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Crooked Creek
72x48, Drypoint Etching, Clay $1200
Marissa Angel

The Enemy Is Everywhere
25x20, Relief/Silkscreen $350
Martin Azevedo

Carnegie in Snow
5.125x6.75, Solarplate etching $450
Margarita Berg

East River Fog
7x14, Solarplate etching $600
Margarita Berg

Hymn 22 - O Savior, Rend the Heavens Wide (Polly Wanta)
20x14.5, Monotype $650
John Bergmeier

Big Willow
12x12, Linoleum print $175
Christie Biber

12x18, Etching/aquatint, digital, chine-colle. $500
Allison Blair

Churchyard with Highland Holly
15x10, Drypoint $600
Stephen Burt

Vintage Car
30x22, lithograph $590
Karen B. Butler

8x10, Screenprint $700
Kay Campbell

Shock and Awe
8x10, Screenprint $700
Kay Campbell

Suburbia Spring Left Side
36x36, woodcut $2000
Helen Cantrell

Suburbia Spring Right Side
36x36, woodcut $2000
Helen Cantrell

18x12, Etching on paper $400
Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan

We wait, we trust, we sacrifice. Hong Kong umbrella movement.
12x18, etching on paper $450
Mei Fung Elizabeth Chan

The Amazing Calm Woman
16x16, Digital $145

Rear Window
18x24, Printmaking/ Digital on Rag Paper $575
David DeMelim

winter cove
11x8, ed. var. intaglio and dgital on mylar with chine c $500
barnet fain

winter sky
16x11, ed.var, print, intaglio and digital on mylar with $700
barnet fain

18x24, Printmaking/relief print $250
Matthew Forrest

Contested Terrain
22x15, Polyester Plate Lithography $850
Kate Gesel

The Still Point
33x48, Color Reduction Woodcut $1500
Robin Gibson

Red Shouldered Hawk
15x17.5, Etching $600
amy haney

Lil Mouse
13x17, Etchings $500
amy haney

, monotype $800
Richard Harrington

Marsh Quiet
, Monotype $800
Richard Harrington

24x72, Printmaking $2500
Melissa Harshman

What's Done Cannot be Undone Part 2
Dimensions variable., Silkscreen on cut Yupo paper $NFS3000
Anna Hasseltine

Squall-Balliglen Ireland
4x6, Drypoint, monoprint $NFS400
Elinore Hollinshead

High Noon
29.25x46.33, Intaglio $NFS
Elise Incze

Evidence II
11x30, lithograph $500
Carrie Iverson

24x16, Etching with engraving $500
Joshua Johnson

Glass Shadows
10x13.5, dye on paper, monotype $225
Kathy Klompas

morena shrine
24x11, Mixed Media $711
andrew laverty

Irish Standing Stone II
18x15, woodcut $400
Jim Lee

Coast Guard Look-out, Mayo, Ireland
15x18, woodcut $400
Jim Lee

Tourist #1
16x10, screenprint $200
Annie Lee-Zimerle

8x12, Intaglio $300
Carrie Lingscheit

The Good Ol Days
12x16, Two-color reduction Linocut $NFS
Tanner Malone

In Tall Grass
14x7, Printmaking $200
Haley Montgomery

Backseat Freestyle
42x30, Intaglio $850
Eric Neubauer

26.67x10, Polymer Intaglio $325
elena obelenus

The Creator
18x24, Print $200
Katelyn Osborne

Glass Bridge
15x11, Lithography and Serigraphy $200
Tatiana Potts

Baroque Passage #3
12x18, handprinted muslin, acrylic on panel $770
Maira Reinbergs

House Party For Post-Animate Professionals
8x5, Etching and aquatint $310
Russ Revock

From the Inside Out
12x15.5, multiple plate etching with chine cole $200
Andrea Rogers

Chasing the Flying and the Sly
11x16, linocut $500
Catherine Rozmarynowycz

Vies While Under Duress
17x24, linocut $500
Catherine Rozmarynowycz

Innocence Died Screaming
8x10, 6 Color Reduction Block Print $250
Sarah Serio

And The Band Played On
22.5x16.5, silkscreen on paper $NFS500
Amelia Spinney

Geranium 3
22x15, Monoprint $750
Felicia Touhey

32x40, Monoprint $800
Elisabeth Walden

19x19, intaglio etching $500
Crandon Whitsitt-Lynch

15x13, intaglio etching $300
Crandon Whitsitt-Lynch