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Peruvian Skies
16x48, Archival Photo Print on Aluminum $750
Doug Adair

Unsinkable #3, Sinking? or Rising?
14x21x15, laminated glass, casting epoxy, plaster, oak, acry $3145
Stephen Adams

Pond Abstracted
36x36, Acrylic $3500
Sarkis Antikajian

Wild Plum and Oak Tree
36x36, Acrylic $3500
Sarkis Antikajian

Loft Lines
30x30, Watercolor on Cradled Panel $2300
Ruth Armitage

Revealed Mystery No. 1
30x34, Oil and Wax on Wood $1500
Patricia Arrera

Another Country
30x40, Oil Pastel $2700
Jane Aukshunas

Red Tree Blue Tree #2
24x24, Oil Pastel $1200
Jane Aukshunas

24x36, Acrylic $1700
Sally Bailey

10x12, Watercolor on Yupo $395
Bill Baily

14.5" x 10.5", Mixed Media $$400
Marcy Baker

Tiny Dancer
30x30, Mixed Media $1800
Marcy Baker

Indian Beach April
24x15, encaustic with paper and mixed media on wood $1600
Andrea Benson

Mt. Hood from Hood River
24x36, acrylic on canvas $2400
Patty Bentley

Peach And Violet
24x30, Oil $1200
Don Bishop

Blue And Bronze 210119
40x24, Acrylic $1800
Don Bishop

Awaken New
16x16, Encaustic $1025
Paula Blackwell

Precarious Adaptability
8x3, Acrylic $165.00
Chuck Bloom

Dreams of Architectual Madness
12x4, Acrylic $250.00
Chuck Bloom

Multiple Perspectives #4
16x16, Intaglio $550
Rebecca Boraz

23x17, Watercolor $1200
Sarah Bouwsma

Oaks and Poppies
12x9, Oil $625
Yvonne Branchflower

Sea of Ice
40x30, Oil on linen $3200
Sandy Brooke

Home of 100,000 Stars
40x30, oil on linen $3200
Sandy Brooke

All The Rest
40x30, oil on canvas $2900
Paula Bullwinkel

52x48, Oil $3600
Brian Cameron

bioDIVERSITY-Sand Water Life 1
10x10, mixed media collage, gold leaf on birch panel $975
Kathleen Caprario

35x51, Mixed Media $4500
Sidonie Caron

Where's the Needle ?
24x46, Acrylic $4000
Sidonie Caron

Puy 2 Gold Fields
14x29, Watercolor $1200
Leslie CheneyParr

Day After Snow
24x30, Oil $3000
Wayne Chin

Horse Farm Mountain View
12x12, Acrylic $550
Bets Cole

Untitled 71917
30x22, mixed media on paper $2400
Carolyn Cole

12x12, Acrylic $495
Ian Colpitts

12x12, Acrylic $495
Ian Colpitts

Oregon Garden Scene
36x60, Oil $3200
Susan Comerford

Puget’s Sound
28x16, Acrylic and Marbling $1850
Susan Cowan

The Depths
28x16, Acrylic and Marbling $1850
Susan Cowan

Above Green Fields
24 x 24, acrylic $1600
Jon Jay Cruson

Stacked Landscape # 3
30x30, Acrylic $2200
Jon Jay Cruson

Tempestuous Strands
15x20, Mixed Media $595
Jennifer Cutshall

Blessed Jack
11.25 x 7.25, Mixed Media $450.00
Richard Cutshall

Beholden Apparition (#2)
9x12, Mixed Media $575.00
Richard Cutshall

10x8, Acrylic $195
Ralph Davis

Fish in the Clouds II
6x12, Acrylic $195
Ralph Davis

Fall on the Molalla
19x19, Oil Pastel $585
Mary Dennis

Fall in the Wetland
15x16, Watercolor $595
Maud Durland

Hollow Bone
18x24, macro digital photography on aluminum panel $1000.00
Leslie Ebert

Coquelicot Variation
28x24, Oil $700
Jeannine Edelblut

Rich Passage, WA
20.5x20.5x3, wood, glass, dye $850
Robert Elon

Freight Train Passing Wind Mountain
18x24, Oil $1800
Kevin Farrell

Trees and Snow Geese
24x24, Photography $900
Gloria Baker Feinstein

Yellow Bird
24x24, Photography $900
Gloria Baker Feinstein

Contrails 2
22x50, Oil $2400
Mitchell Freifeld

Stahl House, Day
22x40, Oil $2200
Mitchell Freifeld

Patchwork Paradise
17x26, Watercolor $975
Jean Gale

Mirage Ranch
30x30, Acrylic, collage, pencil $950
Shellie Garber

30x24, Acrylic and pencil $850
Shellie Garber

Storm of HerStory
22x28, Mixed Media $1200
Jennifer Gillia Cutshall

Tehachapi Spring
14x11, oil on board $750
Rhonda Grudenic

Mediation # 2102
25x21, Oil $$1950.00
Dennis Hartley

Read My Mind
36x48, Oil $3250
Rachel Harvey

Tropical Memory l
24x18, Etching $800
Jani Hoberg

Spring Forward
15x20, Photography $425
Scott Hoyle

Trumpet Flower
10inx7inx7in, porcelain $550
Hsin-Yi Huang

Red Rose
6inx6inx6in, porcelain $500
Hsin-Yi Huang

Tree of Life: The Hidden World
14x11, Watercolor on handmade paper $1650.00
CJ Hurley

Camping Memories
28x36, Oil/linen $3200
leland john

From Here To There
10x8, Oil On Wood Board $350
Anne John

Within Reach
12x12, Oil on Recycled Chess Board $350
Anne John

The Big House
22x28, Oil $2200
jennifer joyce

They Just Keep Coming
35x44, --Please Select-- $3000.
jennifer joyce

St. John’s Harbor
24x36, Oil $1995.00
philip juttelstad

Walk in the Park
22x28, Oil $$1495.00
philip juttelstad

Break Time
25x30, Acrylic $1500
Stephen Kekule

Welcome to the Neighborhood
20x16, Photomontage $425
Beth Kerschen

New Affordable Housing
20x16, Photomontage $425
Beth Kerschen

Cat Nap
10x20, Oil $1950
Fran Kievet

Bamboo Impressions 3
60x12, mixed media acrylic on board $500
Bernard Kliks

St Johns Bridge
24x18, Oil on canvas panel $3250
Ken Klos

Baby corgi
26x26, Oil $950
Anna Kodesch

Big bear
30x30, Oil $1000
Anna Kodesch

Neighborhood Watch
9x12, Acrylic $1400
Agnes Forgo Kovacs

White Roses in a Glass
12x12, Oil $675
Brian Kramer

Heartfelt IV
24x48, Acrylic on canvas with mixed media $900.
Eileen "Ikie" kressel

Rain or Shine
40x40, Acrylic $2800
Clement Lee

Days End
14x11, Oil $700
Jeanne Levasseur

Threads in the Sun
29x15, Mixed Media $1500
Dyanne Locati

Glowing Where the Sun
24x36, Mixed Media $3,800
Diana Lomeihing

Gib Hook
11.2x10.6x17.4, Stainless steel and stone on 18" x 18" granite bas $1910
Don MacLane

Ocean Tides
14x18, Oil $625
Christina Madden

Late summer arrangement (Dhalias)
12x12, Acrylic on paper $625
Abigail Marble

Birds in a Park
7x4x3, Encaustic/mixed media $85
Donna Mattson

Small Maple Hollow Form
6x6, Wood Sculpture $195
Max McBurnett

12x8, Lithograph $200
Katherine McDowell

48x48, Acrylic $4500
Susan McKinnon

It's Complicated
48x48, Acrylic $4500
Susan McKinnon

Naive Fledglings Rise...Abandoning Their Womb...Buoyant Eggshells Float...
18x12, Frottage $1200
Vickie Meguire

40x30, Acrylic $2500
Chi Meredith

Pleasures of Autumn
36x72, oil and metal leaf on canvas $7000
Joan Metcalf

Hydrangea Memories
36x48, oil and metal leaf on canvas $4300
Joan Metcalf

Willamette Valley 2020
30x41, Oil monotype on paper $4500
annie meyer

Princess Noir
16x20, Mixed Media $950
Diana Milia

Sunshine on the Dahlias
18x24, Oil $1200
Peggie Moje

Trying to Feel Everything at Once
30x24, Acrylic $1200
melissa monroe

Baby Legs Can Only Take Small Steps
30x30, Acrylic $1300
melissa monroe

Polychrome Pass, Alaska Range
18x24, Photography $450
Duncan Neilson

Fog; Coast Range, Oregon
9x14, archival pigment print $450
Loren Nelson

Red Desert
47x35, Oil $2200
Ted Olson

Bamboo path
14x24", Photography $400
Larry Olson

Tokaido Series: Kakegawa Castle
11x18, woodblock print $650
Walt Padgett

Herman Creek
20x24, Oil $2200
Anton Pavlenko

20x25, encaustic $1200
martha pfanschmidt

From the Dark End of the Street to the Bright Side of the Road
22x14, encaustic $900
martha pfanschmidt

Mount La Perouse, Glacier Bay National Park
16x24, etching $550
Greg Pfarr

Learning The Steps
25x22, Watercolor $950
Kara Pilcher

Ice Storm 1
8x24, oil and cold wax on canvas $650
Candace Primack

Ice Storm 2
8x24, oil and cold wax on canvas $650
Candace Primack

Dances With Trees
24x16, acrylic on carved linoleum $1600
Keaney Rathbun

Summer Garden
15x12, acrylic on carved linoleum $850
Keaney Rathbun

Sixty-Five Twice
63x40, pigments on canvas $3844
Tom Relth

flowers becoming female
48x24, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, silkscreen $2995.00
Jesse Reno

resting horse under rainbow dreamcatcher
24x48, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, and silkscreen $3000.00
Jesse Reno

Waves Over Decades III
24x24, Mixed Media $875
Jan Rimerman

Morning Memory III
24x24, Mixed Media $875
Jan Rimerman

Beach Trio
21x26, acrylic on fabric on panel $2100
Erik Sandgren

Willamette Valley # 16
24x48, Acrylic $1800
Michael Satern

Special Delivery
8x13, Mixed Media $650
Robert Schlegel

The Cove
9x12, Oil $775
Hazel Schlesinger

Lucky Cat Reflections
12x16, Mixed Media $1800
Patricia Schmidt

Waves of Hills
12x24, Photography $$450
Don Schwartz

Journey of the Medlar
16x14, Oil on Linen $4700.
Margret Short

21x28, Watercolor $950

Mix of Emotion
16x20, Photography $550
Fasai Streed

18x24, water based reduction woodcut $1480
Noriko Sugita

24x18, water based reduction woodcut $1480
Noriko Sugita

Lakeside Mirror
36x48, Acrylic $3900.
Angelita Surmon

Things Floating in Space
16x24, Mixed Media $1000
Margaret Terrall

Spillover II
48x64, (diptych) $3200
Jean Thomas

The Sun Will Rise!
36x48, Acrylic $2800
Joyce Tolley

African Bouquet
24x24, Oil $1100
Nancy Tongue

Hawthorne Bridge
63x52, Acrylic on Canvas $1800
Melanie Townsend

St Johns at Night
21x16, Acrylic on Canvas $800
Melanie Townsend

30x48, Mixed Media $3000
Bruce Ulrich

All We Carry
18x15, etching $425.00
Margaret van Patten

Death of an Idea
18x15, etching $425.00
Margaret van Patten

18x24, Mixed Media $1080
Charlie White

Closed Vase Form
6x6x6, Wood, Maple Burl $295
Tom Willing

52x48, Acrylic $4400
Kenneth Ray Wilson

Let Life Have Her Way With You
36x24, Photography $1200
Rachel Wolf

‘Saturday Night Pizza’
13x10, Acrylic $700
Mitch Wolfsehr

Rowena Sunrise
30x40, Oil $3000
Paul Zegers

Pearl Reflections
30x40, Oil $3200
Paul Zegers

Afternoon Stroll
9x12, Watercolor $$650
yong hong zhong

Carpet of Spring
9x12, Watercolor $$650
yong hong zhong


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