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24x30, mixed media $1200
Edna Acri

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, Ca.
18x24, Oil $2000
Wayne Adachi

West Cliff Break, Santa Cruz, Ca.
18x24, Oil $1500
Wayne Adachi

Pelican Cove, Point Lobos, Ca. #1
16x20, Oil $1200
Wayne Adachi

Barbara's Poppies
36x48, Acrylic $19000
Robert Lee Adams

Above the valley
24x30, Oil $3500
Marvin Anderson

San Hill Cranes in the Valley
28x14, Watercolor on Canvas $450
Alisan Andrews

Shade by the River
13x18, Watercolor $500
Alisan Andrews

The Delta
12x12, Mixed Media $800
Oksana Baumert

Mendocino Coast
18x36, Mixed Media $2500
Oksana Baumert

A Slice of Orange
18x24, Oil $1250
Carole Belliveau

carmel beach sunset
24x30, Acrylic $1500
Delia Bradford

silver water light
36x48, Acrylic $2500
Delia Bradford

Aqua Surge
48x48, Oil $11500
Rich Brimer

Cloud Race
40x40, Watercolor $6425
Lorraine Capparell

Reef Fish
42x40, Oil $3500
Kathy Carney

Blue Reflection
36x48, Acrylic $2200
Carrie Clayden

Storm Clouds Over Limantour
16x34, Oil $3500
Judith Corning

Can't Stay Dry
20x24, Oil $2300
Christine Crozier

Fog Lift
16x20, Oil $1950
Laura Culver

Flag Pole
30x40, watercolor and acrylic $450
linda curtis

Pleasure Point
24x30, Acrylic $600
Joan Davisson

18x24, Acrylic $300
Joan Davisson

Moss Landing
18x24, Acrylic $400
Joan Davisson

Yolo Summer II
18x24, Oil $1295
Rhonda Egan

Carmel Valley Spring Pastures
8x9, Oil $1000
Mark Farina

18x14, Oil $2000
Catherine Fasciato

Last Break
12x16, Oil $3500
Catherine Fasciato

Suspended Animation
48x60, Oil $4500
David Fleming

Weathered And Enduring
24x24, Oil $2800
Marian Fortunati

Carmel Beach
24x18, Watercolor $1800
Marie Gabrielle

At the Tide Pools
18x14, Oil $300
Linda Garcia-Dahle

Tree Portrait (Plein Aire)
16x12, oil $900
Noah Gould

Quiet Point Lobos Morning
12x16, Oil $1200
scott hamill

Tunnel View, Yosemite
16x20, Oil $1500
Coraly Hanson

Gibson Beach
11x14, Oil $1100
Coraly Hanson

North Coast Landscape
11x9, Soft Pastel $695
Joan Hellenthal

A Lover's Touch
12x12, Oil $650
Maggie Renner Hellmann

The Embrace
16x20, Oil $1200
Maggie Renner Hellmann

36x17, Mosaic $2000
xuan ho

Home Soon
16x20, Oil $575
Susan Holmes

Sunny Cliffs of Opal
16x20, Oil $575
Susan Holmes

Helping Hands
20x14, Watercolor $1350
Mary Hopf

Seascape Landmark/ Cement Ship
10x34, watercolor batik on ginwashi paper $1,750.
Mary Hopf

Tamales Bay
30x17, Watercolor $900
joanna jarvis

American Crow on Highway 1
17x11, Watercolor $850
Diann Johnston

China Cove # 2, Point Lobos
18x24, Oil $2600
Bill Kennann

Soberanes Point, Big Sur
20x24, Oil $2600
Bill Kennann

Sunshine on Capella
8x10, Oil $850
Carolyn Lord

Sea Shell Collection 1
14x10, Watercolor $850
Jon Manss

Tide Pool in Santa Cruz
10x14, Watercolor $850
Jon Manss

Wild as the Wind
20x24, Soft Pastel $2000
Judy Miller

Evening Glow
16x20, Soft Pastel $1600
Judy Miller

Wilder Ranch VI.
18x24, Oil $700
Michael Mote

In Search of Gold
30x40, Oil $1600
Michael Mote

Bridgewater with Striped Piers
24x20, Acrylic $1595
Timothy Mulligan

Pelicans on a Rock
29x21, Watercolor $3250
Karen Nevis

After the Storm
29x21, Watercolor $3250
Karen Nevis

Sand City Dunes
12x9, Oil on canvas panel $1250
Ed Penniman

Carmel Beach
30x40, Oil on canvas $2400
Ed Penniman

Swirls and Curls
12x16, Soft Pastel $900
Erika Perloff

Esalen Surf
12x12, Acrylic $425
Jim Potterton

Breakfast in the Reeds
12x12, Soft Pastel $400
Patricia Prendergast

Bel Marin Keys
18x24, Soft Pastel $850
Patricia Prendergast

Pajaro Valley Clouds
72x48, Oil $3000
Charles Prentiss

Capitola Beach
72x48, Acrylic $3000
Charles Prentiss

Surfside Silhouette
20x14, Watercolor $900
Carol Riddle

Forbes Mill, Los Gatos
11x14, Oil $650
Cynthia Riordan

Pacifica surf
12.25X8.25, Watercolor $750
Jeff Roth

Maui wave
9x12, Watercolor $500
Janice Schafir

Swamp Shadows
9x14, Watercolor Collage $450
Lynn Slade

Catching the Light, Southern Utah
15x15, Soft Pastel $900
Abigail Stryker

14x18, felted imagery $200
Ginger Summit

Zion 03
9x12, Oil $1200
Will Tait

UCSC Farm, February Mustard
20x16, Soft Pastel $1200
ann thiermann

Deep Medusa
36x36, Oil $16000
marte thompson

Passing the Keyhole
36x24, Acrylic $2400
marte thompson

42x42", Acrylic ON CANVAS $1200
janet Trenchard

24x30, Acrylic $2900
Frank Walsh

The Guiding Light (Pt. Bonita)
24x30, Acrylic $4000
Frank Walsh

The Ab divers
18x24, Acrylic $2600
Frank Walsh

Baby Blue
30x48, Oil $2000
William Winbush

Coral Turle
20x14, Watercolor $1000
Deborah Wittich