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Opalescent Dream
12x15, Composite Photo $700
Jenn Adams

A Pawleys Autumn
12x7, Soft Pastel $450
Christine Berndt

Cool Wood
9x12, Soft Pastel $350
Daphne Boder

Mask in the time of Covid
4x11x4.5, Fused Glass and Stone $150
Cathi Bodine

42x24, paint, cotton fabric,backing,& thread,wool batting $2500
Susan Brubaker Knapp

All About Soul
36x36, Oil and Cold Wax $1700
Dan Campbell

Dreamsicle Pirouette
22x22x5, Walnut, hard maple, birch, aluminum $1500
Joseph Carr

Blocks & Bones
11x11, Archival ink jet print $850
Catharine Carter

Say you will be there
12x24, Acrylic $385
Bradley Carter

Vessels and Spaces Within, Passion II
8x6x4.5, Kilnfired and formed Glass $499
jean cheely

Good Intentions
10x10, Oil $250
Adrienne Cremins

River to the Sea
11x14, Oil $400
Catherine Crumpton

Slice of Light
12x16, on canvas $1,700
David Davenport

River Children--Thailand
20x20, Acrylic $950
Elizabeth Emerson

Paisley Vapors: Making Room For Ideas
18x24, Oak gall, acorn cap, walnut, rust, dirt, copper ox $1100
Kara Hammond

Komorebi Immensity
24x24, Acrylic
Monica Hilario

The Lightness of Wind
29x13x3, Armature, paper pulp, acrylic $1950
Kathy Hopwood

Embrace of the Ancestors
42x13x6, Armature, paper pulp, acrylic $2750
Kathy Hopwood

17x8x6, FiberArt Sculpture $425
Maria Johnson

January 6
12"x8"x8", Clay $250
Mary Lee Kerr

Scales of Justice
19"x22"x10", Clay, metal piping, copper fixtures, wood rod and $500
Mary Lee Kerr

14x14x13, Gourd Art $275
catherine kramer

My Autumn 2020
24x30, Oil $1200
Natalia Leigh

Share the Wealth
24"x18"x7", Assemblage $750
Jason Lord

23x8x8, Brick and wax $1250
Ivana Milojevic Beck

The Wilder side of Florida
16x20, watercolor $1795.00
Margret Mueller

Peace Dancer
21x7.5x7.5, Ceramic fired to cone 04 $2200
Marilyn Palsha

13"x7.5"x7.5", white clay fired to cone 04 $1200
Marilyn Palsha

Paris Stroll
15x11, Photography $275
Susan Reeves

Blue Kimono
34x33, indigo dyed silk and paper with beeswax $1000
Carol Retsch-Bogart

She Persisted
24x18, Oil $800
Donna Schultz

24x24, Acrylic, oil pastel, collage $1500
Suzan Scribner-Reed

17X14, Soft Pastel $1500

Family Resemblance?
11x14, Scratchboard, with acrylic inks $795
Sally Terrell

Caught in a Daydream
30x24, Acrylic $850
Chantal Tomiello

9x6, Pen and Ink $310
Stacy-Ann Topjian Searle

14.5x5x8.5, wood-fired stoneware, slip, wood base $225
Betsy Vaden

My Bird
20x16, Oil $1050
Karen West

Applewood Aorta
16x12x10, Wood Sculpture $875
Sam Williams

36"x22"x18", Stained reed, waxed linen $950
Anne Willson


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