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M 10-2, T-F 9-5

The temperature of memory
27x43, Watercolor $NFS
Ziyi Chen
Best of Show

Namucuo's reflection
24x20, Oil $600
Haoran Chang
1st Place

Mist at Sunset Yosemite
15x10, Photography $550
Eric Renard
2nd Place

Subtropical Tangle II
48x30, Acrylic $4000
Megan Frances
3rd Place

Abstract Reflections
12x16, oil on panel $2000
Kathryn Donatelli
Honorable Mention

Silent Friends
20x24, Tempera $NFS
Fei Feng
Honorable Mention

Fly Away
6x8, Mixed Media $NFS
Kathy Sayad Zatari
Honorable Mention

Tomato Reflections
18x24, Watercolor $950.00
Penny Soto
Honorable Mention

A Day in Paris
12x12, oil on canvas $425
Tricia Alexander

Suffragette Alice Paul
24x24, oil on a wood panel $4025
Tricia Alexander

Eilish (Front)
11x14, Oil $NFS
Robyn Asquini

Reflections on Ellie
13x9, Watercolor $350
Ruth Banarer

12x12, Alcohol Ink and Acrylic $450
Katy Bishop

On the Canal - Venice, CA
14x11, Digital Art $300
Karol Blumenthal

Sea Grass Reflection
36x, Photography $900
Nancy Breakstone

Grand rivers and mountains-hidden corners
36x24, Oil $1200
Haoran Chang

Thw Visioary
20x16, --Please Select-- $400
Joanne Chase-Mattillo

Traces of time
22x29, Watercolor $NFS
Ziyi Chen

Boating on the Thames
24x30, Acrylic $1865
Preston Craig

41x34, Oil $NFS
Gang Dai

River Reflection
20x30, photo on metal $400
Stephen Delaney

The Old MIll
20x30, photo on metal $400
Stephen Delaney

Foggy Morning
20x30, photo on metal $400
Stephen Delaney

Self Portrait-Paradise Lost
14x11, Oil $NFS
Kathryn Donatelli

Memories of Once Was
12x18, Photography $600
Valerie Durant

Vineyard Reflections on a Stormy Day
16x20, Watercolor $400
Sarah Falk

20x32x11, Cooper $7500
Xin Fang

The Red Window
18x24, Oil $NFS
Fei Feng

Subtropical Tangle I
48x30, Acrylic $4000
Megan Frances

Portuguese Floral
16x12, Soft Pastel $350
Mary Freeman

Cathedral Rock, Arizona
16x20, Photography $150.00
Daniel Geldert

Lake Mirror
20x16, Watercolor $300
Susan Gesundheit

Convict Lake
20x16, Watercolor $300
Susan Gesundheit

30x15, on linen $2250
Georgesse Gomez

Healing Waters
11x14, on linen $770
Georgesse Gomez

Imperial Gates
17x42x3, mixed media--assemblage of wood, cloth $NFS
David Gootnick

Learning to Dance in the Rain
31x31, Acrylic with upcycled paper & plastic $1200
Kara Greenwell

The Root of It All
8x10, Acrylic, paper, mica, charcoal & graphite $95
Kara Greenwell

The Reason
36x24, Oil $1700
Mary Beth Harrison

What Will Our Future Look Like
30x40, Acrylic $1350
Michael Hartstein

Unforgettable Locks
30x40, Acrylic $1800.
Michael Hartstein

Bridge over Sparkling Waters
15x23, Watercolor $950
Judy Heimlich

19x13, Oil $2000
Lindsay Hirsch

Vermont Spring
22x28, Oil $450
Jean Hoelscher

Gloom and Doom
12x16, Mixed Media $375
Tricia Hoye

Industrial Landscape
54x39, Watercolor $1500
Laura Hu

Queen Ann Cottage
9x12, Oil $760
Kyoko Ishigami

Tori's First Swim
18 x 12, Soft Pastel $NFS
Janet Johnson

Undampened Spirits
27x19, Soft Pastel $NFS
Janet Johnson

A Croatian Evening
16x12, Soft Pastel $NFS
kenneth keith

Montenegro Shoreline
12x16, Soft Pastel $NFS
kenneth keith

12x24, Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas $1,200
Reenie Kennedy

Ice Fishing
16x20, Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas $1,200
Reenie Kennedy

The Preserve at Dusk
24x24, oil and cold wax $1800
Judy Knott

The Golden Hour
6x24, Oil $495
Judy Knott

9x12, Oil $NFS
Nora Koerber

Danse Macabre
26x38, Mixed Media $400
Dottie Korn-Davis

48x48, Acrylic $5000
Jill Law

Pretty In Pink In Provence
12x12, Acrylic $800
Ellen Levine

Chinese girl
22x15, Charcoal $NFS
Chenglu Li

Ponte Vecchio
20x16, Oil $1900
Robert MacPherson

Paris After the Rain
18x24, Watercolor $860
Lisa Martin

Lone Duck
12x9, Oil $450
Gayle Martin

Beach Bungalows, plein air
18x24, Oil $1800
Marie Massey

1939 Chevy
24x36, Acrylic $3000.00
Linda McCord

20x16, Pinhole Camera $750
Dan McCormack

A Memory and Reflection of My Father
4 "x 8" x 2, double sided axe head and carved recycled steel $3000
Peter McFarlane

River Run
24x20, Acrylic $575
Andrea Monroe

Pelican Cove Overlook
9 x 12, Oil $$475.00
Margie Murray

8x10, Oil $125
Hanh Nguyen

Balboa Park
12x12, Oil $150
Hanh Nguyen

Devil's Pond
8x10, Digital Woodblock $200
Patricia R. Ogden

Winter Garden Atrium, Wall Street
8x10, Digital Woodblock printed on rice paper $200
Patricia R. Ogden

Cypress Creek
30x30, Oil $3600.
Nancy Paris Pruden

Franklin Canyon Lake Getaway
12x12, Oil $900.00
vickie pellouchoud

Winter Olympics
40x32, Oil $NFS
Heng Qi

Tickled Pink
16x24, oil on board $3200.
Margaret Raab

Canals of Burano
10x15, Photography $550
Eric Renard

Scarborough, UK
15x10, Photography $550
Eric Renard

10x15, Photography $550
Eric Renard

Over Every Hill I Ever Dreamed
36x36, Oil $3200
Terry Romero Paul

Manhattan Sunset
8x10, Photography printed on aluminum $100
Kenneth Ronney

A Penny for Her Thoughts
7x9, Photography $97

Facing the day
36x36, Oil $NFS
kuniko Ruch

11x14, Mixed Media $NFS
Kathy Sayad Zatari

Mixed Colorful time No.2
72x28x24, Sculpture $NFS
Xingchuan Shu

No Resistance
20x16, Digital Collage on paper-Painting and Photography $475
R. A. Smoller

Rosy Reflections
16x12, Transparent Watercolor $NFS
Natalie Smythe

Looking Forward
24x18, Kodak Gelatin Dye Transfer $550
Randy Sprout

My Solitude
18x24, Oil $NFS
Dee Steiner

Reflecting on a Tree
32x13, Photoencaustic $750
Barbara Tabachnick

From the Vessel
16x12, Photography $275
Barbara Tabachnick

Dream House
12x50, Mixed Media $5,000
Julien Tomasello

The Fragility Within
26x14x22, marble $7000
Catherine Toulsaly

San Francisco CA 007
24x15, Photography $750
Jens Vange

The Silver Vase
12x16, Oil $3500
Barbara West

The Mohawk in Winter
24x72, Photography $1000
MIchael Wicks

Morning Shadows
24x60, Photography $1500
MIchael Wicks

Half Dome
30x20, Photography $500
MIchael Wicks

After you've gone
18x24, Oil $600
Ellen Yahuda

Forbidden fruit
40x20, Oil $1600
Yanqin Zhou


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