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Looking Inward from Lobster Cove
8x10, Mixed Media $200
David Aimone

Hanna Grace
8x10, Gold Toned Hand Coated Kallitype Print $250
David Aimone

Calla Lily
8x10, Gold Toned Hand Coated Kallitype Prints $250
David Aimone

5x7, Oil $220

Late Arrival
5x7, Oil $330

10x12, Photography $120
Trevor Beckway

Big Willow
12x12, Linoleum print $175
Christie Biber

Aunt Paula
5x7, Photography $110
Tiina Bockrath

8x10, Photography $175
Robin Brewer

Carrying Hearts Swirl
6x4, Pencil $100
Jeffrey Casto

8x8, Enamel on canvas $260
Fulvio Celico

11x8.5, Acrylic $340
Paul Chapman

8x10, Photography $175
Nina Chung

Tanizaki's Muse
8x10, Photography $175
Nina Chung

Up Beet and Down Beet
10x10, Oil $400
Ruth Crotty

Woke Up
10x7.5, Watercolor $200
Mary Curtin

Below: Swamp Lagoon 3
12x12, Acrylic $300
Becky Davis

Untitled Chicago 2
9x12, Watercolor $300
Melanie Dion

Chicago Lake View
9x12, Watercolor $300
Melanie Dion

Shell Turned Vessel
9x7x4.75, sagger fired porcelain $400
Karen Elem

Spring is Here
11x5x5, sagger fired porcelain $430
Karen Elem

Parallel Universe Hammond Pond
5x7, Photography $75
Stephanie Gabris

Maquette for Monument-Lumpen
10x9x8, Steel $2000
George Gabris

8x10, egg tempera, oil, shell gold on panel $900
Jon Gernon

Innocence Awoken
8x12, Photography $300
Gennadiy Goldenshteyn

Begin To Rest
8x10, Soft Pastel $325
Donna Gratkowski

Water Content
7x9, Watercolor $500
Gerri Groff

Castle Rock
4x5, Cyanotype $300
Deborah Hardt

4x5, Cyanotype $300
Deborah Hardt

Rollins Pond, Adirondacks
4x4, Oil $440
Pat Hedden

The Line
9x12, Oil $355
Frederick Holman

Maori Man
7.2x3.5x4.5, clay (wall piece) $400
Cheryl Horning

9x12, Oil $225
Peter Jonietz

8x10.25, hand-cut collage on vintage photo $290
Axelle Kieffer

8x10.25, hand-cut collage on vintage photo $290
Axelle Kieffer

Nicole T.
9x12, Oil $950
Steve Ko

Light and Shadow
8x10, Oil $475
Marion Kratky

5x7.5, Pencil $375
Liz Kuny

In a Fog I
8.75x12.5, Photography $175
Gary Larsen

In a Fog II
8.75x12.5, Photography $175
Gary Larsen

Rollicking River, Plein Aire
6x8, $300
Marie Massey

10x10, Watercolor $750
Susan Mauney

Sacandaga Serenity
8x10, Photography $300
Alexis Mazzochi

8x10, Photography $300
Alexis Mazzochi

11.28x11, pinhole camera - digital pigment print $750
Dan McCormack

8.5x4x4.5, Clay $NFS
Cie McCullough Buschle

In the Moment
8x10, Fabric $225
Kris Moss

Midday at my Oasis
11x11x11, Fabric $425
Kris Moss

Dance of the Planets
8x10, Colored Pencil $400
Lynda Naske

Tasting Sulfur?
7x7, Masonite & wood $100
Rachel Anne Nolte

Black Shadow Begonia
10x12, Pen and Ink $50
Christian O'Callaghan

Home With Web
7.5x10.5, Pencil $400
Katherine Patterson

Sunset Dream
7.5x9.5, Photography $85
Chip Perone

The Watchers
10x8, Oil $1000
Michael Pianta

Construction I
9x9, Mixed Media $400
Judith Plotner

Elevator I
12x12, Oil $600
Alexander Puz

4x2.25, miniature china plates, thread, glass cloche $250
rebecca reeves

The Neighborhood
12x12, Oil $1200
Jason Sacran

The Dunes
8x8, Acrylic $800
Julie Schnatz Rybeck

Blackeyed Susans
8x8, Oil $900
Gary Shankman

Machine 82
11x11x7, Mixed Media $175
Mike Shannon

Last Warning
5x7x6, Porcelain $2200
Barbara Smith

8x10, $40
Selby Smith

8x10, Photography $40
Selby Smith

Into the Woods
7x4.5, watercolor/ink $130
Diane Swanson

April Woods III
8x10, photo transfer on birch box $165
Eleanor Sweeney

Summer's End
8x10, Acrylic $200
Debora Thedinga

brain forest
8.5x7.5x7, Mixed Media $465
linda van alstyne

8x10, Acrylic $300
Artie Van Why

12x9, Mixed Media $150
Kay Vinson

12x12, Acrylic $1200
William Waggoner

12x12, Acrylic $1200
William Waggoner

Two wrongs and a right
2x2x1.5, 3-D collage (triptych) $500
janene whitesell

Ruffled Feathers
3.5x9, Oil $325
Susan Whiting

4x6, collage $150
Susan Williams

Save a Place for Me
8x10, Mixed Media $200
Susan Williams

Amoeba III
12x12, Acrylic $199
Mark Wojcik

Along English Settlement Road
6x12, Oil $475
Janet Marie Yeates

Water splash
8x8, enamel and glass color on plexiglass $260
Loretta Zaganelli