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40x36, Mixed Media $6200.
Sandra Samaha
First Place Award

8 Minutes and 46 Seconds
36x36x5, Mixed Media 3-D Collage on Canvas $1200
Monica Marks
Second Place Award

Year Of Living Dangerously
24x30, Torn/cut paper and acrylics $NFS
Li Newton
Third Place Award

M-F, 10 O'clock, 2020
12x12, Collage $400
Miles Grandfield
Carolann Watterson Award

Alms house
30x30, oil paint, water slide decals, oil stick $850
elizabeth krebs
Rachelle Mark Honorary Award

Formative Absence 5
8x7, Collaged Paper $125
Ben DiNino
Honorary Mention

Train to Bluefield
8x8, Paper on cradled birch panel $1100.00
Jean Hess
Honorary Mention

Yearning to Be Free
36x48, Mixed media $NFS
Kathryn Kearny
Honorary Mention

Pandemic Altarpiece
22x44, Stickers and Washitape $2000
Lauren Monaco
Honorary Mention

12x10x3, Assemblage $450
melinda warren
Honorary Mention

Caged Birds (left)
12x24, Mixed Media $200
Adetola Abatan

12x18, Mixed Media $120
Adetola Abatan

Caged Birds (right)
12x24, Mixed Media $200
Adetola Abatan

Urban Bush Woman
12x12, paper collage $100
Adetola Abatan

11x14, oil,gold leaf and pained butterfly $500
brenda anderson

What world May this be ? Where time remains still
23.5" x14.5", Acrylic, paper and some coins $1500
Marta Ayala Minero

Don't Let Me Down
30x40, Mixed media collage $1000
Gerald Barnes

Parallel Dimensions
24x12, Mixed Media Collage on Canvas $$900
Susanne Belcher

The Visitors
11x14, Digital Photo Collage $$450
Susanne Belcher

Pretty Proud
15x11, Collage $150
Lavina Blossom

In the Shadow of City Hall
14x11, Digital $275
Karol Blumenthal

Campaign Ribbons
8x5, Mixed Media $400.00
Carol Branton

The End Story
10x10x1, Mixed Media $50
Kate Cahill Vansuch

9x11, Mixed Media $250
Diane Cameron

Prison of Desire
12x12, analog collage $200
Celia Crane

Celestial Vigil
13x12, analog collage and metal wire $75
Celia Crane

Crossing Over
3x5, analog collage $50
Celia Crane

Celebrating African Resurrecation: Who's Behind the Mask
70"x20x1, fabric, burlap, cowerie shells, fringe, trim, lace $6000
Theresa Crushshon

Flight Talismans
22x8, mixed media collage $NFS
Sharmon Davidson

On the Edge of a Dream
18x12, Mixed Media $330.00
Sharmon Davidson

16x20, Collage w/ Watercolor $350
Judy Dekel

High Technicalities
24x33, collaged paper on matte board $1000
Ben DiNino

Redeeming features
20x20, Oil $750
Katherine Farrell

Body Con
12x16, Mixed Media $250.00
Pennie Fien

10x12, Mixed Media $250.00
Pennie Fien

Pony Tale
15x20, Mixed Media $NFS
Carolyn Flower

Shadow and Substance
10x8, alcohol ink $200
Lynda Frautnick

On the Horizon
6x6, gold leaf, canvas, plaster on cradled birch panel $300
January Garabedian

Body On Earth, Mind Floating Out Into Space
8x8, Mixed Media $
Danielle Garza

16x20, Mixed Media $325
Carole Gillin

Bridging the Divide
15x30, Mixed Media $1000
Julian George Gintole

A Head Above
72x22x12, Mosaic, Found Objects $3300
Gail Glikmann

Hello, From a Distance
15x11, Monoprint Collage $350
Sylvia H Goulden

12x12, Collage $350
Sylvia H Goulden

In the Beginning, Take 2
12x12, Monoprint, Mixed Media $$350
Sylvia H Goulden

Findings: Water Bearer
12x1x1, turquoise, copper and enamel, ceramic and found ob $NFS
Kelsey Grafton

Trees of Morrow: Mar-Oak Tree
138x48x48, Old upholstery on found chair, weathered picket fe $2400
Kelsey Grafton

John and Martin 2
9x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Bonnie Greenberg

Same-Not the Same
8x10, Mixed Media Collage $375
Jean Griffin

Collage1 Sellos
36x36, color copies, chicken wire, cuban stamps and oil o $2500
Carmen Gutierrez-Bolger

Universal Kitchen Lessons: Heirloom Recipes for Grief
7x7, Mixed Media $NFS
LucyJulia Hale

A Girl's Slippery Steps t o a Trafficked Life
5x9, Mixed Media $NFS
LucyJulia Hale

Seed Planter
48x24x12, Found Object Assemblage $800
Tim Harper

A Single Note
20x20, Acrylic and Collage $750
Lucie Hinden

Best Friends
24x18, Mixed Media $475
Tricia Hoye

29x24x12, Assemblage $950
David Isakson

Argument with Myself, Var 3 and 2
11x28x1, High resolution scans of original pen and ink draw $NFS
Simonette Jackson

Multiple Parallel Realities
30x22, Mixed Media $460.00
Randall James

Three Sisters: The Poet; The Merchant; The Earth Mother
12x18, Mixed Media Collage $750
Carol Kay

How Could the Stars be in the Same Place?
36x36, Mixed Media $NFS
Kathryn Kearny

24x18, Mixed Media collage $185
Karen Koegel

Light My Fire
24x12, Collage $150
Karen Koegel

Mother Earth
24x12, Collage $150
Karen Koegel

24x18x8, mikxed media assemblage
Dottie Korn-Davis

Put Your Shoes on Lucy
28x14, Collage, artist drawings, ink, watercolor pencil $1500
Bernice Sokol Kramer

on account of
48x24, oil paint, rubbings, water slide decals, oil stick $850
elizabeth krebs

Lend a Hand club
36x48, Oil paint, oil crayon, waterslide decals, leather $1,200
elizabeth krebs

Spiritual Pearl
11x15, Mixed Media $NFS
Dori Kulwin

Parallel Landscape
12x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Dori Kulwin

Ripple Effect
36x36, Mixed Media $750.00
Alexandra La Van

12x16, Mixed Media $650

Animal Crackers
11x12, painted, layered, digital collage $950.00
Elaine Langerman

My Next Trip
24x36, collage and acrylic on panel $NFS
Nancy Goodman Lawrence

Streets Paved in Gold
, printing, collage, paint, gold leaf on arche paper $$900
Lynda Levy

To Have and Have Not
14x20, Collage - Mixed Media $500
Mathilde Lombard

Topsy Turvy--Reconstructing Dolls, Both Sides Up
8x10, digital collage $75
Kwei-lin Lum

After and Before
8x8, magazine college $NFS
Barbara Margolies

24x24x5, Mixed Media 3-D Collage $800
Monica Marks

20x16x5, Mixed Media 3-D Collage of Created and Found Objec $800
Monica Marks

Coastal Landscape
11x14, Mixed Media $375
Vanessa Martin

7x5, Mixed Media and Collage $60
Tommy McDonell

Ivy Negotiates Social Distancing
40x30, Mixed Media $1200
Darlene Mellein

9x12, Analog Collage $720
Jimena Murabito

Life isn't Fair
12 x 16, Collage & Acrylic $600
Rea Nagel

Carol Orzack

Reclaimed #26
6x6, Mixed Media $225
Eve Ozer

Good vs. Evil
24x18, Mixed Media $NFS
Pam Panzarino

Where Covid and Views have separated us
8x10, mixed papers collage and horse hair $$75.00
Julia Payne

Inside or Outside the Boxes 1
22x17, Mixed media $500
Esther Pearlman

Innocence and Wisdom
12x12, Mixed Media $2500.
Richard Poulin

Victorian Wonderland
16x20, Digital collage $400
Carol Priamo

Voyages and Travels
16x20, Digital Collage $400
Carol Priamo

Where are the forks?
16x20, Paper collage with hand embroidery $275
Meera Ramanathan

10x7, Collage $350
L. Katherine Roberts

7x9, paper collage (cut and paste) $250
Jennifer Robertson

Lollypop Baton
8x14, paper collage (cut and paste) $250
Jennifer Robertson

Spirit World
11x14, Mixed Media $$175
Sharon Robinson

So Many Good Things Are Free
18x24, Mixed Media $200
Stacy Russo

I am beautiful
16x20, collage $600.00
Toby Salkin

44x32, Mixed Media $6800.
Sandra Samaha

Birth of the Thousand Blooms
10x10, Digital $NFS
helena sarin

Warnes II
15x8x4, Found materials: rusted metal and old wood $NFS
Angela Scardigno

Vignette 1
10x7, Mixed Media $300.00
Karen Schifman

Wear a Mask 1918/2020
9x11, Mixed Media $300.00
Karen Schifman

I Wanna Be Sedated
18x18x1, Collage and acrylic on wood panels $NFS
Ginger Sedlarova

This Side Of Paradise
16x12x1.5, Collage and acrylic on wood panels $NFS
Ginger Sedlarova

12x12, Mixed Media $250.
Linda Shaffer

A Peaceful Gathering
12x18, Mixed Media $1200
Joan Sharron

Hear Music Under the Moonlight
36x36, Digital $1800
Doriana Sinnett

2021 Coming up Roses
8x8, Digital $175
Trudi Sissons

24x36, Digital collage on canvas $475
R. A. Smoller

Global Healing White Writing
14x11, Mixed Media $220.00
Debra Sokolow

Artist's Soul Portrait
14x7, analog collage $450
Steven Specht

A Corking Good Time
12x12x6, Mixed media $500
Barbara Tabachnick

The Times They Are A-changing
13x19, Mixed media encaustic $600
Barbara Tabachnick

Of and In Anxiety
12x10, Collage $NFS
Diane Tarter

Red Landscape
14x22, Collage, soft pastel and charcoal $NFS
Judy Tate

The Portal Passage of Underground Messengers
24x36, Digital $NFS
Christel Thompson

Land of Lucid Make Believe
12x36, Digital $NFS
Christel Thompson

A Guided Journey
16.5x8x3, Assemblage: Wood, plexi, personal photographs $NFS
Christel Thompson

9x7, Digital $325.00
Wendy Tigerman

We The People III
9x12, Mixed Media $295
Preston Trombly

Texas Landscapes
96x84, Photograph transfer on canvas, acrylic, watercolor $10000
Maria Villanueva

18x18, Mixed Media $NFS
james wachira

Alice and Bun
11x14, COLLAGE $950
Jennifer Waldie

A Walk in the Woods
36x36, Archival paper on wood substrate $4200
Marlene Walters

Watching As The Television Burns
10x8x.25, Paper collage with found objects $400
Paul Waters

Questions For The Angels
8x10x.25, Paper collage with found objects $400
Paul Waters

“Beam Me Up Scotty”
8x12, Mixed Media $NFS
Martha Whittemore

Autumn Pond
18x24, Mixed Collage $600
Thomas Woodruff

Shadows at Night
8x10, Mixed Collage $250
Thomas Woodruff

Reconstruction of self
12x9, Analog collage $
Nathan Yellow Jones

Say something hat day
11x9, Hand cut/torn collage on cradled panel $NFS
Nathan Yellow Jones

Global Warming
9x12, Mixed Media $600
Barbara Zager-Mathis

Begin Again
11x11, Photography $
Jana Zimmer


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