Jan Kirkpatrick

Mirror Lake Morning
14x11, Oil $350
Ernest Komarek

24x36, Photography $450
Danny Lam

Lake Isabelle View
11x14, Soft Pastel $625
Mary Lane

20x30, Photography $375
Michael Lewis

18x24, Acrylic $950
Lynn LiCalsi

9x12, Oil $175
Ani Liggett

24x20, Soft Pastel $900
Ramona Macy

12x18, Photography $275
Paul Malinowski

12x18, Photography $275
Paul Malinowski

Running with the Palominos
20x27, Soft Pastel $1100
frances marino

The Turquoise Stone
24x36, Acrylic $1100
frances marino

11x15, Watercolor $200
Judith Martin

Where I Go
12x24, Acrylic $600
Lori Mattina

11x8, Watercolor $200
Jan Maynard

Please Adopt Me
20x15, Watercolor $750
Barbara McKee

Pretty Pink Peonies
16x20, Mixed Media $250
Margaret Melander

Red Wall
9x16, Photography $225
Frank Merrem

30x22, Soft Pastel $750
sydney miller

Red with Beads
12x14, Mixed Media $300
Marilyn Morningstar

Cactus Closeup
12x12, Soft Pastel $300
Marilyn Morningstar

21x27, Pastel $1000
Marilyn Mull

Emerald Earrings
13x11, Oil on linen $850
Gaynor Nelson

The Wedding Party
18x14, Oil on linen $1200
Gaynor Nelson

Heart of the West
12x12, Oil $$395.00
Jean Philbrick

Sunset Steamboat Botanic Garden
16x22, Photography $275
Douglas Pratt

Irish House
9x12, Oil $1500
Sandra Pratt

White House
16x20, Oil $3487
Sandra Pratt

12x16, Watercolor $2500
Jan Reed

22x15, Watercolor and Cut Paper $600
Jo Richardson

Paradise Garden
11x14, Watercolor $295
Barbara Rilling

Edgar-Stealth Turtle
12x24, Oil $1500
Jean Riordan

Country Road
11x14, Pen & Ink - Sepia $650
Patricia Rippy

Through The Trees
11x14, Pen & Ink - Black $550
Patricia Rippy

Old Books
20x16, Oil $800
Nikolay Rizhankov

Red Peonies
27x24, Oil $1000
Nikolay Rizhankov

18X20, Hand Made Paper m/m $$800
Wendy Rochman

Stella At The Boulder Atrium
12x24, Oil $7500
Andrea Roth Moore

30x40, Acrylic $650
Sharon Samson

18x24, Acrylic $400
Allyson Sands

Let Foret in June
18x24, Oil $950
Rosemary Scheuering

Love Is the Answer
36x48, Acrylic $1800
Susan Schmitt

Dont Go Yet
24x30, Acrylic $495
Melanie Schultz

Summer Pastime
11x14, Soft Pastel $750
Xenia Sease

Old Car
14x18, Oil $1200
Ninel Senatorova

A Hard Ride
15x30, Mixed Media $985
Shawn Shea

Sundown at The Diner
30x20, Mixed Media $1085
Shawn Shea

Watersong II
15x29, Wool Tapestry Weaving $500
Elizabeth Shoeman

28x15, Wool Tapestry Weaving $500
Elizabeth Shoeman

19x13, Photography $750
Sarah Shuel

Evening Joy
26x20, Acrylic $1200
Connie Slack

Wildflower Alley 2016
48x48, Mixed Media $2500
Suzaine Smith

20x16, Acrylic $1400
Susan Helen Strok

14x10, Watercolor $350
Nancy Sullo

Seaside Stroll
14x10, Watercolor $350
Nancy Sullo

Kaikura Coast
15x22, Watercolor $475
Annie Thayer

Imperial Zebra
30x40, Watercolor $6000
Jacquie Vaux

Eyes of the Tiger
12x16, Watercolor $1200
Jacquie Vaux

Dandy Daisies
15x11, Watercolor $240
Catherine Von Hatten

Autumn Fillies Run
36x12, Photography $425
Carol Walker

White Stallion Runs Up
16x16, Photography $225
Carol Walker

Picket Fence
13x13, Fused Glass & Wood $175
Bonnie Wasinger

Calla Lilly
8x15x8, Honeycomb Calcite $1800.00
Merelee Whitcomb

Chance Encounters
12x18x5, Alabaster $2400
Merelee Whitcomb

la marea
20x13, watercolor $2100
Marta Wolfe

Pink and Green
18x24, Soft Pastel $1200
Diane Wood

Aspen Gold
22x11x2, Relief wood sculpture $2150
Don Woodard

Reno- Steam Locomotive
25x20x2, Relief Wood Sculpture8300 $6000
Don Woodard

Around the Bend
18x24, Acrylic $895
Janice Wright

Light on Mt. Falcon
12x12, Oil $350
Lucy Yanagida