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Oregon Coast Cliff
12x9, Soft Pastel $250
David Allen

Im Unraveled
12x12, Acrylic $400
Kersteen A Anderson

Rosa Gymnocarpa
9x11, Colored Pencil $1000
Nina Antze

Gulf Stream clouds
8x8, Oil and cold wax $425
Gerald Baker

Into the Valley
9x12, Oil $250
Karen Bakke

Long Summer Afternoon
8x8, Oil $150
Angelina Barrados

Roses in Parfait Glass
7x11, Oil
Laura Barrett

The Distant Valley
11x14, Oil $450
Jacqueline L. Bellows

Dancing Light
8x8, Oil $175
Karen Benitez

French Blue Chair
11x14, Oil $425
diana benjamin

10x13.5, Charcoal and pastel $295
Christine Berrington

Nearly Ready!
9x10.5, Acrylic $450
Christine Berrington

Open Mic Nite
12x9, Oil $700
Alice Bingham

Prickly Pear
12x9, Oil $700
Alice Bingham

Neighborhood Flowers
12x12, Acrylic $$425
Brooke Borcherding

Desert Display
12x12, Acrylic $$425
Brooke Borcherding

Kanaskat Palmer State Park
11x14, Oil $400
Jonathan Bradham

Along Bud Blancher Trail Fall Color
12x9, Oil $300
Jonathan Bradham

That Which Endures
11x9, Acrylic $195
Bitsy Broughton

Raven Power
10x10, Mixed Media $200.00
Beth Bynum

6x6, Oil on Claybord $250
Stacy Caldwell

Red and Black #1
3.5 x 5.5, Mixed Media $100
Julia Calkins

Yellow Rocket
8x10, Oil $300
maggie capettini

Vintage Harlequin and Transparents
8x8, Oil on 1 inch deep birch panel $245
Teri Capp

Reflections of blue pitcher with eggs
8x10, --Please Select-- $275.00
Kristen Carpenter

Palo Colorado Eucalyptus Grove
9x12, Oil $525
Susann Cate Lynn

Sun-Kissed Pansies
11x14, Oil $525
Susann Cate Lynn

Sunny Sidewalk in New Orleans
10x12, Oil $825
Robin Cheers

Sundown on Surfside
11x14, Oil $950
Robin Cheers

Pennsylvania Sunset September 8
8x10, Oil on paper $225
Beverly Coleman

October 18 Late Afternoon v1
8x9, Oil on paper $225
Beverly Coleman

March 2020
9x12, Oil on paper $150
Kato D

Construction on M Street
9x12, Oil on Panel $750
Bernard Dellario

House in Chestertown
8x10, Oil on Panel $650
Bernard Dellario

Red Roof
10x10, Oil on Panel $675
Bernard Dellario

Princeton Flowers
12x9, oil on panel $500
Cecelia Denegre

Tabletop Tulips
6x6, Oil $550.00
janine dunn wade

Still Life With Fruitbowl
6x8, Oil $525.00
janine dunn wade

Bantam Lake Blues
7x9, Oil on Canvas $150
Sue Edelstein

The Edge of Remembered Time
10x10, Oil and Cold Wax $150
Joanmarie Eggert

Santa Barbara
10x10, Oil $750
Mary Jane Elmore

Imaginary landscape
8x10, Oil $150
Katherine Farrell

Standing Somewhere on Lopez Island
11x14, Watercolor and Gouache on Paper $400
Amalia Fisch

Wishful reflections
9x12, Oil $575
Laine Francis

Abstracted Sunset
8x10, Oil $300
cynthia fuller

The Yellow House
12x12, Oil $300
cynthia fuller

Six p.m.
11x14, Oil $500
Leigh Fulwood

Out of the Darkness
11x14, Mixed Media $500
sharon Grader

Asparagus with Beet and Bowl
9x12, Oil $450
Bronwyn Groman

Cannon beach Morning
11x14, Oil on cradled wood panel $500
Rose Guastella

LaConner Farm
11x14, Watercolor $350.00
Charlene Hall

Stand of Trees, Valley Forge National Park
12x12, Oil $$750.00
Ona Hamilton

10x10, Oil $$750.00
Ona Hamilton

Beach Cabanas Old Field, New York
14x14, Oil $$750.00
Ona Hamilton

6x12, Mixed Media $
Victoria Foster Harrison

Laramie Darlin's
12x9, Oil $350.00
Kristina Henderson

Wild Ones
8x10, Oil $350
Kristina Henderson

Tea and radish
8x8, Oil on cradled wood panel $150
Sue Herweck

10x10, Oil $850
Kristin Hill

October Sunset 1
9x12, Oil $250
Robin Hostick

Purple Tulips
10x8, Oil $325
Nancy Houfek Brown

6x8, Acrylic $125
Dana Hulburt

Manastash Meadow
8x10, Oil on Linen Panel $350
Louis Hurlbut

Twisting Wind
8x10, Oil on Linen Panel $350
Louis Hurlbut

I Like That One!
8x8, Oil $300
Amy Iversen

Satsumis with inclusions
12x12, Oil $360
Timi Johnson

Autumn Study No. 4
11x14, Acrylic $250
Leslie Johnston

Montana Morning
14x11, Oil $1100
June Klement

Bavaro Beach
11x14, Oil $1100
June Klement

7x8, Acrylic $125
Madeline Kozlowski

Physalis for Brunch
12x12, Oil $440
Louise Lacey-Rokosh

Three Eggs and Tea
12x12, Oil $440
Louise Lacey-Rokosh

Morning Coffee
8x8, Oil $250.00
joanne lavender

Evening Glades
8x6, cold wax medium with oil $600
Monique Lazard

Flower Medley
11x14, Watercolor $350
Anna Choi Lee

11x11, Mixed Media $725.
Anita Lehmann

Sunflowers in Earthenware
11x14, Oil $450
Corina Linden

6x6, Oil $125.00
Sheila Longerbeam

Sunshine and Sandcastles
11x14, Oil $540
Liesel Lund

Point of View
12x12, cold wax, oil, resin sand, and acrylic $245
Barbara Luttrell

Kitchen still life
9.5x12, Oil on linen $850
Michelle Maddox

Early Fall Near the Jordan River
11x8, Oil and cold wax $450
Sue Martin

9x12, Oil $775
David Marty

Summer Breakfast
12x12, Oil $375
Nora Masters

The Small Cat
6x6, Painted paper collage $550
Maria Michurina

7x5, Mixed Media $325.
Bobbi Miller

May Iris
10x8, Oil on canvas panel $240
Kristen Mohr

And Life and Love Cried Out
10x10, Encaustic collage $250
Colleen Monette

The Catch
8x8, Encaustic collage $200
Colleen Monette

11x14, Oil $500
Marilyn Montgomery

14x11, Oil $500
Tannis Moore

First Light on June Lake
11x14, Oil $620
BJ Morrison McKay

Bagley Creek Spring
14x11, Oil $2100
Ned Mueller

The Cool Ones
9x12, Oil $1600
Ned Mueller

Fresh breath
9x12, Oil $250
Lakshmi Nallamala

11x14, Oil $$1500
Gail Nathanson

Sound Shimmer
14x11, Oil $350
Bernadette Neff

Dabob Road
9x12, Oil $300
Kathy Nelson

“Chimacum Farm”
9x12, Oil on paper $300
Kathy Nelson

The Bedtime Story
9x12, Watercolor $150
Chewelah Nett

Depths of Dreaming
10x10, Mixed Media $100
Erin OBrien

When the Owl Comes Out
11x11, Oil $225
Sandra Offutt

Columbia Reflections
12x9, Oil $195
Sandra Offutt

9x12, Oil $450
joanne onorato

Crow_Decided To Try Words
11x14, Watercolor $250.00
Michael Peters

Trash Soldiers
18x18, Oil $800
Dena Peterson

Light Through the Window
10x10, Oil $350
Mary Pusey

A Girl and her Dog
11x14, Oil $400
Shirley Rayner

Sunrise in the Forest
8x10, Soft Pastel $250
Shirley Rayner

X Marks the Spot
10x10, Oil $550
Marie Riccio

Eye Candy Diptych
24x12, Oil on Canvas $850
Lori Ridgeway

Asilomar Cypress
11x14, Oil $600
Cynthia Riordan

Kingfisher Pond
5x7, Oil $110
Teri Robus

Untitled Abstract Landscape
6x6, Oil $150
Nancy Romanovsky

Pond Walk 1
8x10, Oil $220
Carolle Rose

Red Apple
11x14, Mixed Media $300
Laurie Rose

High Horizon
11"x9", Mixed media $250
Susan Rosen

Still life with yellow bowl
12x12, Oil $1500
Sita Saxe

Young Man
8x10, Watercolor $450
Karen Scannell

9x12, Oil $750
Karen Scannell

The Covid Effect
6x8, Oil $350
Karen Scannell

Diner Blues
7x9, Oil $500
Judith Schutzman

In the Garden
12x10, Oil $450.00
Ilene Silver

Big Lagoon Yacht Club
10x10, Oil $325
Jodi Simpson

Lighthouse, Point Conception
12x12, Oil $400
Jodi Simpson

Garden Gifts
14x11, Paper/Paint on Cradled Panel $750
Lisa Snow Lady

Persimmon Leaves
5 X 7 5/8 to edge of print, colored pencil/pastel $325
Susan Sommer

hmmm Spiderman
14x11, Acrylic $385
Marnie Sorensen

13x10, Acrylic $450
Lisa Steffens

Double Bluff Sunset
9x12, Watercolor $200
Kim Stokely

Night on Fire
8x10, Oil $200
Robert Swanson

Dock 3
12x12, Acrylic $450
Ryoko Toyama

Pileated Woodpecker
14x11, Colored Pencil $675
Margaret Trent

Canyon Wall
11x14, Oil and Cold Wax $425
Mary Tull

Mulling Over
9x12, Oil $550
Ranju Vermani

Hidden Cove
14x11, Acrylic $220
Diane Walker

Forest Calf
8x10, Oil $450
Beatrice Wilhelm

The Corn Grows as High as an Elephant’s Eye
9x12, Oil $350
kathleen wilkins

Selling at Dastkar
6x9, watercolor/gouache/cold wax $250.
Sally Wille

Mt Ranier, Eunice Lake
6x6, Oil $375
Andrea Woods

8x8, Oil $275
Shelby Wright

Into Our Inner World
5.5x8.5, Gold and Silver Pen $120
Xin Xin

Taipei Jioufen
9x12, Soft Pastel $450
Hsiang-ling Yao

Sans Vase
x, 9 1/2" x 13 1/2" $450
Fatima Young


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