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Ultra Marine
30x22, Watercolor $2000
John Adams

Blues Festival Port Townsend
24x20, Acrylic $600
Marie Amerson

Island Girls
5x5, Acrylic $200
Joan Balzarini

Waiting for Ferry
14x11, Photography $250
John Benjes

24 x 18, Watercolor $600
Mike Biskup

20x12x7, RESIN on STEEL $3950
Ned Block

Spring Genesis
10.5 x 10, Mixed Media $420
Judy Buskirk

The Sky Opened Up
40x20, Encaustic Photo $800
Jen Chapman

12x9, Soft Pastel $NFS
Robin Charters

Sea Biscuit
13x19 inches, Photography $250
Kevin Clark

12x36, Photography $450
Stephen Cunliffe

Point Wilson Dawn
24x36, Acrylic $1200
David Deardorff

Mt. St. Helens, Territorial View
30" x 30" , Oil $$2000
julie devine

Perhaps It's The Color of the Sun Cut Flats
8x20, Photography $800
Joseph Englander

Spring Rising
17x18, Soft Pastel $985
Susan Faust

The Grid
13x20, Photography $675
Michael Gates

48x36, Oil on linen $4800
Malayka Gormally

Werkstatte Garten Nocturne
10x10, Oil on panel $600
Patty Haller

Blue Ribbon Basket
1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1 3/4", Beads $150
Julia Henry

Channeling Seraphine
30 x 30, Oil $1800
francesca campbell hulick

Reaching for it
48 x 36, Acrylic $4800
Newel Hunter

My Life So Far
40x17x3, wool $450
Beth Hutmacher

Red Hot Banquet
19" x 12", Watercolor $1000.
Barbara Ierulli

Wounded Wall #14
36x36, Photography $750.00
Eduardo Jaramillo

Shadow Patterns
18x24, Oil $3395
Jan Jewell

Emerson James ( My Son)
12x16, Oil $NFS
Robert Kamin

Mandala 5.1: boat hull, moth, driftwood
10x10, Digital $200

29"x10", Acrylic $1200
Becky Knold

Old School Wood
12" x 37" x 2", recycled letters, on salvaged bleacher step $250
Cheri Kopp

Sunshiny Day
32 x 36, oil on linen $2500
Mary Lou Kostal

The Way West
8 x 15, Acrylic $300.00
Madeline Kozlowski

Amp Year
8 x 8 inches, Acrylic, ink, glitter, paper on linen $NFS800
Counsel Langley

Sunrise Bursting with Joy
11x14, Oil $650
Andrea Lawson

On Crystal Springs
15.5x14.5, Monotype $975
Kathryn Lesh

End of Summer
16 x 14.5, created digital work $350
Pam Little

Then and Now
12 x10, Photography $650
Harry Longstreet

Birth of the Grid
11 X 7.5 X 7.5, Dyed Cane, Lacquer $500
Nancy Loorem

Red Baleen Whale and Scientist
11"x22"x9", Mixed Media Assemblage $1200
Launi Lucas

The Window Beyond
18x12, Photography $290
Sherry Malotte

Jenasis Ancherie
16.5x12.25, Watercolor $1495
Dolores McFrederick

Spirit Owl
13.5x6x3.5, Red Cedar $335
Darcy McNamara

Under One Sky #1
20 x 20", encaustic (wax) on panel $625
Thya Merz

The Pianist Centrum Jazz
16x20, Mixed Media $750
Tweed meyer

Candle Stick Lights
16 x 11, Watercolor $900
Catherine Mix

Breath before Ruin
58"x42", Oil $2000
Ianthe Moul

Martha and the Actual Size Cheese
30x30 inches, Paper Collage $2400
Harold Nelson

17x12x7, assemblage $875
Steve Parmelee

Oysterville Low Tide
21x24, Pastel $400
Jayne Quig

Randy Radock

30 x 30, Oil $1100
elizabeth reutlinger

Hummingbird in Flower
1.5"x11"x11", Spalted Maple $2000
Cavin Richie

The View From Within
17x11, Photography $275
Karen Rozbicki Stringer

Metropolitan Park Building B
11"x17", Photography $350
Bruce Savadow

24"x22", Oil $2900
Charles Smith

Cathedral Fig IX
16 x 20, Collagraph $1000
Sheila Sondik

Old Olympic Highway Barn
24x30, Acrylic $1000
Mark Stearney

Harvest Time 1
27(H)x21(W), Acrylic and Watercolor $650
Ryoko Toyama

Wizard of Wilson
28x32, Oil $1250
Nancy Van Allen

Farm Road
15x22, Watercolor $600
Michelle Van Berkom

12x9, Soft Pastel $300
Dotti Wilke

Mountaineer Creek Char
51H x 18W, Watercolor $2700
Suze Woolf

Light Dance
30 X 20 Image on Metal, Photography $350.00
Debra Wuts

Olympics Cascade
20 x 20, Acrylic $700
Stephen Yates

Swoosh, Boat Hull, Port Townsend, Washington
9.5x14, Photography $355
Allan Zee