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Winter Cottonwood 3, populus deltoides
7x5, colored pencil $250
Jeanne Benson

Winter Cottonwood 2, populous deltoides
12x4, colored pencil $450
Jeanne Benson

Winter Cottonwood 1, populous deltoides
12x8, colored pencil $450
Jeanne Benson

Populus deltoides,-Winter sketches
14x11, graphite $300
Teresa Burkert

Populus tremuloides - Transitions
14x11, Pencil $300
Teresa Burkert

16x20, Colored pencil on drafting film $1200.00
Dorothy Depaulo

Magnolia Blossoms
11x14, colored pencil on drafting film $700.00
Dorothy Depaulo

Ficus Bonsai
11x14, Watercolor $NFS
Sharon Eaton

American Chestnut
8x10, hand colored polymer plate etching $265
Susan T Fisher

Boojum Tree
16x20, hand-colored polymer plate etching $435
Susan T Fisher

Laceleaf Japanese Maple
11x14, Colored pencil on drafting film $1000.00
Sharon Garrett

Japanese Crabapple
14x14, Pencil $NFS
patti hearn

Bonsai Ponderosa Pine
8x11, Pencil $NFS
patti hearn

Tilia americana
12x16, colored pencil on mylar $300.00
Vanessa Martin

Juniperus scopulorum
14x12, Graphite and colored pencil $250.00
Vanessa Martin

Populus Tremuloides with Fungi
11x14, Pencil $300
Shiere Melin

Wee River Walnut - Juglans microcarpa
11x14, Ink on Duralar drafting film $450
Martha Narey

Fascicle Limits: Pinus monophylla, Larix occidentalis
10x135, Ink, Watercolor, Carbon Dust $450
Martha Narey

Patio Pinto - Pinus bungeana
10x13, Colored Pencil on watercolor paper $550
Martha Narey

Ute Prayer Tree - Pinus ponderosa
22x14, Polymer Etching $175
Eileen Richardson

Bristlecone Pine image
16x20, Pencil $1200
Heidi Snyder

Culturally modified Ponderosa Pine
16x20, Pencil $1800
Heidi Snyder

Male Cottonwood buds
11x14, Pencil $900
Heidi Snyder

Alaskan yellow cedar
11x15, watercolor and graphite $300.00
irma Sturgell

Gamble Oak
11x15, Etching from solar plate with ink enhancement $200.00
irma Sturgell

California Buckeye
15x11, graphite and colored pencil $350.00
irma Sturgell

Weeping American Elm, Ulmus americana,pendula
9x12, Etching $520
Carol Till

Nature's Show
20x16, Oil $1200
Randall Tillery

11x14, Oil $625
Randall Tillery

Spindle Tree Euonymus europaea
8x8, Colored pencil and graphite $500
Judy Vanderbosch

Russian Hawthorn Crataegus ambigua
8x12, Watercolor $900
Judy Vanderbosch

Ponderosa Pine
16x20, Pencil $undecided
Barbara Vucich

Under the Weeping American Elm
17"x 23", Watercolor & Gouache $3000
Patricia Whalen


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