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Night at the Marina
30x20, Photography $300
Phil Baumgaertner

14x20, Photography $300
John Benjes

The Great Horn
14x10, Photography $200
John Benjes

Penstemon at Mt St Helens
19x13, Photography $450
Robert Berg

Balsamroot Sunset
19x13, Photography $450
Robert Berg

Museum Renovation
x, Digital Photography $950
Neil Berkowitz

Come Along Revolution
20x14, Watercolor with Varnished Surface $600
Mike Biskup

You Guessed It
14x16, Watercolor, Varnished for protection $500
Mike Biskup

35X22X18, RESIN and STEEL $8500
Ned Block

31x12x15, Bronze $5500
Ned Block

Girl in White
12x18, Collagraph print $500
jan branham

Forest Girl
12x18, Collagraph print $500
jan branham

11x14, Oil $498
David Brooks

Hidden Creek
11x14, Soft Pastel $800
Denise Champion

Ariadne's Thread
5x12x5, Segmented Woodturning $6800
Thomas Clevenger

Artillery Hill
18x24, Photography $450
Stephen Cunliffe

Clyde Puffer Derelict
18x24, Oil $1200
Paul Daneker

Terra Nova
12x16, Oil $1100
Savvy Dani

8x10, Oil $450
Savvy Dani

Red Right Returning
32x24, Acrylic $850
David Deardorff

30x30, Oil $2600
julie devine

A Maiden's Tea Service
16 x 11 x 9, Western Red and Alaskan Yellow Cedar Bark, Maidenh $2000
Kathey Ervin

Puget Sound Sunset
8x10, Oil $400
Kevin Farrell

11x12, colored pencil over watercolor $
Michael Felber

Cattle Point Sunrise, San Juan Island
16x20, Photography
Kathy Finholm

Keeper of the Faiths
14in X 7in X 5in, wire,fabric,foil,acrylic,wood,clay $500
Shannan Folino

lil fiddler
16x20, Oil $600
Tracy Grisman

Workingman's Rig
16x20, Oil $275
Tracy Grisman

Clan Objects
24x24, Mixed Media $1200
Elizabeth Halfacre

Columbine I
10x13, Photography $205
Carolyn Harper

Pretty in Pink
10x10, Photography $190
Carolyn Harper

Beach Ride
18x12, Photography $245
William Harris

Seawall Chess
18x12, Photography $245
William Harris

36x36, acrylic on board $2500
David Harrison

36x36, acrylic on board $2500
David Harrison

For Two
8x8, Oil $400
Obadinah Heavner

Morning Reflections
18x24, Oil $1900
Colleen Hoffenbacker

36x36, Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas $4200
Newel Hunter

True Love
17x17, pen and ink $800
Ron Jones

Castle Rock
11.75x13.5, Monotype Mixed Media $350
Maryann Kirkby

42x55, Graphite $5000
Donna Leavitt

Verulam III
45x36, Graphite $3000
Donna Leavitt

Passages No.3
20x16, Monotype - hand pulled print $1100
Kathryn Lesh

Mallow Ninebark Fall
18x13, Digital $325
Pam Little

Fall Alpenglow Trees and Grasses
14x11, Digital $275
Pam Little

Sand and Ice
16x31, Photography $300
Katherine Loveland

13x20, Photography $290
Sherry Malotte

Indian Paintbrush
20x13, Photography $290
Sherry Malotte

36x36, Photo and Encaustic on Wood Panel (triptych) $1630
Tara McDermott

Lake Monotype 276
8x8, Monotype Print $250
Katherine McDowell

Point Wilson
24x36, Acrylic $2000
Jim McFarland

Windows on Winter
20x30, Photography $450
Michael McKee

30x20, Photography $450
Michael McKee

Kingdom on High
24x24, Photography $725
Mark McKnight

Against the Wind
36x24, Photography $775
Mark McKnight

Pond Life
24x24, Mixed Media $650
Susan Miller

Gaia # 46: S/He Who Hears the Whales Cry
36x36, embellished with metal leaf $3750
Deborah J Milton

My Collection - Gulliver
40 inch(H) x30 inch(W) , Handcrafted, oilstained wood mosaic, acrylic, oil,
Naoko Morisawa

Yakima Water Iris
9x12, Acrylic $275
Marian Morris

Paddling for Donuts
30x30, Paper Collage $3000
Harold Nelson

Improvisation in Red and White with Donut
30x30, Paper Collage $3000
Harold Nelson

Power of Persuasion
17x17x5, Found Objects $1250
Steve Parmelee

Desert Beauty
11x14, Photography $210
Shelley Peterson

View from Artists Studio
45x43, Oil $2400
Paul Polson

Aphrodite's Girdle
16x11, Photography $600
Kadi Rae

Ocean Light 2
12x16, Photography $450
Yasmine Rafii

Port Townsend Bay
36x36, Oil $1200
elizabeth reutlinger

36x36, Acrylic $
Sandra Rouverol

20x24, Acrylic $950
Sandra Rouverol

He Walks Alone
15x10, Photography $210
Karen Rozbicki Stringer

How Water Works
30x30, Oil $1100
Kathleen Secrest

Steel Drawing 66
34x16x10, Welded Steel $950
Kim Simonelli

33x33x2, wood and stone $500
stephen snook

12x24, Photography $250
Linda Sterling Gray

My Captain
12x16, Photography $175
Linda Sterling Gray

27x37x27, Driftwood $2300
David Tinsley

Three Way Conflict
40x222, Mixed Media $1420
Laraine Wade-Butter

Royal Couple and Attendants
12x24, Acrylic $1850
William Walcott

Lineup II with the Usual Suspects
12x24, Acrylic $1800
William Walcott

Distant Echoes
36x24, Acrylic $800
Diane Walker

At The Seashore
19x13, Digital Photography $150
Patricia Weedman

Fresh Local Seafood (Old Guemes Firetruck on US 101)
11x11.5, Watercolor $450
Suze Woolf

Blue Stone Pool
20x20, Acrylic $690
Stephen Yates

The Wind
16 x 19, Monotype $450
Irene Yesley

40x30, Mixed Media $1400
Yael Zahavy-Mittelman